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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mortortex

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 01/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ||                              VERSION: 1.03                               ||
    ||                    ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED: MARCH 8, 2006                   ||
    ||                       LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 19, 2007                     ||
           .rZ  B,  ,  ,aB7      
         Z MM8 MM 8M@MS    7     
       iMM 2MM WB @MM 2ZMMB7,    
        ,MM rMr M    7MMMMMMMMZ  
      M2   W0iM. S :XMMMM0S:.aMB 
     BMMMMX  ,BMM M MMM@   .,.   
     2SrMMMMM:  MM,a.@MW iMMMMMM 
     MM7   ZMMMM  MMiXXM MS    W 
     0M8a0@2  7MMM2.88a0M      M 
      M@Z2Xii:   SBMMaZ00M MMMM0 
    MM    MM    MM:   MMMMMM2  M8MMMM  M      M8MMMM8          
    MMX  MMM   MM M   M.    M  M    M  M      M                
    M M  M M  rM  MM  MMMMMM;  MMMMMM  M      MMMMMM           
    M M2MZ M  MMMMMM7 M2    M  M    M0 M      M                
    M  MM  M MM    ;M MM    M  MMMMMM  MMMMMM MMMMMMM          
    MM,  MMM   @M M   Ma    Ma MZMZ  MM BW      MM    X MM    .
    M M  M M   M  MM  MM    0M M  MM MM @MMMMMX  MMMMMi  MMMMM,
    M M7MM M  MMMMMM  MZ    MM Mr  MM0M B@      M     M M     M
    This is a Faq\Walkthrough that I always wanted to do but never had the time 
    to do it in. It is a rather short and easy game and I managed to get done. 
    There isn't really much more to say but for the small amount of people 
    that still play this game I hope you find it informative and helps you beat 
    the levels. So enjoy my Faq\Walkthrough...
    This Faq\Walkthrough will include:
                                        >Version History
    ||                              INTRODUCTION                                ||
    Marble Madness is not that complicated of a game. You roll a Marble around 
    6 couses to the end and try and score as many points as you can. You start 
    at the top and must roll to the bottom. The faster you beat the level the 
    more points you get. You need lots of time in order to beat all the levels, 
    but with the shortness of the levels you have more than enough time to 
    complete them all. I only wrote the main strategy for getting through the 
    levels, while there are others, it is really pointless to go through the 
    ||                             VERSION HISTORY                              ||
    Version: 1.00--March 8, 2006 - Original Version
    Version: 1.03--January 19, 2007 - Added games to library in bottom section
                                    - Added 1up.com, Supercheats.com and
                                      Honestgamer.com to site list
                                    - Changed headers to boxes and centered
    ||                                 CONTROLS                                 ||
    Control Pad - Move Marble and Cursor
    A Button - Accelerate Marble and Choose Letters for name
    Start - Pause game and Confirm name entry
    Select - Choose 1 or 2 player modes
    ||                                  BASICS                                  ||
    1-Player Game - Play one Marble game. 
    2-Player Game - Play two Marble game. Two Marbles will be on the screen at 
                    the same time. If one falls behind it will disappear and 
                    reappear with a five second penalty. The player that finishes 
                    first will get a time bonus.
    Enter Name - Pick a 6 digit name and then start the game. 
    90 Degree Game - Up, Down, Left and Right move the Marble in those 
    45 Degree Game - Up goes top left, down goes botton right, left goes bottom 
                     left and right goes top right. If you angle your paddle the 
                     movements make more sense. 
    Time - Time is given out before each level and extra time is kept and added 
           on to the next levels time.
    Scoring After a Level - 100 points x every second left on the clock + 10 
                            points every second you move the Marble + any level 
                            specific points = Score for the level given out when 
                            you cross the blue flags.
    Scroring After the Game - 20,000 points for beating the Ultimate Level + 
                              level scores - 1,000 points every time you died. 
                              That's your score for the entire game.
    High Rollers - If you score high enough you make it onto the High Rollers 
                    list of High Scores.
    ||                                WALKTHROUGH                               ||
    Level One: Practice Race
    Time to Finish Practice Race: +60 Seconds
    When you gain control of the Marble, roll it down and to the right, 
    in-between what looks like a tower below you and a pit above you. Roll down 
    the ramp to the left and straight down. Fall into a little sunken area and 
    roll along the zig-zagging path all the way to the end. Take your time with 
    this becuse it is easy to fall off the narrow path. At the end of the path 
    are two blue flags, roll through them to beat the level.
    Level Two: Beginner Race
    Time to Finish Beginner Race: +65 Seconds 
    Roll down the hill in-between the two rectangles. Ahead of you is another 
    rectangle, move to the right of it. Now watch out! There is a black Marble 
    rolling around at the bottom of the hill. Move around it and make your move 
    down the ramp below. When you come to the fork-in-the-road take the 
    right ramp. You are now on a big flat area with pointy things in the ground. 
