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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vercingetorix

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/16/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ^*+_|                                                                               |^*+_
    ^*+_|                     Magician(NES)(US) FAQ - Walkthrough v1.10                 |^*+_
    ^*+_|                 made by ^Vercingetorix^ [vercingetorix@chatpr.com]            |^*+_
    ^*+_|                        (feel free to contribute anything)                     |^*+_
    ^*+_|                                                                               |^*+_
                                                                                    (c) 2000
    mIRC (dalNET): Vincitori
    ICQ: 6932815
    Well, here goes another FAQ for those pain-in-the-neck RPG's for Nintendo.  It seems that
    the older the system, the more difficult the RPG's become.   I haven't finished Magician,
    but I hope that by writing this FAQ I can help people who are stuck early on.  Who knows;
    maybe I could just actually finish the game.  Anyways, It's worth a shot.  I'm also going
    to include the names of the spells you get in the game (no sense in wasting money on them
    when you can make them yourself).   The only TRUE problem about the game is the fact that
    you can die of hunger; AND VERY QUICKLY for that matter.
    Enough talk, I hope this information is useful... Enjoy.
    Left and Rigth Keys - Move horizontally (2D)
    Up Key - Interact with people; open doors
    Down Key - Search the floor, etc.
    Start Key - Pauses the game (Resume by pressing any key - CAREFUL with this option)
    Select Key - Opens the Menu
    A Key - Use Selected Item in inventory
    B Key - Use Selected Weapon, etc in inventory
    List of Spells:
    Boomeraxe   -  PH NA HU
    Dispell     -  PO HU NA ST
    Featherlite -  MI ST RA OL
    Fireball    -  FI ST MI RA
    Fleet Foot  -  MI MI FI NA ST
    Fly         -  MI RA NA RA ST
    Light       -  MI OL ST
    Repellent   -  PO OL MI ST NA
    Reveal      -  MI NA RA
    Translate   -  MI RA HU OL
    Ven Shield  -  VE RA NA MI ST
    Wakey Wakey -  MI NA ST OL
                  P A R T   I  --  T H E   T O W N   O F   S E R E N N A
    On the Title Screen, Press Start to begin a new adventure; press Select to resume one.
    You (Paul the Magician) start out in the town of Serenna in the Land of Merlwood.    Walk
    past the first door an into "Ye Olde Guild".   In here, you can talk to the Tavern Owner,
    drink Goat Milk(I DO NOT recommend drinking too much of it...you'll see; try it but don't
    say I didn't warn you... he he he... well back to the FAQ..), or listen to some gossip.
    Listen to the Gossip:
     (1) "...pigs are down with the fever again..."
     (2) "...lives near the wise man, is holding a rummage sale..."
    If you drink two (2) cups of Goat's Milk and talk to the Tavern Owner:
         "The Keeper, pleased that you appreciated the milk, tell you of a rumor about a
          magical house without windows or doors somewhere in the wilderness."
    Leave the Tavern and continue talking to the people if you wish (for story depth i guess)
    but DO talk to the WARRIOR (the one that looks like a Native-American); he decides to get
    out of this "Macho Warroir Business" and gives you 500 Gold.
    Keep walking and visit "Ye Olde Shop" to purchase food and water (if you accidentally had
    drank some water, heh). Keep in mind the location of "Ye Olde Mail", you will need it for
    a very nice side-quest.  Count three (3) doors from "Ye Olde Mail" to reach a secret shop
    where you an buy Keys (get as MANY as you can), Sunglasses, and a Walking Stick.  I don't
    recommend buying any spells, since you can invent them at your convenience.
    Enter the door after the gate and visit the wise man.  Accept the letter, and get some of
    his magic water.  Go back to "Ye Olde Mail" and send the letter to his twin brother. Keep
    heading east.
    Enter "Ye Olde Guild" to listen to more gossip, etc.
    Listen to the Gossip:
     (1) "They say Abadon eats people."
     (2) "The wizard was turned into a statue."
    Drink some Goat's Milk and talk to the Guild Keeper.  She says:
         "Be wary of everyone, especially travelling mages.  They've all been corrupted."
    This would be a good time to learn the Fireball spell - "FI-ST-MI-RA" - since you will be
    attacked by a Warrior.   Learn Fireball by Pressing the start button, which will open the
    game menu.  Click on the select button until you reach the spell generation section, just
    under the items menu (where you SAVE THE GAME *hint* *hint*). Click on the runes to spell
    out the components for Fireball and then select the little "computer" at the end.  Now it
    should be possible to cast Fireball with the A Button.  Smash that Warrior up and recover
    100 Gold.
                                             -  -  -
    It is important to remember that you do NOT go on a killing spree, i.e, accidentally cast
    a Fireball on another person in the town.  They will immediately attack you, and you just
    might have to kill them (you can always run away, but you will suffer damage). By killing
    two to three people, automatically EVERYONE will attack you on sight,  and shops will not
    sell anything.  So it's pretty much a guaranteed Death Sentence.
