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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Elite Charizard

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    |\    /|
    | \  / |  /\  RBLE
    |  \/  | /--\
    |      |/    \DNESS
    |-- FAQ/Walkthrough by Elite Charizard --|
    I don't want to bore you with legal info, and stuff like that right now, so
    that's at the end.
    Just a quick note on that:
    No stealing, and no putting this on your website, and you'll be fine.
    Contact me through email or MSN. My email address and MSN ID is:
    ~ elite dot charizard at gmail dot com ~
    D-Pad: Move Marble
    Start: Pause, or start game on title screen
    Select: Change between one and two players on title screen
    A: Accellerate
    When the game starts, you are given a choice of one or two players. Hit Start
     to get into one player or Select and then Start for two players.
    Next, you input your six-character name. You can leave it blank. Move around
    with the D-Pad. RUB clears off a character and END confirms the name.
    Now you're presented with angle type.
    90° is when the marble moves at angles of 90°. When you press down, the
    marble will come straight towards you.
    45° is when the marble moves diagonally. Pressing down would send the marble
    down right.
    Now the game begins:
    -- LEVEL 1 --
    60 seconds
    Points for passing: 1000
    This is a really simple level. After all, it IS practice.
    Move your marble diagonally to the bottom right or bottom left or right, then
    again till you reach the flat part.
    From there, move down into the "pit". In the pit, move in a Z fashion till you
    reach the level exit.
    You should have 30-40 seconds left.
     - Challenge -
     Try to get on the supposedly unreachable platforms next to the goal (the
     ones with the numbers on them).
    -- LEVEL 2 --
    +65 seconds (is added on to your previous remaining time, and this will be the
    case for every level after Practice)
    Points for passing: 2000
    Despite the tough looks of this level, it's not too tough. Start off by going
    down, right, down (in a Z pattern). If you did it right, there'll be a black
    marble in front of you. Just ignore it and get on the slope. If you were
    swift enough it'll try to attack you but miss. It doesn't come down the slope.
    Go down one of the two upcoming slopes and then keep going down till you can't
    go anymore (and there's a bridge to the right of you).
    Don't hit the green creatures, or they'll bounce up and come down at you and
    eat you if you don't move out quickly.
    From here, there are two routes:
     - The Easy Way -
     The path through here is pretty straightforward. Go towards the slope.
     Go down the Z formation, then the S and then another Z, and enter the pipe.
      Advantage: Saves you time and effort.
     - The Hard Way -
     Enter the pipe next to the bridge. The road is bumpy here, so keep moving.
     Don't release the key you are pressing, or the marble will fall off.
     Go through the Z formation (I know there are a lot of them!) and get into the
      Advantage: You get 4000 points for entering the pipe.
    From here, just move down-left and you're at the goal! You get 2000 points
    for entering the aformentioned pipe.
    -- LEVEL 3 --
    +35 seconds
    Points for passing: 3000
    Okay, now I can say we have some tough levels. The beginning is really easy,
    just let your marble roll through the walls. Go down the slope and take the Z
    shape formation. You'll come to a flat area with some green things (acid) on
    it. Don't go on 'em, or you will get eaten up. Go on the raised platform and..
    oh no, more acid!
    When the coast is clear, just run down to the next raised platform in front
    of you. Enter the pipe.
    Down here, go down the Z formation (the millionth one).
    You have 2 routes again:
     - The Easy Way -
     Take a right, and go down the slope. Go right and then go up the slope, and
     stop at the flat platform.
     - The Hard Way -
     Go up, on the one block platform below the green square.
     The green platform is like water, waves rise up every few seconds.
     When there are no waves, quickly take the orange (not green, going down that
     is a nightmare and then it's stupid because you'll land up on the lower route).
     Get down the slope and stop when it is flat.
    Take a right and this level is finished.
     - Challenge -
     Go down the aforementioned green slope in the hard way.
    -- LEVEL 4 --
    +30 seconds
    Points for passing: 4000
    When you begin, you'll automatically go down a slope. As you fall off, take
    a right and then move down.