    There are three green blocks that jump and roll around. Zooom past them to 
    the bottom. There will be a piece of the road that is on a tilt. Move slowly 
    towards it and then touch it to move it into place. Now roll on. Don't go 
    down the ramp ahead of you but into the pink vent to the far right. The Vent 
    transports you to a hilly area below. Roll over the hills and cross the 
    zig-zaggin path. Be careful and go slow so you don't fall off. Go inside the 
    next pink vent and you come out below. Cross over some translusent tiles and 
    through the blue flags to finish the level. 
    Level Three: Intermediate Race
    Time to Finish Intermediate Race: +35 Seconds
    Move off the pillar you are on, down the ramp and into a maze. Take the first 
    left all the way through to the end and roll down the ramp. Watch out for 
    another green block that will be boucing around. Move past it and cross the 
    small path. Now you come to an area with green lights on the floor. Don't 
    roll over them, make your way over the risen spots and go into the pink vent. 
    When you come out roll down the two ramps. Move across a skinny path and come 
    upon a green pool of water. Move in-between the waves and roll into the blue
    flags after another ramp. 
    Level Four: Aerial Race
    Time to Finish Aerial Race: +30 Seconds
    Roll off the large red ramp you are on and off the left tiny path. Use 
    control to not fall off when you land and roll down the ramp below. Move 
    across the zig-zagging path fast because yellow vents pop up as you cross 
    and try and suck you in. You need to be fast and nimble to pass quick and 
    not be hurt. Past the path is a wide ramp, roll down it and across another 
    narrow path and get into the catapault. The catapault launches you across 
    to the left. When you land move right across a narow path with lots of 
    turns. Move slow to avoid falling off. At the other end is a ramp. Roll down 
    it and the next one that follows and around the bend is a bridge. Roll under 
    it and take the U turn and roll under the second bridge. Now you come to a 
    part with more zig-zagging narrow pathways. When you come to the 
    fork-in-the-road, take the right path. Move around the corner and don't get 
    knocked off by the hammers that pop out of the ground. Watch their pattern 
    and make it past. Around another corner and you're done when you enter the
    two blue flags.
    Level Five: Silly Race
    Time to Finish Silly Race: +20 Seconds
    Move left from you starting position and up the ramp to the right. That's 
    right, up the ramp. This course defies the laws of physics. Move up a few 
    more ramps and pass a part with black and yellow small things in it. At the 
    other side of that area is a red vent. Move under it and get sucked up. When 
    you come out the left side roll along some narrow paths. Some parts are 
    tilted along the pathway so watch your angles so you don't fall off. At the 
    end of the paths move up the ramp and into a area with flying things. Move 
    across this area to the far right side and up the ramp. Move left, down a 
    ramp and across a bridge to the blue flags and the end to the level. 
    Level Six: Ultimate Race
    Time to Finish Ultimate Race: +20 Seconds
    Move from the platform you are on to the plank-like thing. Roll off it and 
    into a hole. You come out of a vent below. Move along the narrow S turn and 
    across some blue blocks. Move along and down a ramp to a red area. Roll 
    around the corner and watch out for the green light. Below is a part with more
     blue blocks. Take this part slow because there is a black Marble rolling 
    around below. Carefully pass it and then you come to a tricky part. The path 
    you must go on it constantly appearing and disappering. When the part appears 
    infront of you, roll on it and then the next and so on. Keep on the move 
    because the pieces behind you are disappearing. At the end of this are the 
    two blue flags and the end. 
    ||                           LEGAL/CONTACT/CREDITS                          ||
    This Faq\Walkthrough is Copyright 2006-2007 by: Nathan Kroeger (Mortortex)
    MARBLE MADNESS Copyright 1984 by Tengen, All rights reserved. MARBLE MADNESS 
    is a registered trademark of Tengen. 
    This Faq\Walkthrough is for personal use only. It should only appear on sites 
    that I have allowed (see above). Any other sites or places with this 
    Faq\Walkthrough on it, claiming it is theirs or not on my list, is plagiarizing
    it. Please report it to me. Do not reproduce this guide in part or in whole 
    without my consent or it is in violation of the copyright.
    If you wish to contact me because: spelling mistakes, comment, question, want
    to add something--will credit, or I made a mistake, here is my E-mail address:
    Credits go to: Tengen for making the game, me for writing this 
    Faq\Walkthrough, sites for posting this Faq\Walkthrough and my system for 
    playing it.
    If you like this Faq\Walkthrough, be sure to check out my others:
    -MEGA MAN X FAQ\WALKTHROUGH for Super Nintendo
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    All my in-depth Faqs and Faq\Walkthroughs can be found on the sites listed 
    above under the name Mortortex.
    Bye, bye for now.

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