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    FAQ by Raging_DemonTEN

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    Lunar Pool
    By Raging_DemonTEN
    Copyright 1985,1987 Pony Inc.
    FAQ Copyright 2000
       This FAQ is for individual use only. If you wish to use it for any 
    other reason, please e-mail me at eagle25_100@yahoo.com.
    Table Of Contents
    1.Version History
    3.Overview And Controls
    4.Point Values
    5.Play Mechanics 
    7.Game Genie Codes
    1.Version History
    Version 1.1 - Added Game Genie Codes
    Version 1 - Completed FAQ 
      Lunar Pool first came out on computers in 1985. It was a big hit, for 
    it showed a very accurate pool simulation for that time. When the NES 
    came out, Pony and Nintendo got together and ported it to the system. 
    Lunar Pool was never a big hit, but it should have been. It is a great 
    game, with a lot of replayibility from the friction levels. I found this 
    game to be a great pool simulator, and decided to write a FAQ about it.
    3.Overview And Controls
      The object of the game is to solve the stage by getting in all the 
    balls in a pocket within the number of shots that you have. There are 60 
    stages, with a varying amount of balls and different layouts for the 
    pool table. In the beginning, you can specify what stage you wish to 
    start and the friction level. The friction level determines the ball 
    physics and movement. Also, you can play against your friend or the 
    computer in a one on one game. The controls are as follows:
    Menu Screen
    Up-Down On D-Pad - Determines stage you wish to start at
    Left-Right On D-Pad - Determines friction level
    SELECT - Chooses one player,two player, or vs. computer game
    START - Starts game
    Game Screen
    Up-Down On D-Pad - Moves cursor farther away or closer on the line of 
    Left-Right On D-Pad - Moves cursor along the 360 path surrounding the 
    cue ball
    A Button - Shoots ball
    4.Point Values
      The point values for the games are as follows:
     A Ball In - The ball number multiplied by ten 
                 Ex.) If you got the 3 ball in, your score would be 30
     2 Balls In, Same Shot - The second ball in's point value is doubled
                 Ex.) If you got the 2 and 3 ball in, the 2 ball would be 20 
    points and the 3 ball would be 60 points
     2 Bals In, Two Consecutive Shots - The second ball in's point value is 
    added by ten
                 Ex.) If you got the 2 ball in after you got another ball in 
    , the score would be 30
    5.Play Mechanics
      When you start a game, you'll notice a few things on the top of the 
    screen:Score,Round,Rate, and Ball. You know what Score and Round are, 
    but I've yet to tell you about Rate and Balls. Basically, Balls is the 
    number of lives that you have. When you scratch or you go through three 
    shots, you lose a ball. You don't lose any shots if you get one or more 
    balls in, and you get an extra ball if you complete a level. Rate is 
    something im a little unsure of. I know it goes down to one if you miss 
    a shot or lose a ball, but otherwise, im unsure.
      You shoot the cue ball to hit other balls. The other balls go into the 
    holes, and you scor epoints and get to go again. It sounds simple but 
    there are a lot of elements in play. First off, there is a Power Meter 
    near the top of the screen. The farther the meter is along the line, the 
    more power in your shot. Also, it is extremely easy to scratch, 
    especially on the lower friction levels. Be wary of where the cue ball 
    when go when you make the shot. Finally, you only have three shots to 
    get all the balls in. This is a tough game, so good luck to you.
    - Friction is the main factor in a game. THe lower the friction, the 
    faster the balls go, making your score higher, but you scratch easier. 
    The higher the friction, the less scratches, but it is harder to get the 
    balls in. You have to make a tradeoff.
    - When you play two player, be aware of cue ball placement. If you can't 
    get a ball in from your position, hit it somewhere where your opponent 
    can't get a ball in either.
    - Playing the computer is extremely tough. It gets challenging quickly, 
    so I don't reccomend that option to beginning players
    7.Game Genie Codes
    Start with 9 balls - PESVUPLE
    Start with 25 balls - POSVUPLE
    Start with 50 balls - ZUSVUPLA
    Start with 99 balls - LVSVUPLA
    Start with 9 shots - PAVVKLLE
    Start with 25 shots - PPVVKLLE
    Start with 50 shots - ZLVVKLLA
    Start with 99 shots - LTVVKLLA
    Tony Hedstrom, who gave me the Game Genie codes
        Thanks for reading my FAQ. This is my fifth FAQ, and I hope to write 
    many more. Thanks to Vimm's Lair(www.wimm.com) for the ROM, and thanks 
    to GameFAQs for posting my FAQs. If you have any suggestions, comments, 
    or questions, please e-mail me at eagle25_100@yahoo.com.

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