Review by J J N

Reviewed: 01/20/04

Yer yer ... this game made me depressed.

Racing games. Yeah, they’re plenty of them in the NES console and I wasn’t surprised when I played this game that it was something so mediocre that made me say, eh. This game is a motor bike racing game in which you race up north and there are bad guys in the game so you’re equipped with these guns. You’re allowed to shoot those projectiles at them and make them explode. And you continue to race. Because you’re a Mach rider, of course.


When you load the game you’ll see some text on the screen. And the text says: “the earth is being invaded by evil force. You’re a Mach Rider. Get rid of them.” Blast! You’re ready to hop into your motorbike and shoot all of them up! Because you’re a Mach Rider!

Game Play

Basically in the game you’re in a motor bike and all you’re doing is riding UPWARDS. Not left or right, up or down, but just up wards in this game. The guy occupying the motorbike looks like some biker you see in TV. You know they are clad with a white suit from head to toe and they have a helmet. The enemies in the game are in a car and they zoom pass you. Well, you don’t let that go unnoticed so you blast them away from your gun which is basically green balls with some unimpressive sound effect to go with it. That is basically what the game play sums up to be. I mean, its nothing special and it won’t even grip your attention for more then 10 minutes, top.


The sound and music for this game is ok. I mean, there isn’t really much to say in the sound department except for the fact the music provides some coherent noises for your ear. That is basically there is all to the game. Nothing special or anything. Sometimes you can hear the crash of the motor bike or the explosion of the enemies’ car but nothing more. And then there is the cheap sound effects when you’re firing the gun.


Racing you’re motorbike around the high way. Doing nothing more then blasting off cars without affirmative if you’re the good guys or bad. And you most in one direction - up - while moving from side to side if you want to blast the enemies. Same old game play and nothing more. I feel that the game developers didn’t put too much effort into this game and that it isn’t worth your money buying this game. Oh wait, its 2004. So, please, don’t waste your time playing this game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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