__           __    __    ___             
/\ \       __/\ \__/\ \__/\_ \            
\ \ \     /\_\ \ ,_\ \ ,_\//\ \      __   
 \ \ \  __\/\ \ \ \/\ \ \/ \ \ \   /'__`\ 
  \ \ \_\ \\ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_ \_\ \_/\  __/ 
   \ \____/ \ \_\ \__\\ \__\/\____\ \____\
    \/___/   \/_/\/__/ \/__/\/____/\/____/
/\  _`\                                                  
\ \,\_\_\     __      ___ ___     ____    ___     ___    
 \/_\__ \   /'__`\  /' __` __`\  / ,__\  / __`\ /' _ `\  
   /\ \_\ \/\ \_\.\_/\ \/\ \/\ \/\__, `\/\ \_\ \/\ \/\ \ 
   \ `\____\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \_\/\____/\ \____/\ \_\ \_\
    \/_____/\/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/  \/___/  \/_/\/_/
Little Samson FAQ
Written by: Scott Clemmons
Total size in Kb: 25.0 Kb
Version: Final

    - Table of Contents -
   A1. What's New

   B1. Contact Me

   C1. Story

   D1. Basics

       D2. Items
       D3. Controls

   E1. Walkthrough
   F1. Codes
       F2. Easy Mode
       F3. Hard Mode

   G1. Disclaimer/Thanks

                                A1. What's New 
- (4/30/03) - 1.0

   Just got the game and started a FAQ for it. The actual guide part is 
   about 50% done as of now. I'll keep updating as I see fit.

- (5/25/03) - Final

  Final Update. Walkthrough complete. I procrastinated and didn't get it done 
  in the two days like I said I would. 

- (4/7/04) - Final V.2

  My guide looks like crap so I'm going to reformat it. I also grammar checked
  it and some other stuff.

                                B1. Contact Me
 If you want to contact me, use the following e-mail address:


 I'll be willing to answer questions, providing my memory of a game can hold 
 out that long. If you have something to say you can send it my way then do so. 
 I've been getting a lot of silly IM's lately since I provided my IM name to 
 the public in my FFO walkthrough. I still find this rather amusing that people
 IM me with some rather odd stuff. My AIM name is the same as my yahoo e-mail 
 address. Not to hard to remember, ehh?

                                C1. Story

 Feral lightening strikes a nearby mountain. Spheres of glorious light are seen
 leaving the mountain in a hurry. You don't know what these spheres are or what 
 they harbor. A pause, then the next scene shows three men talking to the king. 
 Most likely an exploration party that is going to be sent out to look around 
 the mountain to see what caused the release of these spheres. As soon as they
 leave, a  daunting apparition appears and kills the three men. Then another 
 man is seen in front of the king. The man sent out four birds that have a 
 letter tied to around their legs. The birds, which are carrier pigeons, are 
 sent out to give the letters to the heroes: a mouse, golem, dragon and Samson.
                                D1. Basics

 D2. Items          

 There's not a lot of items in Little Samson, as you can tell.

- Heart: Will give you one bar of health back. This is quite common throughout 
  the game
- Big Heart: Will give you four bars of health back.
- Heart Container: Will increase your health by two bars.
- Potion: Allows what ever character that acquired the potion to be able to 
  heal themselve at any time in any stage. 

 All the characters will begin with a relativity low amount of health. There
 will be heart containers that'll be scattered throughout each level you'll
 you should collect.

 D3.  Controls       

|  #                      |   
| ###           (B)  (A)  | <---- This is a Controller.
|  #   (SEL)(START)       |

Start       = Pause and lets you change characters. 
Select      = Looks pretty and just sets there
B           = Attacks
A           = Jumps
Control Pad = You use it to move around. THE IRONY!

