Review by Rick L

"The wrong letters were used for this title..."

S.T.U.P.I.D. would be a lot more fitting title to this early NES game, because it has no actual M.U.S.C.L.E. to even speak of. It's just a totally bad game. End of story.

Graphics: -4000/10

OK, come on! This isn't atari here! This is the NES! Learn to use less stupid looking people! A lot of the graphics are too plain and bright looking. It'd be perfect if you were trying to burn someone's eyes out, but since that isn't the required usage of this game, you can't really do it (Unless you're evil or something). The characters especially are really stupid looking. ONe guy looks like he has four arms and two faces. I didn't know they allowed mutants in wrestling. And when they grab a ball, or you get to the electric arena, the flashing colors will make you insane in nanoseconds.

Sound: 3/10

There's not a lot of sound to begin with. There's the really stupid opening theme for music, and that's really about it. There's, like, a few sound effects, and a lot of them (Except for the crowd) get annoying after a while. Like I said, not a lot to talk about.

Gameplay: 3/10

A lot better than some others, though it still sucks. Your main moves are a punch, two leaping attacks, and a german suplex. You'll chase after your opponent and try to get in these moves, but you'll usually end up missing. You can't say the same about the computer though, as it just likes to come up and pound you. Getting a super ball allows your character to perform a super move...if you can pull some of them off. There's three different arenas in this game, but you can't pick what you wrestle in. They go in a certain order. The normal ring is first, and probably the only one you'll spend time in. There's the ice ring, which makes your characters slip and slide, to make it even MORE difficult and annoying to attack your character. Then there's the electric ring with ropes that shock you if you touch them. By the time you get here, you'll be so annoyed that you want to sizzle the character you're playing as just so you can laugh maniacally. The double-edged sword here are the teams. You can tag your teammate for fresh energy, but so can your opponent, who always does so at one ball of energy left. After all this, you'll probably throw the cartridge out on the interstate.

Replay Value: -423542/10

Only if you're completely insane, you'll play this again. 'Nuff said.

Overall: 3/10

This is one of the worst NES wrestling games, but trust me, there are worse out there. I still advise you to steer clear of this one, even if it is much better than Tag Team Wrestling.

Rick L tells you to avoid this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/18/02, Updated 08/18/02

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