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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 12/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lode Runner(NES) FAQ
    by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net
    version 1.0.0, copyright 2005
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Andrew Schultz. Although it was LODES(ba-dum-
    bum-CRASH) of fun to make, it also took, er, lots of time to write. Therefore, 
    please do not re-distribute for profit without my prior consent(i.e. please 
    ask nicely to use my materials first with SPECIFIC queries and use my name 
    For access to graphical(Apple-wise, because simpler is better) 
    representations of these maps, go to (segue to SHAMELESS PROMOTION:)
    http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762/loderunner/lodemaps.htm where you 
    can check out whichever level map you please of both Lode Runner and 
    Championship Lode Runner on the Apple. Other platforms should have only minor 
    differences though the NES chops off the top two rows for Lode Runner.
      2. CONTROLS
      3. SCORING
        5-X. WALKTHROUGH FOR LEVEL X(1-50)
      6. VERSIONS
      7. CREDITS
    If you want to go ROM fishing, you'll want a Lode Runner that shows walls on 
    both sides at the start of the level. I'm not giving any advice as to where. 
    But there are bad copies out there, most notably the pirated one.
        1-1. WHAT IT'S ABOUT
    The object of Lode Runner is to pick up all the gold pieces on a screen and 
    then get to the top, where you have another level. There are basic pieces for 
    Lode Runner as well--ten of them.
    EMPTY SPACE: you can walk through it.
    BRICK: you can run across it. You can also dig into it, to create an 
    impression that lasts six seconds or so. You or enemies can fall in. Enemies 
    are trapped once they fall, but you can freefall into the space below. When 
    it fills in, it can kill you--or enemies, who regenerate in various places at 
    the top of the screen.
    CEMENT: you can run across it but can't dig it. Very dangerous without brick 
    around, or...
    LADDERS: you can climb up these and often shuck and jive your enemies on them. 
    You can also fall off them to the side, fool bad guys coming at you from 
    below. You cannot dig a brick under a ladder.
    ROPE: you can't dig a brick under a rope, but you can walk across a rope when 
    there's no brick under. You can fall off them, down to the ground below.
    FALSE BRICK: you will fall through this unless there's a rope or ladder 
    directly above. Then you have the choice to fall in. These can trap you 
    quickly, or they can provide you with a hidden secret passage to make things 
    easier. Because they look like bricks, you need to learn how to map these out.
    GOLD CHEST: you can't dig under a gold chest, but you get points for 
    collecting it. Once every gold chest is collected, you can reach the top of 
    the level to advance to the next one. Enemies can pick up gold chests or 
    release them, and if they drop into a brick-hole with a brick-hole right 
    about it, the gold chest doesn't appear, but it gets counted as collected.
    ENEMIES: reddish guys keeping you from your goal, although sometimes you can 
    make them fall into pits and use them as bridges.
    YOU: self-explanatory. The guy that needs to collect all the gold and then 
    get to the top.
      Championship Lode Runner was the second title in the Lode Runner series of 
    games. It started with Lode Runner, which had 150 levels on the Apple 
    including an editor(and a high score list! That drove me wild!) before moving 
    to a shorter, tougher game with 50 levels. Not counting various ports, which 
    feature many of the rather easy levels from the original Lode Runner copied 
    over, there was then Lode Runner (Returns) for the PS/PSX and Lode Runner 
    Extra, which featured bombs and other weapons and even timers and backgrounds 
    that actually WORKED. Lode Runner Online allowed people to share levels made 
    with the Lode Runner Extra/Returns engine, and Lode Runner 2 was an 
    intriguing 3-d version that sadly did not achieve commercial success. Each 
    one contained creative puzzles but Championship Lode Runner may well have 
    packed the nastiest, simplest ones of all. Perhaps it was just that I had 
    stick figures and a green screen to work with. It seemed so abstract and a 
    puzzle and maybe even stick figures flopping around on the PSX made the 
    future Lode Runners seem too much like a regular game for me. But apparently 
    it still doesn't feel too regular to most normal gamers.
      The NES only has 50 levels, although they are comparable to the Apple's 50 
    levels. The interface for starting on levels is a bit easier but 
    unfortunately there's no way to get past the stupid opening music. The big 
    difference though is that the top two lines of a level are cut off, thus 
    making the NES levels a lot simpler than their Apple counterparts. Oh, the 
    NES has different scoring too.
      Occasionally I'll refer to N/S/E/W which should be equivalent to U/D/R/L 
    i.e. Up down right left. I'll use one-letter abbreviations and 2L means two 
    left, SSE means DDL or 2D 1L, and sometimes I'll call your enemies robots, 
    monks, guys, or whatever. Chests may be coins or whatever. It should be clear, 
    but then again you don't need any more distractions when learning how to beat 
    this tough game.
    A 1-rope also refers to a rope of length one, and similarly for an x-ladder. 
    There's also a distinction between the top of the ladder(how far you can go) 
    and the top rung. Also you need to watch for the distinction between digging 
    right and digging from the right(just the opposite.)
    A 4-3-2-1 dig means dig 4 holes, then 3 in the space you created, then 2 
    below that, then 1. Dig-R means dig right, etc.
        1-4. FAQ SHORTHAND
      2. CONTROLS
    A=dig right
    B=dig left
    directions=move that way if you can
    down=fall through false brick or off rope
    select=change to a different level. You can even restart the one you are on 
    without losing a guy. Just push start right after.
    start=pause screen to look around(the NES only shows part of the screen at 
    once and in fact is very nasty about not showing you what's to the left or 
    right--which ever direction you're going. So often you have to track where 
    monsters are and it breaks the flow of the game.) You can't scroll 
    around(this was fixed in Championship Lode Runner,) but you can push start to 
    get the game going again.
    You can hold left/right and push a dig button to move one square, dig, etc. 
    To move up/down and dig you need to hold both but release up/down to dig.
    Push select and start to bypass the annoying level-start music. This saves a 
    lot of time. There's no way to save yourself from the panorama view of the 
    level or the pause before the new level, but you can also look at it as a 
    slap on the wrist for restarting a level you know you can't win.
      3. SCORING
    You only get points at the end, 100 for each enemy trapped in a hole, and 100 
    for each pile of gold, 0 if they are sunk. You only get points if you solve a 
    level. No end-of-level bonus. Also, you only get a maximum of nine lives. 
    There's a latent bug where if you get over 10000 points, the score can roll 
    mistakenly. The bug seems to be:
    Score 64000
    Get 16000 on this level
    New score = 7*000 where * is (character 0) + 10. A similar bug is seen with 
    lives in Super Mario Bros. The bug seems to go away when you flip the tens 
    digit again without scoring 10000+ points.
    The major level-winning strategies consist of finding where to stay to make 
    the bad guys chase the wrong way. You can try to go plowing through them, but 
    you’ll probably take more time than hiding and waiting. There’s some 
    trepidation over when you can’t see them, but you can usually guess.
    You should also note basic math stuff, like if you have three enemies and are 
    stuck in the center, two will be on one side of you and one on the other. Run 
    to the side with one less guy. Give yourself enough time(2 spaces) to dig a 
    hole. And note that enemies can flip-flop as you climb a ladder. This is 
    based on how high up you are—use it to your advantage.
    Note that you can't walk over a solitary enemy running below you as easily on 
    the NES as on the Apple. It's also harder to play chicken with an enemy. And 
    if you start a level falling on an enemy, you have to tap down-right-down-
    right to go run to the side. It’s also a bit tougher to run over two dug 
    enemies. They need to be right in a row.
    Enemy AI: They generally go to the left when they don’t know where to go. 
    Enemies are about half as fast as you are. They even fall half as fast. If 
    you are digging as you move, you both go at equal speed. Enemies also try to 
    get on a level with you, where they could walk over and get you if no blocks 
    were in the way. So if an enemy is in a pit and you're on the left and 
    another enemy's on the right, they won't try to reach you. But if there's a 
    wall between you at the bottom of the level, they'll run at you.
    A bizarre bug allows monks to stick gold in a place you can't reach. Say 
    they're circling a ladder at the top, with a rope left of the top rung. One 
    can release a gold chest when falling off to the left. The monks can get it 
    back as they circle around, but it's darned annoying.
    Although monks always pick up gold they run by, they also tend to leave gold 
    chests at random, but if you can get them to run across a long stretch you 
    can usually get them to give theirs up. Also one monk moving around a ladder 
    and running in circles should eventually leave the gold at the top of the 
    ladder--monks can't pick up gold where there's a turn from the top of a 
    ladder to brick. This is useful to know if you seem to have gotten all the 
    gold in a level and don't know who might have the last one. It's a lazy man's 
    way to get monks to cough things up.
      5-1. Level 1:
        $             h         
    XXXXXXXHXXXXXXX   h         
           H~~~~~~~~~~h    $    
           H    XXH   XXXXXXXHXX
         - H    XXH       $- H  
      H           -     H       
             H          H       
           $ H~~~~~~~~~~H   $   
        HXXXXXX         XXXXXXXH
        H     +      $         H
    This level is a pretty simple introduction to the world of Lode Runner. You 
    can go right to get the gold chest and wait for the bad guys to fall down. 
    Then dig right and left. This will allow you to cross right and now it is 
    just a footrace as you climb up the ladder to the right, back left for 
    another gold chest, and up the ladders on the left side. A monster may 
    regenerate on the top, but you can dig a hole to drop him in and go past. 
    Climb to the top and you may have to wait to fall off to the right to get the 
    final chest on the right, but there's little risk. If anyone follows you to 
    the top, that's fewer monsters hanging around the bottom.
    Basically you can run circles around the enemy to pick up all the gold you 
    want, or if one regenerates in front of you, dig to kick him out of the way.