                                E1. Walkthrough 

 You'll have a choice of what levels you want to take on first. You can choose
 Little Samson's, Gamm the Golem's, KO the mouse's, and Kikara the Dragon's. 
 This walkthrough will start with little Samson. Each level is VERY short and
 should only take a matter of minutes to complete. Little Samson is a short,
 great game that's very obscure. Hell, I even won $25 off Gamefaqs for writing
 a review for the game! =D

Little Samson

 Select the level with the icon of little Samson spinning around it to access
 the first level

 Go straight and kill the jelly monster. You'll come to an area in the level
 in which you'll have to climb up. Do so until you get to some monsters. Kill
 them and proceed up the narrow path going upwards. They'll be a bunch of 
 annoying eye enemies around here. Take them out and keep going up. When you
 pop  out the top, you'll be greeted by three green dragons. Kill them with 
 just the press of the attack button a few times.

 Jump across the brown floating things, you'll come to one with a heart 
 container on it. Jump here to increase your life by 2 bars, this is permanent.
 Keep going right till you come to a big hole in the ground, go down here
 to progress further in the game. Just kill the enemies and keep going down
 and down.

 At the bottom there will be spikes, jump over these. Get out of the cave and
 go outside. Climb up the entrance of the cave and collect the big heart. Next
 there will be lava, jump over this and keep going right. There will be more 
 green dragons that are flying around in the air. Kill them and proceed 
 further. There are even more green dragons on top of the ones you already 
 fought. After you kill the last set it'll show you returning to the castle, 
 probably to talk to the kind. Now, a box will open up allowing you to go 
 through the other three members' quests.

Kikara the Dragon

 You'll notice this level has a little bit more of a snow theme to it. 
 Anyway, the whirlwinds that are in the air can catch you and take you back 
 the beginning of the level if you're not careful. With the dragon you can
 float in midair too. When the level start, go right. Kill the red dragons 
 that get in your way. After about 30 seconds of just gliding right (DODGING
 THE WHIRLWINDS). You'll get sucked up by a big tornado and shot out up high 
 in the clouds. 

 The dragons no longer just shoot fire at you, they charge at you, too. If 
 you happen to get hit now you'll die and it'll be all over. Be very cautious
 and fly right, and over most of the monsters. Then you'll land at a giant,
 stone wall. Just go right a little bit and the level will be over. You'll 
 get to pick your next character. 

Gamm the Golem

 You'll be in a huge cave. The golem has more bars of health than any other
 character in the entire game. He hits real hard, too. There's not many 
 monsters at all in this desolate cave. One hit from the golem will take
 anything out that stands in your way. Basically, just go right for about
 one minute till you exit the cavern. Then  you'll be done with this level. 
 Easy, ehh?

KO the Mouse

 The mouse only can take two hits and then he dies. He runs really fast; use
 his speed to your advantage. His attacks are composed of laying little mouse
 dropping that explode given time. I've never heard of dangerous poop before.

 Moving along with the guide. When the level start, go right some. You'll see 
 a floating balloon that chases you around. Place one of the droppings at the
 right time to have it explode and kill him. Go right some more till the path 
 ends. You have to double jump onto the wall and go up that way. Keep going 
 till you see a heart container. Jump  on the other side and scale the wall. 
 When you get to the part with a path going up or down, take the bottom one. 
 Scale the ceiling until you reach the other end and exit the level. That is
 all there is to this level.

 Boss: Kikara the Dragon    

 You'll see a cut scene of little Samson entering the castle. He'll be 
 confronted by Kikara the dragon. Let him charge up his health bar and let the 
 battle begin. To defeat Kikara the dragon just wait till he stops flying 
 around in mid-air. When he lands, lay it into him. If you jump while he's 
 flying around he can automatically hit you, taking away one heath bar.


 Now that we got all the characters at the castle. We can change into any of 
 them whenever we want. 

 You'll be in a ruins-esque place at the start of this new level. Transmogrify 
 into the golem. Becoming the golem will not only make your health raise a 
 whole bunch, all monsters are able to be killed in exactly one hit. Make your 
 way to the end of this area. When there's a path going straight up, turn into 
 the mouse and scale your way up. When you reach the top, go right a little way 
 and  collect the heart container. Once you go a little ways right you'll meet 
 a new  enemy. These things are really annoying as they shot fire in sets of 
 three at you. 

