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"Will I ever get this review right?"

When I first reviewed Mach Rider , I gave it 7 for some reason...I think I meant to give it a 5, so...I edited my review. Then, once the new review was posted, I noticed some errors in I had to edit it again (I'm very picky with these kind of things)! I am pretty sure this will be the last update of this review for a while (sorry CJayC)....

My friend and I (Natephish) are on a mission to make this game more popular. He recently wrote an FAQ for this game and now I'm writing a review for it.

You might be wondering ''Mach Rider - what's that?''. Don't feel bad, until last week, I had no idea what it was either. Mach Rider is an enjoyable action/racing game which was never very popular among Nintendo fans. According to Natephish's FAQ, Mach Rider was released on November 21, 1985.

So what exactly do you do in Mach Rider? Well, the question isn't what do you do - the question is, what don't you do (sarcasm). Actually, there are three ways of play: Fighting Course, Endurance Course, and Solo Course. In the Fighting Course, you basically try to get to the end of the track while killing ''baddies'' along the way. There are ten stages (I think) in Fighting Course. In the Endurance Course, you have to cover a certain amount of distance within a time limit. Solo Course is the same as Endurance Course, except there are no enemies. You can also design your own courses!

The graphics in Mach Rider resemble other such 3-D racing games of that era such as Slalom or Rad Racer. It is, however, sometimes hard to see where you are going, due to the fast speed of the game.

The music is certainly not the greatest, but it is not annoying and is actually quite catchy! The sound effects, in my opinion, are excellent for it's time. Every sound comes in nice and clear.

The play control in Mach Rider takes some time to get used to. This is a very fast paced game, so you'll have to have good eye-to-hand reflexes. The controls are simple: A accelerates, B shoots, Left and Right steer, and Up and Down switch gears. Once you get used to the play control, Mach Rider becomes a very fun game.

The game has a few flaws: for one, the speed of the game can get extremely distracting, especially when you've been playing it for a while. Also, the level editor, while not hard to use, can sometimes be a pain.

The replay value is surprisingly high! With the ability to design your own tracks and the fast-paced action, Mach Rider is quite addictive.

I gave Mach Rider a 5 because although it is not the best racing/action game I've played, it is certainly an enjoyable. I just wish more people knew about it. I recommend getting a copy if you see it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/07/01, Updated 03/07/01

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