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Reviewed: 01/07/03 | Updated: 01/07/03

A fun game. Short, but remarkably addictive.

I recently got many games from my sister, who was going to sell them otherwise. This is one of them. The controls are very simple, with a learning curve of 2 minutes (about how long it takes to figure out there's a speed up button and learn when to hold it down - IE, almost always). On with the review!

Plot: No plot. Doesn't need one. You're a marble and you maneuver through simple mazes with bad guys. Since it really doesn't need a plot, I won't give it a score of which to affect the average score.

Graphics: It's an NES game. The graphics are not great, but they're all that are needed to play the game and have fun. Pretty good for the system. 7/10.

Music/Sound Effects: The music is all you need it to be. It fits the levels, and though it's not really great it works well. 'Bleeps and bloops' suffice here, and don't seem like bleeps and bloops - They sound like tunes. Proof you don't need a superb, square-level soundtrack to have a good game. The sound effects are unnoticeable. That is, I never really noticed them, except for the death sound and the falling death sound, which are just... weird... 6/10

Gameplay/Controls: Simple. Very simple. A speeds up, D-Pad moves. If you can't understand this, well, too bad. Here's a free tip - Always set controls to 45, unless you want your thumb to be hurting from pressing two directions at once and leaving a strange mark on it, because believe me, you will keep playing this game for awhile. 10/10.

Fun Factor: Surprisingly addictive for something so simple. It doesn't need much to be fun. Later on you'll keep losing and losing but you keep trying over and over again because you just want to win. And, in order to beat the game, you don't just need to beat the early levels - There's a timer counting down and you get a set amount added to how much time you had left in the last round, not counting the first level, 'practice' - so you need to beat the quickly and convincingly if you hope to make it to the end. I haven't beaten the last level yet, but I don't care. It's just a lot of fun to play. Minor gripes for difficulty, so 9/10.

Replay Value: You will play this game over and over until you beat it. Each round through until your time runs up takes about 7 minutes. The farther you get, the more you want to try again to make it to the very last level, then beat it. I've gotten there (according to a FAQ the final level is called 'Ultimate', and I've gotten to Ultimate, anyway), but haven't beaten it. The part at the very end is quite difficult, especially the second moving platforms. But losing right next to the end is certain to make you want to play more and more. The seven minutes mentioned earlier seem more like 3 - Time flies when playing this game and you'll undoubtedly spend hours on it. I haven't beaten it yet, but I can say with confidence that once beaten you will probably want to play more and more. 7/10.

Overall Scores

Plot . . . . . . . . . Not Applicable
Graphics . . . . . . . 7/10
Music/Sound Effects. . 6/10
Gameplay/Controls. . .10/10
Fun Factor . . . . . . 9/10
Replay Value . . . . . 7/10
Overall. . . . . . . 7.8/10
GameFAQs Score . . . . 8/10

Buy/Rent: Definitely buy. NES games don't cost much, so if you can get your hands on it you can waste more than the standard few days - Definitely worth it for 30 dollars or less.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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