 You can also see two heart containers. Get these by hacking your way through 
 the enemies to get one. Then turning into the mouse and scaling the bottom of
 the level to get the other one. Once you manage to do this, just go right some
 more and you'll be at the boss.

 Boss: Green Wizard

 Turn into the dragon and hover about eye level with him. Shot like a madman at 
 his head. He'll go down in no time. But, he'll transform into something
 even stronger.

 The second phase of the green wizard can really lay it into you. His attacks 
 are unbelievably strong. Turn into Samson and let him have it... again. 
 His fireballs will take away about 3 bars of health per hit. He will go down
 after while.


 Go through the area in which you played out the first time with the dragon 
 again to get to level 3. Here you will be in a forest type area. Turn into 
 the dragon and glide over the water. After you float across, you'll come to
 another hole in the ground. Go into the hole and descend to the bottom. 

 When you pop out of the cave float over all the monsters till you come to a 
 leaf in the middle of the water. Turn into little Samson and jump on the leaf. 
 The reason you don't use the dragon is because it's to long of a distance for 
 him to glide. After you get done there, you'll come to the boss

 Boss:Water Jinn

 Turn into the mouse and wait for it to come out of one of the holes. Then 
 blast it with the mouse bombs. This will cause mass damage to the boss. Repeat
 and rinse till it dies. Now we go to the next part.

 If you happen to fall through the floor. He'll come and take some ball thing
 from you. Then you have to ride a crab through a level and fight another boss
 at the end of it. 


 Looks like a desert to me. The skeleton enemies on this stage are hard. They
 do about 2 life bars of damage a hit. They can jump and land on you, too.
 turn into the dragon and just fly over them. When you get to the spiked mush-
 rooms. Turn into the golem, and jump over them all. Only the golem can walk
 over them without getting killed in one hit. Then exit the this area of the

 In the next area, go right till the stage ends. Watch out for the skulls that
 fly at you. Turn into the mouse and scale the wall. Watch out for the more 
 skulls. When you get to the top, turn into the dragon. Go right

 Now you'll be in a jungle. GO right a little ways and you'll see water on the
 ground. Turn into the dragon and fly over this water. If you happen to get
 caught in it; your mobility will just be cut in half. After you get done
 here, you'll be a part with jungle trees going up and out of the water. You 
 can't get there through it by conventional means. Turn into the dragon and 
 jump into one of the little cyclones. Here you'll just jump out of it again. 
 It'll act like a double jump; allowing you to be able to get through this

BOSS: Water Dragon

 This guy is pretty tough. But, you can make quick work of him. Take the golem
 right up to his face and press the attack button to death. He'll die first 


 The levels are getting shorter. 

 Now you're in the middle of a cave I believe. Turn into the dragon and proceed
 to the right some. Here's one of the toughest points in the game. You can jump
 on the blocks even after the disappear. Stick it out with the Dragon. When you
 get to the end, turn into the mouse and scale the wall. There's an invisible 
 hole in the wall which will lead to the boss.

BOSS: Green Skull

 Turn into the golem and just let a rip on him. He'll go down in about four 
 seconds of close combat. The golem can hit the guy faster than he can if you'
 get up in his face. 


 The first area is practically a walk in the park. Just keep Samson and advance
 through the area. You'll be out of it in no time. There's some spikes at the 
 end of the level to watch out for. Nothing big.

 Next, you'll be at a temple. Turn into the dragon and fly over those annoying
 skeletons. You'll have to change into the mouse and scale the wall soon. After 
 you do that you'll see a lot of spikes. Don't use any other character expect
 the golem. As he takes no damage from walking over all these spikes. 

 They will be an area with about 4 pillars going in the air. Take the one 
 on the far right. Go up and jump onto the platform. Destroy the skull and 
 keep going up. Get the heart container. When you get to the very top a sword 
 will come out of the ground and take a cheap shot at you. Dodge him and 
 proceed right some more. Turn into the dragon and fly above the enemies 
 again till you get to the end of the area.

