Review by GodofWii

Reviewed: 12/25/07

"You are Mach 4 Rider"

First off, I would be herd-pressed to find any game modern or retro that gives you a greater sense of speed than what can be felt from Mach Rider. I'll rate the 5 aspects of this game on a 1 to 100 scale. Here we go.

Difficulty - 95/100

No matter your experience with a controller, you can play this game. You can make this game extremely easy to help yourself get broken in or you can make it one step beyond infinitely hard. There are three modes to play so it will rarely leave with "nothing to do next" there is a solo mode, an endurance mode and a fighting mode, they each offer a substantially different challenge so you'll probably start in solo mode and work your way up to fighting mode. I have only one nanoscopic flaw to point out: ICY ROADS, they should've been left out.

Music and sounds - 100/100

I'll start with the sounds, the sound effects in this game give it a feeling of futuristic action and stealth, even the bleep of the tech machine gun is very engrossing and realistic for the game's time era. Now, the music... oh boy, the MUSIC, it is awesome, the soundtrack has one tune, and that is all it needs, if you have Super Smash Bros. Melee you have probably heard it and you know it is very very catchy.

Graphics - 85/100

Well, it's definitely got good graphics for an NES game, but I have two fair complaints. The camera that follows you could've been improved for turning. Also, it seems that the quadrunners you are trying to destroy are on like, gear 3.5; you have only gears, 1, 2, 3, and 4. This becomes a problem when you try to stay behind them in order to shoot but you can't reach, so you speed up and you end up passing 'em. This is annoying, but other than that it's pretty well done for an 8-bit game.

Gameplay - 100/100

This game has the fastest bike you will ever drive in a game, and the amazing part is that you still have just enough time to destroy oil barrels, mines and to make turns, it really tests your focus in a fun way, you also are able to design your own course, which can be one of the best parts if you ever feel creative. If you ever have a slow day, this game will speed up your mind. And if you don't like speed, there are four different gears to use, the fourth gear is the fastest and explains why the game has the word Mach in the title.

Replay Value - 90/100

The design course already gives this game almost unlimited replay value but even it can eventually get old, but this kind of reaction will only last for a while, because eventually, as you get better, you'll think of new ways to make a stage harder, it is a very intuitive design system. Other than that, the score and battle system make an ever-lasting potential for improvement.

A sequel to this game is extremely overdue and will hopefully happen sometime in the future (please, Please, PLEASE, Nintendo!!) If you have a Wii or an NES then this game is a must-have, buy it

With a total average of 94/100 this game gets a 9/10 don't rent..... BUY.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mach Rider (US, 10/18/85)

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