      5-2. Level 2:
       $              $        H
    H**X**H    HXXXXXXXXXH $   H
    H $ - H    H         HXXXXVH
    HX*X*XH    H         H     h
    H     H~~~~H~~~~~~  -H     h
    H     H    H  $  HXXX******H
    H   - H $  HXXXXXH         H
    *XXX*XX*XX*H         HXXXHXX
    *XXX*      H         H   H  
    *$  *      H   ~~~~~~H   H $
            H +          H      
    In this level you need to dig around a bit, and the best way to get started 
    is to climb up the ladder to the left, dig a hole for the guy above you to 
    fall in, and cross over him to the stairs. If you're quick enough you can run 
    across the cement to the left and dig left, then dig right to slow trailing 
    bad guys down.
    Now for your first time digging down. Dig 1 from the left, then 2. Drop into 
    the 2-wide pit you created and dig left. You'll fall in to get a gold chest. 
    The diagram below shows what to dig, in what order.
    Now there may be enemies waiting for you as you come down the ladder. If 
    three of them are there, move right, then hold A as you move left. That'll 
    kill the guys. Dig more than you need.
    Quarters are a bit tighter in this level, so if you see a gold chest being 
    guarded you may have to outrun the bad guys to the top and dig a hole to drop 
    through. When they're near, run/fall around them. You also want to make sure 
    you don't get stuck on the cement. When in doubt, reach for higher ground, 
    dig, and fall under your opponents. The best place for starting this is the 
    top center since the top left has a lot of cement.
    The level also has a nasty trick with the ladder to the top. The square left 
    of it is a false brick, which isn't a problem if no enemies are around or 
    below. But if they are, it could stick you. Remember to approach the ladder 
    on the cement, unless the enemies are trailing you so badly that they can't 
    catch up.
      5-3. Level 3:
    ~~~~~~~~~~    $            h
    H $      HXXXXXXXXXXH      h
    XXXXXH - H     $    HX******
      $  H      H     H  ~~     
    XXXXHX      H  -  H    ~~   
        H    HXXXXXXHXX      ~~$
        H~~~~H      H  -       X
        H       HXXXXXXXXXH     
       H    +      HXXXH   $  H 
    Seeing as how the bad guys all go left to start, you can just proceed right 
    and wait for them to go down the ladder. Then you can go over the hill and 
    right. This should render one of the enemies useless, as he is stuck on the 
    ladder for good in an area that doesn't matter. Leaves you open to climb to 
    the top and have time to get the two chests in the top center and use the 
    rope to get to the UL. If you don't make it in time, you can have the bad 
    guys run after you. Digging is a risky proposition as a bad guy may appear 
    where you're walking and you'll fall in.
    But when you get to the UL you can drop on top of one gold chest and dig to 
    get to the next one. If the enemies close in on you, just dig to the left 
    again and fall down. You can then go to the right and your goal is to get to 
    the UR. You can sucker enemies into either falling behind or in front of you, 
    probably by just staying near the ladder on the left.
    In the UR, dig the brick next to the cement and fall to the right. This 
    should be all the gold chests--a ladder will appear in the UR if it is. If 
    not, search the board for gold and then make a note of digging holes for your 
    enemies to cough up. You're rather safe in the far right and in fact you can 
    wait for your enemies to look for you in the far left to make your climb up 
    easier. They do go off that way, even if you can't see them.
    Then advance back to the top, digging in front of you top take out whoever is 
    in your way.
      5-4. Level 4:
    h~~~~~H~~~~~          H     
    H $  HHH  $ X $ X $  HHH  $ 
    H HH  H  HH XXXXX HH  H  HH 
    H H HHHHH H       H HHHHH H 
    H H  $-$  H   H   H  $-$  H 
    H   HHHHH HH  H  HH HHHHH   
    H         H HHHHH H         
    H    $    H  $-$  H     $   
    H      H    HHHHH   H       
    H      H +     $    H       
    You should run right a square and wait a bit until two of your enemies drop 
    from the crowns onto the ground. Then run to the upper left. It's possible a 
    regenerated enemy may block your way. Shake him off by dropping to the base 
    of the left crown and digging a hole for him to get his gold.
    Then take the rope at the top right and drop into the small compartment to 
    get the gold there. Now there are two ways to take your enemies out of 
    commission. The first is just to sucker them to the base of a crown and dig 
    around. Enemies often regenerate into the compartment at the top, which makes 
    it easy for you.
    But you can also go to the top of the center crown and drop left. This will 
    cause enemies to go up the left ladder. Then you can go on the tip of the 
    crown, causing them to take the rope and fall into the top compartment.
    With one enemy left your job is pretty easy. You can outrun him and also, 
    with a single dig, reverse around him. If all the gold chests are gone and 
    you climb to the top and nothing happens, then you need to dig right at the 
    edge of the rope to let the enemies out. They'll release the gold chest even 
    if you don't dig holes for them. You can even wait for them to hit bottom 
    before using the middle-crown trick.
      5-5. Level 5:
             h       $          
    XXX      h      XXXXHXXXXXXX
      XX     h     XX   H       
       XX    h    XX    H       
    $- XXX   h  $XXX    H   $   
      H   XX h XX   H           
      H$-  XXHXX    H     $     
    HXXXH    H     XHXXHXXX     
    H   H    $     -   H        
    H      +    H            H  
    Once again waiting is a good idea to start here. You can dig on each side and 
    one of the enemies will fall down the partial ladder and into your hole. The 
    one from the right will get stuck. You can head up to the UR area right now 
    and get a bunch of gold pieces. If you're lucky, nobody will regenerate and 
    drop down the big chute in the middle. But if you're not, you can make your 
    own luck.
    At the top right of the V, dig 1, drop where it was, dig 2, etc., down to 4. 
    Get the gold chest and dig right so that you have an alternative to dropping 
    down into the V where an enemy is waiting.
    Once again you can drop to the bottom to fake enemies out, then climb back to 
    the UL to get the rest of the gold. A ladder will appear inside the V once 
    you are done. You may have to shake off a regenerated monster climbing down 
    it, but if all else fails there's waiting in the DL until someone comes at 
    Getting out of htis level presents problems since so many regenerated 
    monsters appear in the V, so remember that you want to have bad guys chase 
    you and try to avoid digging holes unless it is to jump over the other guy.
      5-6. Level 6:
    XXXX h~~~~~~~~~~          hX
    X $ XH  $ -     XXXX XXX XHX
    X    X    $H    $  -   $ XHX
    XHXXVX  H +     H  XX   HXHX
    XH-   HXX$XXH    $  -     HX
    Lots of buried gold here makes this level a serious step up in challenge from 
    the previous ones. Wait around a bit to notice where the enemies go. Only one 
    should follow you--the one coming from above. You can get rid of him while 
    digging for the gold beneath you. Go all the way left and dig right. Now 
    here's how to dig, always from the right:
    Then drop in for the gold and run back out. Stay on the bottom for the next 
    bit. You'll be able to dig a hole to get by the next enemy. Climb to the top. 
    Dig left at the top of the ladder, go 1D, dig, 1D, dig. Walk in for the gold 
    and dig over where it was. Go into the chamber below for two more gold pieces.
    Things get a bit more subjective from here on out, but you need to accomplish 
    the following:
    1. Get to the UL and dig left at the 1-ladder. Grab the gold and dig 1L1D of 
    the 1-ladder to fall onto the gold below.
    2. Go to the top and dig 2-1 over the pair of gold pieces
    3. Dig out the suspended gold near the bottom.
    These can all be tricky, but there is one way to sucker all three enemies 
    into an area where they can't get out. Let them follow you closely into the 
    DR and then shoot up the ladder. Dig as you did to get the gold before, and 
    dig to drop onto the ladder below. They'll be stuck on the right ladder! From 
    here you can accomplish 1, 2 and 3 pretty easily. They shouldn't fall into 
    the hole UL of them, but you can concentrate on your digging.
    The digging for 3 is tricky. Here's another diagram. Dig from the right for 
    1-6, from the left for 7. Fall on the gold.
    H  6X
    If you've got the bad guys trapped on the right, you can go up the left to 
    solve the level.
      5-7. Level 7:
      h                 ~~~~~~~~
      h                 H      H
    XXXXXHX    XHXXX   -H    $ H
         H      H    XXXHXXXXVXX
      -  H   $  H       H       
    XXXXXHXXXX  H       H       
      $  H   $  H       H       
      H            H $  H XXXX H
      H  $         H~~~~H X $X H
    XXXXXXXH            H XXXXXH
           H  +      $  H   -  H
    Climb up the left and you may meet an enemy, or actually your going up the 
    ladder may chase him away. Use that to get up the left(2nd) ladder and dig a 
    hole for him. Climb up the next ladder and get the gold at the edge of the 
    platform and wait around for him to come back. Then dig to get the gold right 
    For the stuff on the right you may want to prepare by falling to the bottom 
    and leading the robots on a chase to the left. Then you'll need to go up the 
    long ladder on the right(when falling on the rope coming back right you may 
    shake your enemies for good--they'll go to the left,) dig the left platform 
    square, and fall. Then drop over the UR gold chest and 2-1 dig to get the 
    other gold chest. 
    The ladder up is in the UL, so you can just again wait for the enemies to 
    come your way when standing at the bottom of the big ladder. Climb it, take 
    the rope, go up and take the second ladder up as you go left.
      5-8. Level 8:
       $       h    h       $   
    HX   XH   Xh    hX   HX   XH
    HX   XH   Xh    hX   HX   XH
    HX $ XH   Xh    hX   HX $ XH
    HXXXXXH   Xh    hX   HXXXXXH
    HX   XH~~~XHXXXXHX~~~HX   XH
    HX   X   HXH    HXH   X   XH
    HX-$ X   HXH  $-HXH   X $-XH
    HXXVXX   HX******XH   XXVXXH
    H     V  H        H  V     H
    H   +  V H        H V      H
    You can trap your enemies, but that may kick them to the center, which is a 
    dangerous place to be. The center is where your final gold piece will be. But 
    first, proceed immediately left to get to the ladder. You don't have to, but 
    it saves backing up and digging once to get the enemy out of the way. After 
    each chest you grab, dig directly under it. There's a false brick under the 
    bottom one. Once you reach the bottom, be prepared to dig left and run left 
    over the enemy that falls in your hole. Go to the UL, then right, then down 
    the ladder. The guy on the left is irrelevant and you didn't have to kill him.
