• 2nd Quest Passwords

    KADOStart on Cobalt Mines (stage 3)
    MIE(heart symbol)Start on Frozen Waste (stage 2)
    IRIEStart on Getting Close (stage 5)
    SAMEStart on The Tower (stage 4)

    Contributed By: Binta.

  • 3rd Quest Passwords

    HIGUCobalt Mines (3-1)
    SIMAFrozen Waste (2-1)
    IIZUGetting Close (5-1)
    OGAWThe Tower (4-1)

    Contributed By: Binta.

  • Ending Passwords

    KID (HEART ICON)1st Quest Ending
    SAY (HEART ICON)2nd Quest Ending
    YES (HEART ICON)3rd Quest Ending

    Contributed By: Miss_Clawful.

  • Fun Passwords

    NAKAAnti-Grav Transport
    LOBBBegin with 9 Lives
    YES (HEART ICON)Best Ending
    SHOTFull Weapons
    SONGSound Test

    Contributed By: Dallas.

  • Level Passwords

    KUNIChapter 4, Scene 2
    TERUSecond Quest
    MARUThird Quest

    Contributed By: Dallas and AdamL.

  • Mid Level Passwords (First Quest)

    MATTChapter 1-2
    HNRYChapter 1-3
    DANMChapter 2-2
    JIMGChapter 2-3
    MALZChapter 3-2
    HISAChapter 3-3
    ETSUChapter 3-4
    KAWAChapter 4-3
    ISHIChapter 5-2

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • PAL Passwords

    These are the Passwords are used in the European version.

    Chapter 5-21SH1
    Chapter 2-1A3100
    Chapter 1-1B386V
    Chapter 5-1A5VLB
    Chapter 3-1B80MB
    Chapter 2-2DGNM
    Chapter 3-1FLLF
    Chapter 1-3HNRD
    Chapter 3-3HQSK
    Chapter 3-1AHV10
    Chapter 1-1AJPN1
    Chapter 2-3JPS[Blank Space]
    Chapter 1-2LGM[Blank Space]
    Chapter 4-1ALV12
    Chapter 2-1M1CH
    Chapter 2-1BM9S2
    Chapter 5-1MP45
    Chapter 3-2MPLC
    Chapter 3-4NTSR
    Chapter 4-1BS0N8
    Chapter 4-1SCRD
    Chapter 5-1BSGJK
    Chapter 4-3T1RL
    Chapter 4-2TMNT

    Contributed By: TripleShotRhys.

  • Power-up Bonus Rooms Passwords

    INO (Heart Symbol)First Bonus Room
    SHIOSecond Bonus Room
    GATAThird Bonus Room

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Secret Power-up Rooms

    In level 2-1, deal with the robot only the first platform at the start of the level then move to the left edge of the same platform and jump left and you will collide with a hole in the sky which takes you to a room where you get tons of power ups!

    In level 4-1 (The Tower), go to the very bottom left corner of the screen. While there, jump up. You should be taken to a room where you get tons of power ups!

    Contributed By: Binta and TripleShotRhys.

  • Special Warps

    Get to the walker in Chapter 1, Scene 2, freeze it and kill the driver to get in. Then move a few steps to the left and use the Walker's special jump. You'll reach the top of the screen, at which time you will see a ledge. You'll find the door to the warp on this ledge. Get to the very top of the level in Chapter 3, Scene 3, with at least 1 AGM (The wing item without the skull which increases jump height) on you and land on the ground to your right and jump upwards on the second tile right and you'll pass through some blocks above you. Now go right to go to the Special Warp.

    Contributed By: Ryan Rider and TripleShotRhys.

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