 Boss: Blue Mage

 His first form is a complete pushover as all you do is turn into the dragon
 and fire at him. He'll just float around and shot little balls over power at 

 His second for he'll be a blue knight. When he hits you it'll take about 1/3
 of your health down. So, attack with caution. You can take him out with 
 little Samson if you dodge his attacks. You can do the same thing here as
 you do for all the bosses. Go up to him and just pummel him to death with 
 the golem. Now, we're done with this move, time to move on.


 Next you'll be at a volcano after you beat the magician. You'll encounter 
 those annoying balloon thingies here too. If they happen to hit you while
 you're jumping over a pit, you'll fall down and die. Take precaution when
 killing them. After you manage to make it to where there's a narrow path
 leading up, change into the mouse. Scale the wall to the top, here you'll
 need change back into Samson. Attack all the little blobs that come at you
 and make your way to the top without getting hit *hard task to do*. After
 you go left a little ways you'll see more lava. 

 Turn into the dragon and just fly over all of this. Make sure to pick up
 the hearts on the way. You'll have to fight another annoying wizard:

 Boss: Purple Mage

 Simply take the good'ol golem and smash him till he changes into a giant 
 dragon. Take the dragon and just let in on him. Watch out for when he opens
 his mouth; he'll let send out a really nasty rock attack that can do a lot
 of damage. If your dragon gets weak on health. Turn into the golem and hit 
 him in the face about 10 times. Sometimes he'll lower himself and fire wind 
 blades at you.

 These monsters are specters, and fly at you. Gamn will take care of these
 wraiths from beyond.

 Boss: Gold Mage

 Another mage that you'll have to fight! This one will fly to the four corners 
 of the screen and attack you. Dodge his lightening balls [hehe] till he comes
 down to the bottom left, and open fire with Gamn to make short work of him. 
 He'll turn into the *GASP* Grim Reaper.  

 His second form is laughable in terms of how tough it is. He'll just teleport
 from the right side to the left side and back again. Turn into the dragon
 and bust out some fire on his candy ass to finish him off. He'll throw those
 specter enemies at you, which won't take much to kill. Next, we move to the
 final stage in the whole game:

 The final area in the whole game. You'll begin in a castle with daunting music
 playing in the background. Those are spikes at the top of the ceiling, not
 decorations. I've killed myself plenty of time thinking else wise <_<. Turn
 into KO and go under the statues that are blocking the way. Next you'll
 see a big pit that happens to have spikes on top and bottom. Yes, reader, this
 is hard as hell to make it without getting hit once. Jump across the narrow, 
 floating stones. Do so with KO the mouse. Use the bombs and good timing to 
 take out the monsters. Falling even once will mean doom.

 After you make it past that part, you'll descend into the level more. This
 area will be littered with those pesky skulls that seem to follow you when
 you get in front of them. Get the extra life and heart container here and move
 on down the level. After you exit that area WATCH OUT. There's blocks that 
 jump from the floor to attack you. They're all over the floor here. Turn
 into the dragon, and try to fly over all of the blocks. There will be green
 dragons, and spikes that fall from the ceiling that you have to dodge, too.
 Dodging these shouldn't be to hard of a task, as all you need to do it keep 
 moving to dodge the spikes, and just keep pressing the attack button to take 
 care of the dragons. 

 Now you're at "Make the jump or die" area of the level. There's only the
 occasional green dragons to worry about here. Once you make it across you'll
 see two path going up. The right one [which you have to be the mouse to get]
 harbors a heart container/lot of hearts. There's specters that come randomly 
 from the right corner of the screen, so watch out. They'll probably end up 
 hitting you.  

 On the other hand, you can take the left path. This path has a potion, and 
 the monster tend to be a lot easier. You'll still have to deal with this
 silly skulls. Either way, once you get to the top of this you'll have to deal
 with a new type of platform. It'll be a spinning platform that you can't move
 on at all. Turn into the dragon and fly over most this crap to get past it.

 Walk down this area to reach the final part of the game:

 Final Boss: Gold Knight (?)