    For the guy on the right you can start at the bottom--he'll run towards you, 
    giving you a crazy head start as you climb up the ladder/rope/ladder. Again 
    dig on top of where you got the gold. You'll need to scrape by this guy, but 
    it's a bit tougher than last time. You can take your chances with two guys in 
    the or you can just climb partially up the stairs, level with the final gold 
    chest, and your enemy will follow without falling back into his old hole.
    From the right, drop in to the center pit. Dig left. Now the bad guy probably 
    picked up the gold and left it on the UL stair by now but if not you have 
    time to search around. Grab the chest and stairs should appear to let you 
    climb out.
      5-9. Level 9:
    HX     X             X     X
    H XXXXX               XXXXX 
    H X XXX               X$XXX 
    H XXXXX -    -      - XXXXX 
    H           XXXXH~~~~~~~~HX 
    H          ****             
    H      +  ****              
    Here's a digging bonanza. There's a false brick cascade on the left, so your 
    enemies will run after you. On the bright side, it's easier to get them 
    trapped. Bad guys tend to regenerate in the castle towers here so you can 
    just circle around the UL to the center top. When the first one is over the 
    castle tower, drop down. The other two guys will follow you to the pit where 
    you can just drop down when the next enemy gets in play. If you wait just 
    right of the cascade, you can drop left just in time to lead them on another 
    goose chase around the UL and drop the next one, etc., without digging. It's 
    a bit of a risk to dig holes to get rid of your enemies so they pop up in the 
    towers--fortunately bad guys don't appear in the right tower, and intensive 
    digging could kill one off, but why take that risk?
    With them out of commission there's the problem of how to get the gold chests. 
    The one in the right tower is the toughest so we'll get that last.
    X $37 $X
    XX   $HX
    First time through, dig 1-2-3-4-5-6. 1 and 2 from the right, 4 and 5 from the 
    left. Then dig a to get out. That will bad the gold without you getting 
    trapped. Next time, 1-2-7-8-9-0 and a to get out.
    The tower is a bit tougher. Getting the gold is easy but the trap is nasty.
    XXX X
    Dig 1-2-3 from the left, 4-5 from the right, and fall down after digging 6. 
    You should be able to navigate the rope and ladders to get back. Dig hole 
    a(previous diagram) to escape and go to the top.
      5-10. Level 10:
       $    h           $      h
    -     $   H      h     H    
    XXXXXXXXXXH      h -   H   $
    XXXXXXXXXXH            H    
    XXXXXXXXXXH       $ ~~~H    
    XX      XXH       XX   H    
    XX $ $$ XXH     $      H    
               H       XXXXXXXXH
        $    + H               H
    There's a big dig to make in that structure on the left. You'll need to 
    distract your enemies from getting in there and the best wa to do so is to 
    drag them to the right. If you dig a hole and an enemy gets stuck, he may 
    reappear in the UL and come charging down as you are digging. However, if you 
    run from one side to the other you should have time for a 4-3-2-1 dig. You 
    can leave holes behind you to make sure. You just need time to dig that top 
    layer and drop down before you're detected.
    Once you've cleared everything from there you can search for gold chests and 
    dig at will to pick everything up. You'll know if you have all the chests 
    because ladders will appear in the center and UR. As usual you can just wait 
    on the bottom because there are only two monsters before digging to get 
    around them and climbing all the way up.
      5-11. Level 11:
     -$    H                 $- 
    HXX $  H               $-XXH
    H           HH$    H       H
    H           $HH    H       H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H       +   HH$            H
    While it looks like you don't have much space to dig your enemies out, and 
    the climb to the top is tricky, it's actually pretty easy to sucker enemies, 
    and it's quicker just to climb up the center ladder, go left, and fall, then 
    climb, go right, and fall. As for getting rid of your enemies, you can fall 
    off the ladder to the left when they chase after you. Then dig right and go 
    left. You can shuffle up and down the stairs to change which way they go on 
    the brick platform, which traps them nicely.
    Some chests will be left behind--you can collect them if you want, go up the 
    stairs, and fall left. The last annoying chest is in the UL and you want to 
    collect it by going up the left ladder. Wait for your enemies to climb before 
    jumping down and then dig them out as before, going from the very base up to 
    the brick platform and back to confuse them.
    I picked up a weird cherry tomato worth 1600 points on this level. I don't 
    know what it was doing there. It just appeared where my guy started. I don't 
    know why. It was worth 1600 points.
      5-12. Level 12:
    H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H     h   
    H $  $         $  H~~~~~H  $
    XXXXXXXXHH              H   
    XXXXXXXHH~~~~~~~H       H   
    X$ $XXHH      - H  $  - H  $
         H      H           H   
        -H   $  H~~~~~~~~~~~H  $
    H           H XXXXXXXXX H   
    H    $  +   H      $    H   
    Another level where you can just blow off the enemies. Go to the left to get 
    the gold and wait a bit. Dig left to run over the enemy and then climb up the 
    zigzag ladders. Run right across the top platform, take the stairs up, and 
    take the rope left. Now do a 3-2-1 dig over the chamber with two gold in it. 
    Now take the gold to the right of where you fell and climb up the stairs and 
    wait for enemies to get close. When they do, go back down the stairs and drop 
    from the rope to the suspended platform for gold.  You should be able to 
    climb the ladder to the right as well to shake your enemies further.
    This should make it easy to crawl up the right side--whenever you stop just 
    on a level with bricks, bad guys turn away from you. Go up and sneak right 
    for a gold chest, then move to the next level.
      5-13. Level 13:
                 -             h
    $H H H H H H H H H H H H HXh
    H      $ -  $    $ -       h
    H$     +                  $h
    Note there's a false brick above and below every gold chest here, so instead 
    of walking into the chest, walk above it and fall down. However, your first 
    objective is to get out of the mess at the bottom and the best way to do that 
    is to go directly left and up. This also gets you a head start on your 
    enemies. From there you shouldn't have many problems dropping in on each gold 
    chest. The enemies behind you will follow you up the ladder, and the one 
    still to your right can be dispatched by digging under a column with no gold. 
    Just keep climbing and dropping right.
    At the end you should be able to sucker everyone right and dig to get to the 
    cement below. From there you can outrun the bad guys and get to the left 
    ladder where you can drop in on the far-left suspended gold.
    There will be some gold left over and you will probably need to go to the 
    bottom to dig a bunch of holes to catch your enemy and make it back to the 
    upper area to gather the gold. When you get the final chest, check to see if 
    there are any bad guys falling over to the right. If not, dig a hole and run 
    right on the cement and up. If so, then you can probably run to the DR of the 
    structure, up, fall right, and climb up to beat them to the top. The 
    trickiest bit here is when you need to dig like hell at the bottom to make 
    progress--try to be aware of how many guys are on each side. Without being 
    able to scroll the view on the NES this can be tricky. You may want to see 
    what's on the far right and dig a bunch of holes to the left just to be sure 
    you've killed everyone.
      5-14. Level 14:
     ~H  -~H~  ~    ~H    H~   h
    ~ H  ~ H ~  ~  ~-H~   H ~  H
    $ H ~  H  ~   ~  H ~  H  ~ H
      H~  ~H   ~ ~ $ H  ~$H   ~H
    H~   ~ H~   ~  ~ H$  ~H  $ H
    H ~   ~H$  ~$~   H~~~~~~ ~  
    H~ ~ ~ H~ ~~H ~  H  ~   H ~ 
    H   ~- H ~  H  ~ H     ~H  ~
    H~ $ ~ H~ ~ H$  ~H    ~ H  $
    H ~H  ~  ~ ~H~ ~ H~  ~  H  ~
    H~ H ~ ~    H ~ ~$ ~    H ~ 
    H ~H    ~~~~H~   ~  ~~~~H~  
       H  + $          $    H   
    Lots of serial dropping off ropes and climbing to the top of a ladder to get 
    places. Job one is to get to the ladder to the right and force everyone to 
    the left. Then you can clear out chests one at a time before pushing the 
    enemies back by retreating to the DR ladder. You can even climb up a few 
    rungs so everyone else climbs up the ladder and they get very confused.
    As for specifics you should note that if you grab for a gold with nobrick 
    beneath it, you won't get it, so always drop from a rope onto gold--or off 
    the side of a ladder. Then move back right. You can gather all the gold east 
    of the center ladder(touches neither the bottom nor top) and you can drop 
    continually left from the ladder right of it to cross to the left. If you've 
    done everything right those bozos who should be opposing you more actively 
    will sit and wait as you climb up another big ladder, fall left, and climb up 
    the final big ladder to fall left. There'll be one gold left.  For that you 
    can fall right off ropes after getting the UL gold and the enemies will run 
    at you. Use the far right ladder but this time let them climb and follow you.
    Getting the final chest may leave you lost what to do next, but just drop 
    left to the far left, go up, drop right continually onto a long rope, climb, 
    drop left and climb the big ladder up.
      5-15. Level 15:
    hhhh~~~~~~~~H   H~~~~~~~~   
       $        H   H        $  
    $     $H     $ $     H$    $
           H XXXX   XXXX H      
        $  H      $      H $    
      H                      H  
      H $    $HXXXXXXXH$   $ H  
       H  + $          $    H   
    ??wrong map
    A middling level really where again not attacking the monsters directly 
    brings dividends. Those gold chests in the DL and DR look like they might be 
    tough to get with enemies around, so--get the DL at the start, then the DR! 
    You'll have plenty of time to do so and climb up. And once you do, the 
    monsters will have run away and you can get to the top. Take the right rope 
    and fall right.
    Someone may have caught up to you by now. Dig to get over him(and if there 
    are two, you can dig right for a total escape) and work to the top center. 
    Dig down and get the two gold pieces. Now see which way has only one enemy--
    even if you can't see one side, you know there are only three guys, and you 
    can do the math.
    You can escape and go back to the top center and dig again. This time you may 
    wind up closer to the two guys, but of course you can run away from them 
    easily. Just dig below the inner of the two chests. In fact, at this point 
    it's not a bad idea to dig down and get the enemies to follow you down before 
    you climb back up and use your speed to reach the UL well before they do. You 
    don't want to go down to the bottom, but you can lead them on a bit to the 
    platforms just above with all bricks.