    While moving down, some pipes will pop out and try to suck you. Keep moving,
    if you stop, it will suck you in.
    Go right now, and you'll see another pipe. Now here's a tricky part:
    You go down the slope, and as you're moving down, you have to move right too,
    so that you get on the platform below.
    What you can do is move to the right and press and hold up too while moving
    to the right. You should fall off the slope, and when you are revived, you'll
    be on the aforementioned platform.
    Once you're on the slope, move down and onto the launch pad. You'll be
    launched to another platform.
    Roll down the Z formation avoiding the sticks, till you reach the last part,
    that looks like a dead-end because there's no way to get to the platform ahead
    Don't go down that, instead wait at the stick-pushing area before that. Can
    you see that platform at the right? Go to the edge of the platform and quickly
    move to the other side. This will take a few tries and your marble will break
    a few times, but once you get to it, you're good to go.
    I've not explained this properly, so I think we'll use an image this time:
    Move from point X to point Y.
    Once you're down there, move down, and when you're behind the other platform
    and can't be seen, keep moving down, and you'll come into sight. Take the
    visible route, and keep moving right when you can't be seen again.
    Eventually you'll come to this platform where there are these hand-like
    things. They just stall your marble a bit, so go through when the coast is
    Go through the goal and rejoice passing through this frustrating level.
     - Challenge -
     Find a way past the aforementioned "dead-end".
    -- LEVEL 5 --
    +20 seconds
    Points for passing: 5000
    Starting this level, as your time is added, you'll get a message saying
    "Everything you know is wrong." The significance of this message? I have no
    idea. In this level, you can go up slopes easier than going down, the
    gravity turned over.
    Go up the path with the slopes, and you'll reach an area with enemies.
    They don't harm you, and you can run over then for a +3 seconds time bonus.
    When you're done, go up the slope and below the red pipe. You'll be sucked
    in and land on a platform above.
    Go through the route till you reach a flat platform. Go up and you'll see some
    bats. Keep moving to the slope above and go up it. If one bat crashes into you
    the marble blows up.
    Once you get up, go down. Go left and up and right into the goal.
     - Challenge -
     This level is full of challenges. Find one. Surprise yourself.
    -- LEVEL 6 --
    +20 seconds
    Points for passing: 6000 (should be 600,000)
    Oh boy. This is a horrible, horrible course. Move down and get on top of that
    platform. It's really tough getting up the slope. Accelerate forward onto the
    platform ahead. Once you reach the next platform when you're pushed out of
    the pump, find the slope that leads down to some flashing red blocks. Watch
    out for the acid!
    Move down to the narrow platform. Get onto the blue blocks and bang into the
    black ball till it breaks, for 1000 points!
    Hey, that's the goal! You must be thinking, "oh boy, is this the ultimate
    race? Just a few seconds and-"
    Oh no, moving platforms! Okay, keep calm. When there's a platform in front of
    you, move on it. Keep moving, because tha platform is moving too.
    Accelerating is more of a hinderance here.
    You get a break at the corners. Once you're done, get through the two flags
    and rejoice!
    -- CONGRATS --
    Welcome to the congratulations screen. Your scores are totalled here, and a
    message telling you that you passed the Ultimate Race. If your score was high
    enough, you'll be on the list of high-rollers! Congrats, you passed this 
    lovely game.
    But the high-rollers is reset the moment you reset the game, so don't assume you
    have bragging rights.
    The default list of high rollers is:
    1. Sweep - 52,500
    2. Julie - 52,250
    3. Tess - 42,000
    4. Barry - 41,750
    5. Kev - 31,500
    6. Poppi - 31,250
    7. Rachel - 21,000
    8. Paul - 20,750
    9. Ali  - 10,500
    10. Simon -  10,250
    FAQ/Walkthrough by Elite Charizard.
    ~ elite dot charizard at gmail dot com ~
    If you want to host this, please email me. Thanks!

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