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"I want YOU to be the Mach Rider! *points finger*"

Ah, Mach Rider. Such a nostalgic game. It reminds of the old Mad Max movies in a way. You drive a motorcycle and blow stuff up. How much better could it be? Well, even though I love this game and have climbed the highest mountains to get it, there were some flaws which were a little difficult for me to overlook.
Gameplay: 8/10
Very hard. Think of the game Spy Hunter in 3-D. Yeah, it's that hard. You drive a motorcycle and you armed with a laser gun. COOL! Lets mindlessly blow stuff up! Well, I was surprised to found that even in 3-D, it is fairly easy to lock onto a target. Your targets include floating balls, gas tanks, and enemy cars. But in many spots it can get annoying. Since cars come zooming at you from the back (and to make it worse your in the NES version of Mode 7) and the roads tend to twist alot, you will find yourself dying a lot. I'll cover this more in the difficulty section.
Now, there is also a DESIGN mode, but like Excitebike and Wrecking Crew, it doesn't seem to work...
Story: 6/10
I'll give the story credit. In the future, when the world is coming to an end (ala Mad Max), aliens have invaded the Earth. Using wacky looking cars, these aliens are out to destroy us. But YOU ARE MACH RIDER!! and nothing can stop you! Well, maybe the insane challenge can...
Difficulty: If you want something hard: 8/10 If you want an easy relaxed game like Excitebike: 3/10
You may say ''it's just Mode 7 Spy Hunter''. If you do, you'll be in for a surprise. Enemies come flying in back of you without warning and will crash into you if your not quick. One hit, your dead. Two things to compensate for this flaw were the fact that you got a rear view mirror and that you have plenty of lives (about 6). Each course is very hard, but you'll get used to it.
Music: 7/10
At first, the music made me feel a bit funny. But in time, I started to like it. Some of it is even catchy!
Graphics: 9/10
Great for an early NES game! Your biker's sprite is big and pretty clear with slight pixelation as for the background and enemies. They are also very colorful and detailed. You can tell if a gas tank is a gas tank and even if a rock is really a rock (*cough* The Legend of Zelda *cough*). It is also very cool when your bike explodes and comes back together.
Sound: 8/10
Sounds are pretty good. Your laser gun sounds pretty good and explosions are average. Your bike may sound screechy sometimes as well as if you hit a rock, but that isn't too bad.
Buy it or what?
I never really hate a game, I always look at every aspect. Just because I don't love it doesn't mean I'm gonna give it a 1/10. Somebody else might have tastes for it. Still, Mach Rider is one of my favorites. I don't give it an 8 because of impartial judging, I give it an 8 because I love it! Buy it you say? If you can find it for cheap, grab it. There are plenty with the Buy it Now option on ebay, so that might be a place to start. Otherwise, don't go too far out of your way. It's not one that everybody will love.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/27/04

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