    From here it's just a scramble in your favor to pick off the remaining gold 
    chests, and although you may need to stay at the bottom--or sucker enemies 
    over to the right on the long platform before climbing the stairs--you don't 
    need to do anything fancy.
      5-16. Level 16:
        $    HH HX  H       h   
        X$     HHX  H      h    
      +XXX$     HX  H     h     
      XXXXX$    HX  H      h    
    XXXXXXXX    HX  H       h   
     $XXXXX     HX  H        h  
       XXX      HX  H         h 
           -    HX  H   -      h
    This is a dopey little level requiring little more than a bit of strategic 
    thinking and faith that ladders will pick you up once you pick up the DR bit. 
    First fall left to the edge, dig right and drop onto some gold. Dig to drop 
    the enemy and get past him, then go up the ladder and left and up. Dig when 
    over the top gold and fall right but not off the structure. Wait a while. The 
    bad guy will walk over the top and fall into a pit he can't return from. Drop 
    right, dig and pass by the enemy. Go up the stairs, right at the top, and 
    fall down. Dig above the 2-ladder, fall right, and go D-L to get the chests 
    and R-U. You have extra time to escape before the hole closes, and it's worth 
    it to make sure you get the farthest gold chest, but don't dawdle. (You can 
    also buy a bit of time digging right while on the ladder, but you don't need 
    The stair at the end is tricky to navigate but there's no danger if you fall. 
    Just have up held down along with left/right(the direction you need to go) 
    and you'll move up the zigzag quickly.
      5-Z. Level 17:
    h                          h
    H   $   XX~~~~~~~~XX       H
    H  XXX  $XH      $XX       H
    XXXXXXXX    HX  H       h   
     $XXXXX     HX  H        h  
       XXX      HX  H         h 
           -    HX  H   -      h
    This is an annoying one-chest-at-a-time deal where you need to make sure you 
    don't make any big mistakes. And you have to do a few things right, too. 
    Horrors. Here it's most expedient to drop left and get the enemy to come 
    TOWARDS you. Here's how: run up the ladder quickly--he'll run away, but when 
    you run right and fall through the false brick, he'll come back around. When 
    he's about to fall, step left and dig right. Fall through the hole. You don't 
    want to kill him, just make him irrelevant by leaving him on the left. By 
    default, he'll go to the right and help block your escape.
    Now quickly fall right, dig right and go up the stairs. Another robot will 
    greet you. Dig to get past him and go up the two sets of ladders(R-U-L-U) and 
    across the rope and drop on the gold chest. Dig left, drop down, and climb 
    down. Dig right and climb up, then dig left. This will cause the enemy on the 
    right to climb up with you and give you a head start going to the right area. 
    Fall right and climb the ladder and dig right when the enemy approaches. Dig 
    behind you to the left to buy some time to clear the structure next to the 
    right-edge ladder.
    This isn't too complex a dig but obviously you can't wait all day to do it as 
    you'll get trapped, or your enemy will come around. When you fall through 
    you'll have you enemy to contend with again and then you'll have to go back 
    to the UL. Fortunately the last dig is pretty simple, just a 3-2-1 above the 
    final gold chest.
    You'll need to fall through and deal with the two enemies again before making 
    it to the UR and the next level. Note that you may have to dig the center 
    enemy twice--once when you enter and once after you climb onto the middle 
    platform so you have time to take out the right enemy when you enter his area.
      5-Z. Level 18:
       h      $        $       $
    H  XXXXXX   HXXXXXH   H  $ H
    H$ -        H     H   XXXX H
    HVXXXX         XXXH        H
    H *XXXX       XX        HX H
    H *XXXXX     XX   $   HXH  H
    H *  $ XXXXXXX     -  H   -$
    H              H      H   XX
    H     +               H   XX
    The false brick here allows you an easy way up the ladder--climb right up the 
    left edge and drop down to get the gold chest when the robot below you starts 
    climbing. You'll have to dig a couple of holes to get to the right, but once 
    you do, go UR until you fall and that will get you to the UR-edge ladder. 
    Climb it and fall L and go U/L to pick up whatever treasure you can.
    Now there will be some gold suspended on the left and you may need two trips 
    to pick it up. If there is an enemy trapped in the v-shaped pit, drop to the 
    side opposite him and dig a hole. Note you can make extra space for yourself 
    with digs as follows:
    1         1X
    X2       2X
    XX3     3X
    You can even dig two squares on the left. But you should have enough time 
    here to dig a hole, then dig behind yourself and then dig a 2-1 over the gold 
    which you can fall on.
    Note that, once you've gotten the suspended chest, it's a-ok to drop robots 
    into holes, wherever. If they turn up in the pit, great!
    Next you'll need to go back to the right and make that long adventure. When 
    you do you'll want to get the chest on the left. Here's how. Dig from the 
    *  $ X
    Then there's the dig left of the UR ladder to get the chest below it, and you 
    have the ladder you must fall down to get the gold below. None of this is 
    There's a lot of walking including from the UR back to the UL to get out of 
    this level, but it's all risk free.
      5-Z. Level 19:
    H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H     h   
    H $  $         $  H~~~~~H  $
    XXXXXXXXHH              H  H
    H           $HH    H       H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H           HH$            H
    H           $HH            H
    H       +   HH$            H
    ??wrong extracted map
    This pyramid level is nowhere near as daunting as it looks. For starters you 
    can just wait at the bottom because the bad guys will cycle left and down and 
    right. Once they do, it's going to be hard for them to move back around to 
    cover the middle row, and you can just climb up and pick everything up. If 
    you're really quick you can make it back left and climb to the top before 
    you're cut off, but if you want to play it slow and safe, note that one or 
    two might follow you up the stairs, but you can afford to take the path of 
    least resistance here. Because there are only three enemies blocking two 
    routes, only one enemy blocks one escape route. Go that way.
    The main thing to guard against is overconfidence. Take your time and let 
    your enemies cycle. And when you don't see any chests around any more, go to 
    the bottom and start digging. It may be worthwhile to goad one or two guys 
    left, then dig a square or two and run back over them. While they regenerate 
    you'll be able to collect the gold chests, and then you can dig to get by and 
    climb to the top easily.
      5-Z. Level 20:
     ~H  -~H~  ~    ~H    H~   h
    ~ H  ~ H ~  ~  ~ H~   H ~  H
    $ H ~  H  ~   ~  H ~  H  ~ H
      H~  ~H   ~ ~ $ H  ~$H   ~H
    H~   ~ H~   ~  ~ H$  ~H  $ H
    H ~   ~H$  ~$~   H~~~~~~ ~  
    H~ ~ ~ H~ ~~H ~  H  ~   H ~ 
    H   ~  H ~  H  ~ H     ~H  ~
    H~ $ ~ H~ ~ H$  ~H    ~ H  $
    H ~H  ~  ~ ~H~ ~ H~  ~  H  ~
    H~ H ~ ~    H ~ ~$ ~    H ~ 
    H ~H    ~~~~H~   ~  ~~~~H~  
       H    $          $    H   
    The main difficulty with this level is getting to the top bit. From there 
    your enemies will be running after you. But for starters you need to pay 
    attention to the false brick UR of you. go UR to get a gold chest and then 
    dig a hole when your enemy circles around, so you can get his gold. Drop 
    right. If you are lucky another enemy will drop nearby and see you drop. 
    He'll go off to the left to follow you down, making your path right much 
    easier. (If not, there's just heavy digging ahead.)
    You can then head right, climb, and go to the same false brick you fell 
    through originally. But wait to do so. You'll be followed. An enemy will 
    probably meet you at or before the right ladder. Dig to get past him then go 
    up the long ladder. Clear out the area to the right. This should confuse the 
    enemies and you can dig to get the gold on the suspended platform.
    Someone may come back but you can dig a hole to get him and then run left and 
    up. There's a little more gold to clear out, and the enemies may approach you 
    after you jump from the UL(if you can't bait them up there,) but you can 
    shake them by digging a few holes. Go back up to the UL to take the ladder to 
      5-Z. Level 21:
    H  H     XX  -   $     Hh$ X
    H  H XXX            $     HX
    H  H  HX   $  X $ X $ X $  X
    H  H  H  H    X XX      -  X
    H  H  H  H~~H X$XXH~~XXXXXXX
    H  H  H  H  H     H  XXXXXXX
    H  H  H  H  H~~H XHXXX $$$ X
    H  H+ H  H -H  H  HXXXHXXXXX
    Run left, up and right along the rope at the top. Drop when you see the enemy 
    and dig a hole to get past him. Go right and down the ladder. Dig over the 
    left 3-wide cavern and then dig over the suspended gold. Use the rope to get 
    over to the one ladder and climb up and sneak in for the gold there. (Note: 
    if the enemy is too near, drop to the bottom to bait him.) Dig right when the 
    enemy gets close and fall and run left. Go up the left edge ladder and right 
    all the way.
    Now you can start clearing out the mystical muck on the right. Provided an 
    enemy is not too close, dig the 4x1 cavern on the right and drop through and 
    then 2-1 dig below that. (If the enemy is waiting where he'd trap you, dig 
    the 3x1 cavern above the rope, dig the right square to fall, and then dig 
    right of the rope 3x. Drop in and dig a hole to catch him.)
    In any case you can climb the ladder left of the rope to chase enemies away. 
    Then you can run down and dig left--not next to your ladder, but 2L of it, so 
    if there's two guys lumped you can dig another hole. Then sneak over them 
    using the rope. Pick up the gold chest you missed before on your next trip up 
    and right. If you're really nervy about avoiding your enemies for the DR, sit 
    in the DL and get them to come close and then climb up.
      5-Z. Level 22:
        $    HH HX  H       h   
        X$     HHX  H      h    
      +XXX$     HX  H     h     
      XXXXX$    HX  H      h    
    XXXXXXXX    HX  H       h   
     $XXXXX     HX  H        h  
       XXX      HX  H         h 
           -    HX  H   -      h
    As usual it's a good idea to wait around before moving along. Pick up what 
    gold you can along the bottom and take the right stairs up, go R and D, and 
    get the chest in there. Then left, 2U and right.