                                             -  -  -
    Leave the town into the wilderness.....
                    P A R T   II  --  T H E   B A R R E N   W I L D E R N E S S
    I hope you bought all the food you could in "Ye Olde Shop", since you're going to need it
    now.  It is SO EASY to die of hunger or thrist in the game.
    When you arrive you see a mage walking in front of you.  Talk to him and he will say:
         "MIOLST can make light of some situations."
    Which simply means that "MI-OL-ST" is another spell - Light in this case.  So go make it!
    It's quite useful later on.
    Continue walking and you will find a tree just like the one at the beginning, excpet this
    tree has a clearly visible hole. Examine it by pressing the down button to get an egg and
    a scroll, and experience.  This should be enough to raise your level to "Talented".   The
    scroll is "MI-NA-RA" (Reveal) and the egg is a green Dragon's Egg.   Do NOT break it open
    to eat it, please!
    Keep walking and talk to a wizard (he looks the same as a mage, but he has a pointed white
    hat and a beard).  He says:
         "MINASTOL could wake the dead."
    This is another spell, which you will need for a later quest.   Add it to your repertoire.
    Continue forward - be sure to eat something - and you will see a glittering area ahead. Go
    up to the glitter and cast the "Reveal" spell.   It will reveal the statue of a wizard - a
    bit like the rumors in Serenna.
         "A statue of a wizard appears!  The eyes seem to be pleading to you.."
    Now cast "Wakey Wakey" on him to remove the curse.  The wizard thanks you:
         "My name is Belseth. Take this vial and scrol as a token of my thanks for releasing
          me from Abadon's spell."
    He gives you (1) the spell Translate and a Vial of Earth. Continue walking, but watch out
    for the two Warriors ahead who attack you.  Defeat them and one of the bodies has a piece
    of ham (free food, hey, I'm not the one to complain).
    When the text below says that you feel a strong magic, use "Reveal" to find a hidden door
    to a nice item shop.
    Continue walking and you will meet yet ANOTHER Warrior with a change of heart - who gives
    you all his gold - 500 Gold to be exact.
    Wax the dumb mage who attacks you with Fireball, and goto the well.   Examine it, and you
    will fall in.  Inside there is a locked chest.  Use a key to unlock it and take the stuff
    inside.   There is a mana potion, a crust of bread, 500 Gold, a scroll of fly, a flask of
    water, and a scroll of Featherlite.  Use the fly spell to get out of the well.
    Now you reach a deadly marsh with explosive gas.  Use the fly spell to cross - you should
    easily have 800 maximum mana, so casting the spell should not be too costly.  Featherlite
    is another alternative, but you will be exposed to the flames and take damage.
    Just in case, land just on the border of the gas marsh, since there is a beast waiting up
    ahead.  Use the mana potion if you do find yourself low on mana.  Then proceed to beat up
    the green plant-like monster.   I HIGHLY recommend you cast "Ven Shield" since that stops
    his missile attacks, then either cast "Fireball" or "Boomeaxe" on it for the kill. I find
    it easier to cast "Ven Shield" to get your resistance to 20% then just cast "Fireball" at
    it, since it has resistance to both "Fireball" and "Boomaxe", and "Fireball" has a bigger
    attack power.  Waste the thing and collect the chest by using Featherlite. GET THE CHEST!
    Inside there is a Rune Stone and a mana potion.  If you bought the walking stick earlier,
    you will discover that you can combine the walking stick and the rune stone to create the
    Now careful with Featherlite, since it has a very short duration.    The very INSTANT you
    close the chest, cast the "FLY" spell or you will sink into the marsh and game over. This
    takes alot of GOOD timing. Fly off to the right before the spell expires, and you will be
    taken to another area.
                               P A R T   III  --  T H E   L A K E S
    The first thing you should do is talk to the man in the green shirt walking about.   Yes,
    he gives you a new spell to create:
         "Use POHUNAST to keep your spirits."
    "PO-HU-NA-ST" is the "Dispell" Spell, which will come quite in handy in a minute.
    v1.00                --  (Innitial Release)
    v1.01 (09-Jan-2001)  --  Almost out of the town with ALL of the stuff in it.
    v1.02 (15-Apr-2001)  --  Out of the town with all the stuff I could find - please tell me
                             of anything I have missed.  Starting the Wilderness.
    v1.10 (16-Apr-2001)  --  Completed the Wilderness Level and started the Lakes level.
    This FAQ can be freely distributed, however ONLY in its entirety and with due credit to
    its author. It has taken me ALOT of time and effort to do this. If you wish to use this
    information for your own FAQ or web-page, etc.  PLEASE give credit I don't mind sharing
    this information otherwise I would not have sent it to GameFAQs.com.   I give credit to
    ANY contributions, and I only expect of others what I expect of myself.

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