 Alright, so the name might be just a tad anticlimactic. But, still, you'll
 see a staff just floating there. It'll turn into this...gold guy. THEN THE 
 MUSIC STARTS! He'll start by floating into the air to fire balls that flash
 red and white at you. These things will smear you ass to say the least if the
 manage to hit you. Wait till he comes down and... you guessed it. Hit him with
 Gamn to death. He'll die and turn into a face that's really ugly. This face
 will then slide to the left side of the screen and shot more of those balls
 at you. Get right in front of him and attack him with Gamn. He'll then turn 
 into a little eye at the top of the screen. He'll shot red balls off the 
 Screen that won't hit you. Turn into K.O the mouse to try and dodge his 
 about 30 balls that come your way. You can usually just set through most of
 the sprees in which balls are coming at you with the mouse, since he's short.
 Repeat and rinse till he dies...
 You beat the game...

If you played the game on normal. This is the "Official" Final Area

 Soon a large skull will come out of a pond on the map. It'll float up into the
 sky and ominous music will being to play. This is the final area. You'll
 begin in a green chamber. Go right and watch out. There's a crap load of eyes
 here that can do a lot of damage. Not to mention the skulls that randomly
 appear out of no where. Use Gamn and time your hits well to get past this
 area without a scratch.   

 Next area will involve a lot of those rolly thingies. These things are
 annoying and most the time you can't even advance further into the game
 without taking one or two hits from them. Plow your way through them. Make 
 sure to give all of the heart containers to the Dragon.  

 Once you get to the top of the area. Just turn into the dragon, and fly over 
 all the bad guys. You get to the end of the level and meet the *GASP* Grim 
 reaper again. Use the Dragon to take care of him. I guess they thought he
 was so scary they had to add him twice in the game. 

 Next up: Big green monster that's weak, take Gamn and smash him into the 
 ground. After you do this, the level keeps going on! What's this! Keep going
 right till you come to another ascending spot in the level. Go up till you
 see our best friend: Skull. There's two of the, simply go to the platform
 that's to the  right of the first one. Go all the way at the end and turn into
 the dragon. Begin to fire at that first skull, the second one can't hit you.
 Take the other one out with the mouse. Keep going up till you get to the top.
 At the top, turn into the dragon and fly over all the little monsters. Make
 sure to pick up the extra life on the way.

 Time to fight that classic ol'knight again. He was tough the first time, you
 can only imagine now. You know the drill.  After you beat him, you'll have
 to face the dreaded flying dragon. This guy is probably the toughest boss in
 the game by far. 

 To paraphrase the rest of the game: You'll fight every other boss that you've
 faced up to this point over again. Use the same strategy as before. 

 Soon you'll fight the main boss of the game. Not to spoil anything I won't 
 write a strategy on this part. Just remember: Keep potions on Gamn. Be quick
 to avoid anything that he dishes out. As it does a lot of damage. After you 
 beat him/her. The ending roles. Enjoy

                                   F1. Codes 

   F2. Easy Mode      

Stage 1 = ?2KS 
Stage 2 = BN&S 
Stage 3 = 5JSQ 
Stage 4 = NS6K 
Stage 5 = 1NWB 
Stage 6 = PHC& 
Stage 7 = QLXZ 
Stage 8 = CLZT 
Stage 9 = J62? 
Stage 10 = DP03 

   F3. Hard Mode      

Stage 1 = 7XGN 
Stage 2 = KK7B 
Stage 3 = XSRR 
Stage 4 = 3MTT 
Stage 5 = XBQQ 
Stage 6 = GWLH 
Stage 7 = C9ZK 
Stage 8 = GPLH 

Last stage (Normal Mode Only) = &&&&

                            G1. Disclaimer/Thanks  

 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
 private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
 publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
 web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
 violation of copyright. This is property of Scott Clemmons. I will tie you up 
 to a tree and smack you around interrogation style if I catch you taking 
 this guide. Then sue you. Only sites that can use this are:

Thanks to:

- Kain Stryder, who told me to reformat this because it "looks Terrible."
- Thanks to Baseman for letting me use his Codes.
- Any Webmaster that is currently hosting this document. 

- Eof-