    You may encounter some enemies as you go back left and get on the rope. This 
    is a good time to pedal right ore even drop down the 2-ladder right of the 
    rope and watch everyone follow you so you can circle around R-U-L. You can 
    also stay on the top rung of the right ladder to lump enemies, then D-L-D to 
    get them to drop. That leaves the top open to you. Run across it and get the 
    gold in the gap, then dig right. Fall and get the gold. Remember the safe-
    haven on the right.
    If you've got all the chests a ladder will appear in the UR but if not you 
    may just need to dig randomly for a bit. Peek out from the UR ladder and dig 
    holes for enemies to fall in and see who's got a chest. If you need to get 
    something in the left, move D-L-D to get peope to fall and have them follow 
    you. Then fall down once yhey're upstairs and you've snuck around to their 
    If things are OK though you just need to sneak left, up and right.
      5-Z. Level 23:
     *   $$-      XH   -   h$** 
    *XXH HX  $    XH HX        H
    *XXH HX+      XH HX $    $ H
    *      XXHHHXX  $   $    $ H
    *~~~~~~XHH HH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H
    * $    XH   H            - H
    *       H   H  XXXXXXXXXXX H
    ****    H   H XXX $XX  $ XXH
    This level requires several tricks and some fancy digging. It's convenient to 
    get rid of the DL gold first. Dig to get to the line: 3-2-1 under where you 
    are, always facing left. Drop onto the line and get the gold. You can wait 
    here for an enemy to arrive and then dig to get his gold, walk across him, 
    climb the ladder, and reach the structure with two golds entombed.
    Here's how to get the left and leave safely:
    X43 $X
    (Be quick when you leave so the enemy doesn't chase you)
    And the right:
    XXXXX1 H
    X  $ 23H
    Walk in and get the gold and walk out. Now you can get the gold in the right 
    chamber with the suspended gold below it. Climb to the top, wait, and when 
    your enemy comes by, dig. Go left and down for another gold and dig over the 
    suspended gold. Fall in. Here you can trap the enemy in the UR wedge if you 
    dig him often enough. But it's more important just to get by him. Then climb 
    down one. Watch where he materializes--if just above, drop down quickly and 
    dig--but otherwise you can climb up the 1-ladder to dig L, down, dig L and 
    dig right too to fend the enemy off.
    You can eventually clear out the top row this way--the guy to the left or the 
    one to the right. Wait for your chance and you should be able to cross over. 
    The only problem arises if there is a guy waiting around near the gold in the 
    air below the rope. Then you'll have to dig as follows, which may not be easy 
    until you kill any bad guy wandering around with you. The guy also may 
    reappear in your area, in which case, make one hole, let him fall in, and dig 
    over the gold.
    H H4
    H H5
    H H6 <-he'll fall and stick here
    The coast should be clear to go to the right edge and up.
      5-Z. Level 24:
        $    HH HX  H       h   
        X$     HHX  H      h    
           H XXXX   XXXX H      
        $  H    - $      H $    
      H                      H  
      H $    $HXXXXXXXH$   $ H  
      $    +  H       H      $  
    This looks a bit helter skelter but the solution is straightforward. Go up 
    the ladder and dig left, D, dig left, drop in. Stay at the bottom of the 
    ladder until the enemy is 2L, then climb up and dig left. When he falls in, 
    climb over him, up and fall left to the top of the battleship. At the top of 
    the first ladder, dig left, D, dig left. Go left, come back right and dig 
    right to fall onto--or next to--the gold below. Go onto the top rung of the 
    ladder to the right, putting the guy to the right out of commission.
    The next part requires moderately fluid movements. If you like you can 
    distract your opponent on the right by suckering him up to the top and 
    digging a hole for him so it takes forever to get back out--but you'll have 
    to un-trap him later. So here's the quicker way.
    D, L, U and nip in to get the gold chest before retreating and digging left. 
    Go L-U-L and wait for the enemy to leave his hole. Dig right, walk right over 
    him, and dig left at the top of the stairs, D, dig left, get the chest. 
    Bounce back up and go right and down, digging right to catch the enemy. Up 
    the big ladder, fall left, and climb to the top.
      5-Z. Level 25:
    h                          h
    H   $   XX~~~~~~~~XX       H
    H  XXX  $XH      $XX       H
    XXXXXXXX    HX  H       h   
     $XXXXX     HX  H        h  
       XXX      HX  H         h 
           -    HX  H   -      h
    The bad guys are out of the equation for most of this as long as you dig a 
    hole from where you start for five seconds. Fall onto the rope and you won't 
    be able to see it, but one enemy falls through a false brick and goes right. 
    This lets you take out the gold at the top, dig, and fall into the center 
    well. Dig there and fall and then dig the right brick at the bottom to get 
    out. You don't need to rush to climb back up to the top.
    Pass the inverted C on the rope above for one gold chest. Then dig to get the 
    one 2R2D of that. Come back around and drop from the rope and dig above the 
    gold chest. There's one more gold chest suspended below that. When 4U of it 
    dig left, fall through, dig right and fall through. Wait for the two enemies 
    to come at you. It's a close thing but you need them to follow you up the 
    ladder and you have to flee when they're very close--one to two squares--but 
    play it safe so that if they run back, you can just climb down and try again 
    Shift right and up when they're both on the ladder and then fall down the 
    ladder to the right--there's a false brick at the bottom. Run all the way 
    On the right side there's gold in the UR and also one left of a ladder where 
    you need to fall into it. You can just wait where you land and your enemies 
    will come back right.
    Well, they should, and if they don't I find climbing the big right ladder and 
    falling down the well left of the smaller ladder works well. Get to the 
    bottom so your enemies see you and let them chase you at close range. Go left 
    at the platform and dig left to loop around them. The stairs up are in the UL 
    corner. You need to climb up where the top rope is, go left, fall through the 
    false brick, and L/U.
      5-Z. Level 26:
        -                  $  h 
    H $      $ HXXXXXH      H   
    H X XXX  X H $$ *H    - H   
    H X  XXX X H ** *XXXXXXXXX**
    H X XXX  X H **           *$
    H X$ XXX X H *~~~~~~~  $  *H
    H XXXXX  X H *$      XXXXH*H
    H XXXXXXXX H **    $     H H
    H          H ** XXXXXX   HXX
    H********X*****          H  
    H    +                   H  
    It's easy enough to get the enemies to run away from you. Climb a rung up the 
    left ladder and watch them run to the middle one. Then go up the ladder and 
    dig down to the zigzag structure in the center, alternately from the left and 
    right, as follows:
    X X21  X
    X  34X X
    X X65  X
    X  78X X
    XXXX9  X
    The enemies will run off to the right, and you can run up the center stairs 
    and 1L to dig left and drop on the right chest. It's just as easy to drop on 
    the left chest. Then climb up the center ladder again, go 1R and dig right. 
    FAll right and get the chest in the niche in the cement. Walk all the way 
    right to find a ladder to clean more stuff up.
      5-Z. Level 27:
             ~~~~~~~~~~        h
      *XXXHXXX*      *XXXHXXX* h
      *$ $H $ * $   $* $ H$X$*hh
    * XXX H   XX*  *XXXXXH X Xh*
    *     H  +  * $*     H X  $*
    *     HXXXXX*HX*XX  $H XX X*
    * $ - H   -  H     XXH     *
    *HXXXXH   *XXHXXX*   H   XH*
     H* $ H   X  H $ X   H  -*H 
     H*XX H XXX  H   XXX H XX*H 
     H $* H *$   H    $* H *$ H 
     H   XXX     H      XXX   H 
    It's useful to keep your one enemy around on the left while you go about 
    digging holes and dropping on gold chests. The best place to slow him down is 
    where you start--or more precisely 2R of that. Dig left, walk over him when 
    he falls in, and dig right to slow him a bit more. Then you can dig pretty 
    much anywhere above a gold chest and pick them off one at a time.
    Once Everything's cleared you can get the gold chest on the lower center bit. 
    Dig left from your niche, walk over the guy, and dig left to drop down. Dig 
    over the gold chest and then dig the guy in the center who comes after you. 
    You should be able to dispatch him to the left with a few traps. If he goes 
    to the right then just go up the center ladder to shake him out back to 
    either the center or far right.
    Your first two trips to the right, you'll want to collect gold in the center 
    top by dropping down the rope, but after that you can dig above gold chests 
    with impunity.
      5-Z. Level 28:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~   h $   $       
      $   $  *H **********H     
    X*X*X*X*****  $      *H -$  
              *******H   **XXXXH
    ~~~~~~~~H **     H-    XXXXH
            H ** XXXXXXXXH XXXXH
     $    $ H ** X      XH XXXXH
    XXX-  X H ** X   $  XH XX$XH
            H    X  $   XH    XH
            +      H $H        H
    Go left, loop for the two gold, and only dig one hole to get by the enemy. 
    Dig it away from the ladder so you have time to reach the right ladder, wait 
    for the hole to heal, and climb up one rung when he's near. He'll go back 
    left and won't be a factor.
    To get the suspended gold on the right, just 
    Drop through 7. Dig the wall left of the ladder you go up to sneak in for 
    another gold. Then go back right, dig and climb a rung up the right ladder so 
    your one enemy is stuck. Go along the top. Dig over the right edge of the pit 
    with the two enemies in it. Fall right. Drop over the other gold and 2-1 dig 
    from the right to escape. Avoid your pal at the bottom one more time to 
      5-Z. Level 29:
      - ~~ ~        h    -      
    XXXX  H   ~     h   XXH     
    XXXX  H XX ~   -h  ~XXH     
    X$$X  H XX~ XXXXXXX  ~H     
          H~~~  XXXXXXX H  X$X  
        ~     H XXXXXXX H  XXX  
         XXXX H XX$$$XX H       
       ~ XXXX H XXXXXXX H       
    XXX~ X$$X H~     ~ ~H       
    X$X  XXXX H ~ + ~ H  XXXX   
    XXX       H  XXX  H  X$$X   
       XX     H       H  HXXX   
    You can trap one guy pretty quickly, or even just get people out of the way, 
    by waiting at the base of the ladder to the right. He'll walk right--into a 
    pit. You can repeat the process by dragging an enemy over to the right, 3U 5R 
    dig-L and go over him and fall down. He'll mistakenly go right, too. But the 
    third guy just gets confused and falls back in his hole.
