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"A great, but overlooked NES game."

Well, Mach Rider. I was first introduced to this game by SSB:M. It had a stage with music from Mach Rider, so I figured I'd check it out. I saw it in a local Funcoland, and I just had to see what it was like. I was happy I did.

Actually, there isn't much to Mach Rider story wise, except for a few lines like ''You are Mach Rider'' here and there. But, it doesn't really need much of a story, seeing as how it's not one of those kind of games. This is one of those, just pick it up and play it games. 6/10

Mach Rider's gameplay is very nice, with several modes of play, such as Endurance Mode. In the standard mode, bikes come up from behind and try to run into you. One major problem: the game is very hard! It is extremely hard to dodge those bikes coming up from behind you (the rear view mirror helps). But once you get used to it, playing is fun and effortless (but not too easy). There is even a mode where you can make your own track!! 7/10

Hey, this is an NES game. But, I was very surprised by the graphics, which I thought were terrific considering it is an NES game. The bike looks nice, and so do the enemy bikes. There are some other objects like barrels and oil spills that look nice too. Overall, I can't ask for anything else graphic wise in Mach Rider. 9/10

I love the sounds and music in Mach Rider. After all, that is what introduced me to this great game. The music is catchy, and the sounds are standard for an NES game. Note that this can be a bad thing, depending on what you think about the NES sounds. Overall, I adore the sounds. 9/10

Rent or Buy?
Well, I would suggest you buy this game, especially since you might not find a place to rent it. But you can probably find it cheap, and it's definitely worth the buy if it's under or around $10. If you must test it out before you buy it, try to find a friend that has it or something. You never know until you ask around.

Mach Rider is one of those games that was never really a huge hit, but a game that some people really got a change to enjoy. What a shame. Bring out your dusty NES and give Mach Rider a play.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/21/02, Updated 07/21/02

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