    Dig above and below the left gold in the DR, UL and L of the gold in the 
    right, a 4-3-2-1 dig in the center rectangle, a 2-1 in the UL, and UR and R 
    of the gold in the DL. For all of these the enemy won't be in play much but 
    the 3x4 rectangle in the DL is a different matter. Have your enemy follow you 
    to the top, then dig as follows.
    you should have the time to dig beneath 2 or 3 and then dig under. If you 
    wait too long he will loop around just right of you and while it's possible 
    to get out(dig, then wait 'til he's on the rope) the timing needs to be exact.
      5-Z. Level 30:
          $$$$-   -       + ~~~h
    H                          H
     ~  * $  $       $      $* H
      H                        H
       ~  *  $    $     $  *   H
        H                      H
      ~~   *  $     $    $*    H
          **XXXXXXXXXXXXXX*    H
    $$$$     -              H* H
    Keep the enemies in order and you'll be fine here, I've found that if you 
    move left, dig, stand on the fallen guy, and dig left, you can run left with 
    no problem. Get all the gold and dig down. Get the two gold below and dig 
    over the left gold on the next bracketed level. The false brick below allows 
    you to collect all the gold on the bottom. Hide so that you can dig in the 
    left corner and leave when the enemies get close. Grab the gold on the left 
    and wait for the other enemy to come left. Dig once to get around him.
    Back up to the top. Dig over the first remaining gold you see(should be about 
    1/3-1/2 across the screen) and then 2L and dig to fall on another gold. Run 
    back right to fall on a false brick and go to the right corner to dig. Wait 
    for the enemies to get close and bail.
    Dig once around the guard at the bottom and then, at the top, dig down so 
    that you will wind up on the left of the bottom bracket but not the left edge. 
    You will need to dig holes for the enemies to get in, but there's no point 
    wasting time running at them. Get the gold they leave behind and it should be 
    a straight run past the bottom guardian up the UR ladder.
      5-Z. Level 31:
    X$  ~~~~~~~~~~h~~~~~~~~~  $X
    XXHH -                $ HHXX
    XXXH H~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~H HXXX
    XXXXHH $              HHXXXX
    XXXXXH H~~~~~~ ~~~~~H-HVXXXX
    XXXXXVHH          $ HHXVXXXX
    XXXX-       HXXH        XXXX
    This level is really just a footrace. You need to get the gold next to you 
    and climb UL. The enemy will fall through the false bricks to chase you. 
    Climb to the top and get all the gold. Walk across the rope to the right. 
    Fall at the edge. Wait for a robot to come from the right. Drop down two 
    ropes and go right and up, collecting gold as you go. At the top a ladder 
    will in the center when you get the final gold. Cut back left to get on it 
    and climb up.
      5-Z. Level 32:
         ~   -         ~~~   -  
    H      X~~~~H~~~~HX   X$  H 
    H +X   XH$X$H$XH$HX   X~  H 
     H    $X     $HH  X   XXHXXX
     H    XX   XXXH   X     H   
     H  $X X      H   X$  HXXXXX
     H  X  X   $  H   XX  H     
     H$X   X HXXXXXXH X X$H     
     HX  $ X HX  $ XH    XH     
    This is another level where you can push your enemies around 'til they're 
    irrelevant. Climb up to the top. Stand on the ladder that opens to a big drop 
    below. When the enemy gets close, drop down and then fall left. Stay on the 
    ladder's second rung. The enemy will look off to the right and eventually 
    fall there. That leaves the left and center as easy pickings. Dig right and 
    go right/left for the gold in the triangle. You can even do so once the enemy 
    passes the ladder. The only remotely tough gold in the center is at the 
    bottom. Dig left of each right ladder rung at the bottom and wait for the 
    squares to heal.
    Now you can be a bit mean in the next bit, dropping right of the structure 
    for gold and waiting for enemies to come by, again at the 2nd-bottom ladder 
    rung. Dig left and walk back into the center structure. Let them follow you 
    closely. Wham, easy to take out the right, even if only one is suckered. As 
    you can outmaneuver one guy, you can just fall right off the rope at the top 
    and dig right to land on the gold and run down the stairs quickly. You can 
    even get rid of this guy and dig left twice from the bottom ladder to create 
    an unescapable hole.
    The trek back to the UL may have some interruptions but it's hardly 
      5-Z. Level 33:
    Xhhhhh                   -  
           -     XHXXX XX XHX$ X
    H $     X     H        H   X
    H   H    HXXXXXXX  XXXXH    
    H +      H $ XXXXXX   -    H
    You can cycle monsters around the top in this level, which makes things a lot 
    easier. Run right to get the chest and then back left and up and left. Dig to 
    push the monster back and then climb up the left stair, then right to get the 
    gold. Dig 2-1 to escape and climb up the ladder that's right there. 2-1 dig 
    over the L-shaped enclosure with the gold and fall and go left under the 
    ladder. Wait for company, run up, and run right. Dig over the smaller L, drop, 
    dig right, and again wait at the ladder base. Up, left, down, and dig over 
    the zigzag with the gold chest and go through the chute, right and up. This 
    is the most dangerous part. But having that hole dug will stop the enemies 
    just enough. 
    You should now be able to go across the top, drop on the rope to the left, 
    and get the final gold chest. If an enemy got it after reforming, you may 
    have to muddle in the DL but then you can just head U/R and dig down and make 
    it back easily.
      5-Z. Level 34:
    h                          h
    H       $XXXHHHHXXX$       H
    H      $XXHHH--HHHXX$      H
    H     $XXHH$    $HHXX$     H
    H     XXHH$      $HHXX     H
    H     XHH$$      $$HHX     H
    H     XHH$$      $$HHX     H
    H     XXHH$      $HHXX     H
    H      XVHH$$  $$HHVX      H
    H       VXHHH$$HHHXV       H
    H        XXXHHHHXXX        H
    H+     -   XXXXXX          H
    Not one of the tougher levels out there. You need to climb on the O twice but 
    only dig into it once. First, clear out the left, Dig three holes to catch 
    the guy right of you, then climb halfway up the stairs and drop down. This 
    will cause your enemies to fall down the false bricks and onto your side. Dig 
    up the left for whatever they have and then go to the top where you can dig 
    your way into the O.
    Now it is a matter of reaching the top ladders and falling in the right 
    places. Then you can go to the right, above the false brick(4-tall ladder) 
    and run right and dig and retreat. You can cause the monsters to flinch by 
    climbing down the ladder and back up, thus assuring they'll die, you can walk 
    past them, and you can clear out the stuff on the upper right part of the O. 
    You may have to drop down and get by them again, but it's not hard to do it 
      5-Z. Level 35:
                h  h
       $  -  $  HXXH  $     $   
    H   $   $    XX    $   $   H
         $-$    HXXH    $-$     
    H   $   $    XX    $   $   H
       $     $  HXXH  $     $   
    H         +                H
    This level looks bad but as long as you dig your holes in advance you should 
    be ok.
    It's a bit less tedious to start on the left but there's some risk an enemy 
    may appear when you go to climb to the top for the final chests on the left. 
    I suppose you could just keep digging holes below until the enemies carry 
    their chests down, but it might take some time. It's also possible to make it 
    to the top if you spaced your digs far enough apart. Then clearing out the 
    right is as easy as discussed below.
    Going to the right first is less risky. There's only one enemy there, and 
    trapping/digging will kick him over to the left. That actually makes things 
    more straightforward. After getting the last gold you can dig down, drop, dig, 
    etc. and go left and 1U to lump the bad guys together. Then 1D, right, and 
    circle around the bad guys when they get near.
    Note this assumes that they drop any gold they collected, so you may need to 
    climb back down, clear them out and go back up the right.
      5-Z. Level 36:
            h       h
         $  h $   $ h      -$   
    H       H   ~   H          H
     H     H   ~ ~   H        H 
     ~~~~~~ H ~   ~ H ~~~~~~~~ H
        -  H ~     ~ H        H 
    XXXXXX  H ~   ~ H     -$ $ H
    XX XXX H   ~ ~   H   ~XXX***
     $   $  H   ~   H    ~XXX***
    XXXXXX H   ~ ~   H   ~XXX***
    XXXX X  H~~   ~~H    ~XX$$**
      $ $  H  + $    H $  ******
    The key to making this level less difficult is to use the crossing ropes to 
    keep your enemies off the ground. Before going up the ladders run left, dig 
    1L of the ladder(from the left) and right--wait for the guy to fall in--to 
    get the DL gold. Then up the stairs, pick up the gold at the top, and wait 
    for the guy to follow. Drop down the UL ladder and go 1R. When he falls, dig 
    right and then wait at the bottom of the stairs for everyone to follow you 
    Zigzag up and when everyone's on the stairs, take the rope to the right. Fall 
    all the way down and zigzag up the right stairs. Everyone will be stuck at 
    the top. Fall right and climb up the far right stairs for a gold, dig and 
    drop. Here's how to get the entombed gold.
    If you're lucky your enemies won't have any gold, but if not, just run left, 
    dig and climb up two sets of stairs and back down to make the monsters flip 
    flop. You should be able to grab loose gold although if it is on the left 
    stair you may have to dig and trap several times before there is a clear path 
    up. Use the crossing ropes to get an easy path up the right if necessary.
      5-Z. Level 37:
    h $           $     $   $  H
        XHH HHX-**XXXX     -   H
        XXXXXXX *$XXX     H    H
                          H    H
         +         XHXXXXXH****H
      H        H    H **     XXH
      HXX$X    H  XXX **XXXXXX H
      HXXXX   -H   $  **       H
    With a good start this level falls by the wayside pretty simply. Run right, 
    dig right four times, and only then dig left when above the gold chest in the 
    pit. Dig-r, L, dig-r to get the chest. Now your enemies should have been 
    slowed down by those pits, if not annihilated. Use the break to go up, right, 
    and dig right at the edge. Get the gold below there and go back up the stair-
    -2nd rung pushes everyone away--and dig right again.
    The next bit you can finish mostly unaccosted. Dig above the cement for two 
    gold pieces. Drop in the UL onto the blocks with gold on them. Go all the way 
    left to drop onto the gold. Don't fall off the rope to the left--that's death, 
    as the enemy crowds around there. But sweep back right.
    The suspended gold falls as follows:
    * 6XX
    Fall through for it, dig as you did before, and go up the UR.
      5-Z. Level 38:
     ~     ~~    h    ~~      ~ 
    H XXXXX     -h   $  XXXXXX H
    H XXX$X  XH*****HX  XX$XXX H
    H         ~~~~~~~          H
    H -   H      *      H    - H
    H*****H    $***$    H******H
    H     H    *****    H      H
    HXXXXXH   *******   HXXXXXXH
    H     H $*********$ H      H
    H*****H *********** H******H
    $     H*************H  +   $
    Go L-U-R on the cement. Wait for the enemy to get very close and tumble down 
    the ladder. He will follow. Circle to the UL and dig 3-2-1 from the right to 
    get the gold in the rectangle.
    Fake the enemy out again to get to the right and this time fall left off the 
    rope onto the center bit of ladders. Fall to the rope beneath onto the gold 
    near the tip of the pyramid and run back and fall on the ladders again. This 
    time move past the pyramid apex and above the gold on the left. Drop down 
    when an enemy approaches and then climb onto the brick platform. Start 
    digging like crazy to exterminate the enemy, which will make it safe to go to 
    the DL for the tricky gold there. Then dig in the rectangle in the UL(3-2-1 
    again) for the last gold. Stairs up in the center.
      5-Z. Level 39:
    h                          h
    h~~    ~   -    -   ~    ~~h
    HXX    XH$   HX   $HX    XXH
    H   XH    XH - $HX    HX   H
    HXX    XH    HX    HX    XXH
    H    $  + HH $  HH    $    H
    An almost embarrassingly easy level where you just have to run right for a 
    gold, run left, and dig a hole for the bad guy coming down. R-U-R-U-R for one 
    gold chest, then L-U-L-U for another. Retreat then R-U-R-U-R for two more. 
    Now while on the ladder, dig R-D-dig R-D-dig R and fall through. Two more 
    digs to the right and you can fall to near another gold piece. You can just 
    wait near the bottom of the stairs to dig the enemy coming down, run past and 
    climb up the UR.
      5-Z. Level 40:
        $    HX    $   *H X $  X
    H   - $   *    $   *H XXXXXX
     $       H*      $ *H   -   
    H  $      *    $           H
            $H*      $  X  $X  H
    H   -         +       HX $ H
    Run left, dig left and get past the enemy to climb the stairs. You might be 
    better off having him follow you, so maybe wait to climb. You'll only have to 
    dig one hole to get to the top that way. At the top, dig R from the 1-ladder 
    and run right. Dig over each gold piece to avoid the disaster of false 
    bricks--there are a few you can't help, but if you run to over the gold piece 
    you won't have to re-run through the winding bit.
    Fall right and dig at the top of the ladder and its top rung after getting 
    the gold. Dig to get by the guy on the right and climb up the stairs. Drop 
    into the 4-pit and 3-2-1(from the left) out. You can then go 1L, dig left, 
    and make it out while still trapping your enemy.
    Dig the obstructing enemies out of the way before you climb to the top row of 
    the winding UL path again. Eventually they'll reform on the left and it's 
    easy sailing to the top.
      5-Z. Level 41:
    h   ~~$~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~ ~~~~~
    h +H $X$        H~ X ~H  $$$
    h$H $X X$      H~ XXX ~H  $$
    XX $X   X$    H~ X   X ~H  $
       V  X  X   H~ XX   XX ~H  
    HXX  XXX  ***    X$$$X   ~XH
    H   X   X   $   HHXXX      H
    H  ~ XXX   $H  HXXHX       H
    H   ~ X   $H   H$$H   XXXX H
    H    ~   $H   H****H  XXXX H
    H     ~~~H    H    H  XXXX H
    H          -  H$ -$H  $XXX H
    XXXXXXXX******XXXXXH       H
    Get the gold to the left and get back on the 2-rope and fall down. Falling 
    left exposes a false brick--fall left and then go UR up the ladders. Fall 
    right off them for a huge jump to run past the enemy to the right. Juke him 
    for th egold on the cement. Stay near the top of the ladder so the far-left 
    guys don't come after you and then drop for the UR gold. Drop on the near-
    square structure and do a 3-2-1 dig from the left to get the gold below.
    Back up the stairs, drop to the rope on the right of the diamond with the 3 
    gold inside. Dig to get in. Dig right and fall right to get out and go up and 
    UL. Drop on the top gold when you see it and loop back R-UR-L.
    Now you may have to fall through the false brick and dig the two enemies to 
    get a final gold piece. That sort of stinks, especially since you need to 
    sucker them back around, but dig a couple of holes to trap them, walk over 
    the ladder and climb up a rung. This lumps everyone together. Move to near 
    the top and they'll come running. Jump left to avoid them--woohoo--and circle 
    around again. THe ladder's in the UL.
      5-Z. Level 42:
      $    -h $ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
    XXXXHXXXXXXH      $   $    H
        H      H *XXXX******XXXH
        H***** H *      $  $-  H
    X$$*H  $ * H *   ********* H
    X$$***XXX* H *   *  $ $  * H
    XXX***XXX* H * $ * HXXXXH* H
      $  $     H **V** H    H* H
    XXXXXXXXX  H *     H  - H* H
      $ $   *  H *XXXXXXXX**** H
    XXXXXXH ****XXXX*    $  $  H
    XXXX$XH     +     HXXXXXXXXX
    In this level you can trap all the enemies and waltz through. But you need to 
    get a quick start. Go left and up, get the gold, and dig the squares just 
    left of the ladder to get the embedded gold. Fall left to get it and come 
    back right and you should see an enemy shortly after climbing the stairs. Dig 
    a hole for him and climb up the ladder to the right. Run left and another 
    enemy should come from the left and fall. Dig a hiole for him and fall left. 
    Climb up the ladder and clear the UL. Dig to drop on the suspended gold. 
    Circle around and dig again to clear that area out.
    The second time, stay at the second rung of the ladder. Your enemies will 
    come by to the left and fall in the pit where the gold was. You've got a free 
    hand now. Dig over the chest in the left of the box structure on the 
    right(false brick.) You might not even need to dig a hole to outwit the enemy 
    in there--wait and dig right and pick up the gold at worst, but don't kill 
    your enemy off. He's totally useless where he is, so let him chase you and 
    dig where you can drop. Climb back to the UR and dig left so you fall on the 
    cement with the two gold pieces remaining.
    The walk to the stairs up is tedious, but oh well, the level wasn't too bad.
      5-Z. Level 43:
      h      $    $ -   $       
      H H H XXX $  -$ XXH H H H 
      H H H H H HXXXH H H H H H 
    $ H H H H H-H***H H H H H H$
    XXH H H H*H*H***H*H*H H H HX
    XXH H*H*H*H*H***H*H*H*H*H HX
    XXH*H H H H H  +H H H H H*HX
    1R, dig left, get the gold and go right. Watch everyone else run to the left. 
    Climb up and left for a gold chest then fall left twice for another. Go back 
    to the right and get the gold on the cement and the one at the far right. 
    RURURU to the top. Get a gold chest and you should have enough of a jump to 
    get all the way to the left and dig, dig right when the enemy comes running, 
    go to the left and dig left after he gets out. So he is still stuck and your 
    job is easier.
    Head to the bottom as you did at the start. A slick up and under move should 
    get you to the promised land. Climb up, fall left, and take the next ladder 
    up. Wait to dig the brick to the left until someone appears. Jiggle up and 
    down the ladder to make the monsters go back and forth so that one falls in 
    and get stuck. It's easy to dig and go over the other one to the far left now. 
    You can do the same for #2 and when you can't see where the other one is, 
    he's on the right.
    The enemies may bring the final gold chest on the top down, but you can 
    probably run up to get it anyhow. Stairs up are on the right, 2 in from the 
      5-Z. Level 44:
     h                       h
    Xh  H HHH    H   HH   H -hX 
    X   H HHH$HH H$HH H $ H   X 
    X - H HHH HH H HH H HHH - X 
    XXXXH $ H    H   HH   HXXXX 
    H   H H H HH H HH H   H   H 
    H$H H H H  H H  H H HHH H H 
    H  HH H$H H$ H$H $H$  H$ HH 
    H H H H H HH H HH H HHH H H 
    H H H$ +H HH H HH H   H H H 
    Ooh, look. It says "Lode Runner." The key here is to get enemies to fall on 
    top of you so you can run past them to the top. As for getting to the bottom, 
    it's safest to stand in the middle of the O and drop down. If you need to 
    sucker an enemy into a hole, go to one of the 3-wides and dig left and right, 
    so you can catch a possible gold carrier one way and escape the other. There 
    shouldn't be much of this, though. You have to fall onto most of your gold.
    This is a subjective level but it stands to reason that, if you stand in the 
    middle of a long ladder where enemies can't run at you, you're safe and can 
    plan your next move. It's also most expedient to work from left to right. 
    Just concentrate on one gold at a time. You want most of your movement to be 
    vertical, to freeze the enemies, and if you really need to send them to one 
    side of the board, you can outrun them up/down a ladder(preferably up so they 
    don't pick up gold during an unplanned fall.) To start, just get the gold to 
    the left, run all the way left and fall off the ladder. 
    If you want to use a bizarre hiding place then the 2nd-top rung between the O 
    and D is a great place to hide. The enemies will crowd on the ladder left of 
    you. If you've cleared out the L-O and the R-U-N then it's easy to pick up 
    the gold sequentially. Remember to climb to the very top, fall down, repeat 
    etc. and it's easy. This is a good strategy in any case.
      5-Z. Level 45:
    *~~H       H~~~~H           
    *  H       $ X$XH- H  $   XX
    $ XH -     H    *XH **XXXX*X
    X$ *       H   $H***      HX
    **XX    $$$H    H*~~~~  $ HH
    *          H    H*H $   XX*H
    XXXXXX     H  + H*H        H
    XH~~~~ H*XXX*XXX**H        H
    XH$   XH        HXH  *XXXX H
    XH*~~XXXH       H*H  X $ * H
    XH  XXX*XH   -  H H   X**X**
    Run left immediately but don't drop to the DL until you see an enemy coming. 
    Then dig at the DL and get the gold and run U/R/U. He won't follow you. Now 
    you can go up the center ladder for some gold and fall off the ropes for a 
    couple more. In the UL, drop off the rope, get the gold, dig R, get the gold, 
    dig R. There's a gold off to the right, too. Quick UR after you drop keeps 
    the enemy bottled in. Dig right to descend and then move left, dig right 
    continually. Once both guys are bagged try to ascend the ladder on the far 
    right. Fall off the rope, dig over the gold, fall in to get it, dig left and, 
    if an enemy is on the ladder near you, dig left again.
    Run back up the ladder and this time drop to the right and climb up to pick 
    up the gold there. UL of all this you can drop onto the final gold--your 
    enemies shouldn't have any unless they were on the right, where you dug holes 
    for them. Bizarrely any guy stuck on the left will also cower in the DL, 
    probably when you get the encased gold.
      5-Z. Level 46:
      $         h               
    XXXXXXXXHXXXXXXH  $ -     $ 
         $  H      HXXXXXXXXXXXX
    XHXXXXXXH   $  H            
     H   $  H******H      $     
            H -     $   H      H
     $      HXXXHXXXXXXX********
    XXXHXXXXX   H   $     $  -  
       H~~~~~~~H        H       
       H        +       H     $ 
    A quick inspection of the board shows that you'll probably need to get the DR 
    chest last and hope a ladder appears back to civilization. It should. The 
    quick way through this is to walk left and climb up to the top rung of the 
    ladder. Your enemies will bunch off to the right. Wait for this because it's 
    worth it. You can go U/L/R/D to get the gold chest UL of you and preserve the 
    status quo. Then climb down the ladder and hang out. They'll drop and now 
    they're chasing you.
    Climb up and right and up. Nip in to the left each time you see gold, then 
    dig over the ladder to the left and drop down and go back where you were. 
    Climb down and up and run over the cement this time. You can go to the UR to 
    get the one tough gold chest and waiting before digging right and going L-D-L 
    and digging is a good way to get most of the remaining chests.
    The enemies might still have one. You can wait for them somewhere below and 
    dig a row of holes. You should have time to run back to the right, but if not, 
    you know your safety square. Let them follow you as you head right across the 
    rope they could've reached before they fell. U-R-dig right.
    You can go further out of your way to get to the far right, and you probably 
    won't have to dig any holes for them, but if you move directly, you may have 
    to dig something for them before you drop down yourself.
      5-Z. Level 47:
      $ $   $          $       h
    XXXHXXXXXXX -     H* *H*XXXh
    XXXH $    XXXXH   H* *H*XXXh
    X XXX*XH $    H $ H* *H* $ h
    X  $  XX*XH   HXXX** *H*XXXh
    XXXXX -  XXX*XH    * *H*XXXh
    X $ X*HX     XX*XXH* *H*$$ h
    XXX   HXX**X  $  *H* *H*XXXh
    X X*XXH    XXX**X*H* *H*XXXh
    X   XXX*XXH  $   *H* *H* XXh
    X HXX   $XXX**XHX*H* *H*  Xh
    X HX   +       H $H*  H   $h
    A somewhat uncomfortable level where you need to just keep digging to get out 
    of the mess in the DL and concentrate on digging holes. Once you do, take the 
    ladder on the right and then go L-U-L-U to the top, clearing that out.
    In the UL corner do a 2-1 dig to drop down through a small chute and get the 
    gold there. Dig again to the left to get the next gold and dig once again to 
    fall into the DL. Go up the ladder, dig R, D, dig R.
    Go right and up the 2-ladder, L, U, 1L. Dig over the gold chest and drop in 
    on it. You still have one more chest to get. Go up the 2-ladder again, L-U-L-
    U and fall right for the final gold here. You'll need them all before heading 
    right. Dig your way to the bottom and go up the right side.
    Wait until the bad guys are at the top, fall right and go to the right edge. 
    Be sure to dig left twice so you can run back over them and up the ladder. A 
    couple 2-1 digs from the top right bit and you should see the ladder up 
      5-Z. Level 48:
     ~~~~~~~~~h       $      $  
    H         h $  XXXXXXXHXXXXX
    H         XXXXH       H     
    H      H  H****-H**********H
    H    $HX  H$    H*    $   *H
    H    HX   XXXXH H*H******H*H
    H  $HX       $H$H*H*  $  H*H
    H  HX     H**** H*H********H
    H HX      H $   H*H   $    H
    HHX       XXXXH H***********
    HH+         -   H     -     
    Climb up and U-R to get some gold chests, then go to the top rope and drop 
    right and climb down the ladders. Dig any enemies in the way to climb up the 
    long ladder to the right. Collect the gold on the top, and then you can keep 
    digging UR of the cement bit until the enemies are off to the left. There may 
    be an enemy inside the cement structure. Goad him out by getting on a level 
    with him and playing chicken--no matter how deep he gets in the spiral, you 
    can let him follow you near to the closest ladder a few times. Then dig him 
    out of the way when you get him outside. Go into the center and get out. You 
    should be able to climb to the top and over your enemies to the ladder that 
      5-Z. Level 49:
         -      h
         ~     ~h~      ~  $  $ 
    ~   ~ ~   ~ H ~    ~ HXXXXXX
     ~ ~   ~ ~  H  ~  ~  H  $ - 
      ~     ~   H   ~~   H*****H
     $   $  $   H   ~    H* $ *H
    **************H~  $ ~H*H*$*H
                   * XXX H*H~~~~
          +       $* $ - H      
    HXXXX  XXXXHXX       H      
    H  XX$$XXX HX     ~~$H XXXX 
    H $ $XX$ $ HXX  HX  XHXX$$XX
    The tough part is probably getting started and also keeping your enemy in the 
    DR. Dig right and head into the DR. Then dig left into the compartment and 
    run to the DL. Thet will get you a lot of gold. But you need to trap your 
    enemy and get out. To do this, dig right at the top of the left ladder when 
    he approaches. Dig behind you once, then 2-1 dig right of the right ladder.
    Now climb the 1-ladder and climb back down when the enemies are over the pit. 
    They will fall in. You have a free hand now--climb the big ladder, dig the UR, 
    get the gold on the cement, R-D onto the rope, L-U-R and fall and drop. Dig 
    1U1L, 1L and 2L of the entombed gold and now you can get the gold at the UL 
    rope area before coming back(fall left from the long ladder across a bunch of 
    ropes.) Walk across your enemies and dig left of them to get them out. Run 
    right and dig left again. Climb up to the brick platform and dig holes for 
    them when they come by. You're free to pick up the gold. Drop anyone who 
    regenerates and follows you into the same pit they were at.
      5-Z. Level 50:
        ~                   ~~~~
    H    H              -  H*$$$
    H    H                   HHV
    H     H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HH
    H     H  $     -   $      $H
    H~~~  XXXXXH**********XXVXXX
       -$      H         H~~~   
    XXXXXXXXXH H   $     H~   $ 
            XXXXXH***HXXXX X$XXX
    $    +       H   H     XXXXX
    Run left for the chest and back right. Wait for the enemy to descend and dig 
    to trap him. Then go all the way to the top. Fall left off the rope and go 
    left, right and up. Wait for your enemies to go right a bit and then drop 
    right. Run along the top to the upper right to get all the gold along there--
    watch the false brick and climb back up the ladders after falling through it. 
    You can dig the right side of the UR 3-pit with gold to escape, incidentally.
    For the DR, stand on the rope and dig right to release the enemy that's 
    probably in there, after you walk across him to get the gold on the right. If 
    he's not there, dig right and R-U-4R to fall and get the gold. Then you can 
    dig left and drop and dig left to make more space to dig at the bottom if the 
    enemies are chasing you. If there is/was a guy in that pit, dig to the left 
    to get rid of anyone coming at you, and you can drop down and dig left if all 
    three guys come at you quickly.
    You should have cleared out all the gold by now but you can have a dig-fest 
    in the bottom left and when the enemies regenerate you can walk up the UL 
    to...level 1. Weak last level, weak ending.
    End of FAQ proper
      6. VERSIONS
    1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs 12/01/2005. Enough to stand alone from Apple Lode 
    Runner. Pulled some Championship Lode Runner basic instructions too.
      7. CREDITS
    I N F E R N O on GameFAQs for letting me have the information from his 
    formative guide. It was hashed up and regurgitated in various sections. 
    Thanks for doing the tough work I dislike.
    The NES FAQ writers for keeping the NES Completion Project long enough that I 
    gave in and decided to write up this game.
    The people who gave me the pirated Lode Runner disks so long ago. (I think 
    the statute of limitations has expired by now?)
    The people who wrote the program that listed Lode Runner moves when you typed 
    The FCEU folks for their general work and, specifically, for the save states 
    which helped me plot out the levels when the NES binary had them compressed, 
    which originally confused me.
    CJayC for having GameFAQs.
    For all the people I've gotten to know since the Apple version of this guide 
    came out. There are too many to list off the top of my head. Here's a partial 
    list: bloomer, Retro, falsehead, Snow Dragon, Masters, Sashanan, Lisanne, 
    Brian Sulpher, ZoopSoul, AdamL and *who knows* who else.
    ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net which has the Apple(better) version of Lode Runner.
    Doug Smith for creating Lode Runner.

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