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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______ _______ ______  _ _______ _ ______    _______ _ _______ _______
    (_______|_______|_____ \| (_______| ) _____)  (_______) (_______|_______)
     _  _  _ _______ _____) ) |_     _|( (____        _   | |_  _  _ _____
    | ||_|| |  ___  |  __  /| | |   | | \____ \      | |  | | ||_|| |  ___)
    | |   | | |   | | |  \ \| | |___| | _____) )     | |  | | |   | | |_____
    |_|   |_|_|   |_|_|   |_|_|\_____/ (______/      |_|  |_|_|   |_|_______)
     _______ _______ _______ _     _ _ _______ _______
    (_______|_______|_______|_)   (_) (_______|_______)
     _  _  _ _______ _       _______| |_     _ _____
    | ||_|| |  ___  | |     |  ___  | | |   | |  ___)
    | |   | | |   | | |_____| |   | | | |   | | |_____
    |_|   |_|_|   |_|\______)_|   |_|_|_|   |_|_______)    v1.3
    MARIO'S TIME MACHINE Walkthrough
    by Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game by The Software Toolworks, Inc.
    (1993).  NES-TM-USA
    Version 1.3 completed 3/9/02
    I.   Revision History
    II.  Intro
    III. Story
    IV.  Walkthrough
    V.   Finale
    VI.  Quick Reference Guide
    VII. Disclaimer
    3/9/02: v1.3
    -Added my current email address.
    -Made some cosmetic changes.
    7/31/00: v1.2
    -Changed ASCii art title...again.
    -Changed Table of Contents format.
    -Added a second URL that this Walkthrough can be posted at.
    -Added a NOTE up top about this walkthrough NOT being compatible with the SNES
    version of the game.
    3/3/00: v1.1
    -Changed ASCii art title.
    -Changed e-mail address.
    -Added Table of Contents and Revision History sections.
    12/24/98: v1.0
    -Complete version.
    Mario's Time Machine is a game aimed at a younger audience, yet can be enjoyed
    by anyone.  Those familiar characters Mario, Bowser, Yoshi and the Koopas were
    licensed to The Software Toolworks (aka Mindscape) for this game as well as
    Mario is Missing.  The game is more educational than action packed, as you will
    learn more about historical events and figures than you will have to make
    difficult jumps and defeat enemies.  In fact, you can't die when you hit an
    enemy, you're just stunned.
    The following walkthrough basically tells you which time period to bring an
    historical artifact to.  It's basically for people like me who like to blow
    through a game with as little distraction as possible just to say they've
    finished it.  Not that the world really needs a walkthrough for Mario's Time
    Machine, but here's one anyway.
    Bowser's stolen 14 important items from the past and has placed them in his
    museum, guarded by Koopas.  Bowser then captures Yoshi and before Mario can
    rescue him, he must find the stolen items and return them to their proper
    places in history.
    You start off inside the museum.  There are a total of 8 big orange doors.  You
    can enter any one of the first 7 doors in any order, but cannot enter that 8th
    door until you've sealed the previous 7 doors by retrieving the items behind
    the doors and returning them to their proper place in time.  You are free to
    enter any door you want, but this walkthrough will take them on in the order
    that they are encountered.  There are 2 items located behind each door.
    The following is a step-by-step guide through the game.  If you just want to
    know where each stolen item belongs, check out the "Quick Reference Guide" at
    the end of the walkthrough.
    DOOR #1
    ITEM #1
    Start off by entering the first big orange door (to the right of the picture of
    Donkey Kong).  Upon entering, you find yourself in a room similar to the
    original Mario Brothers (not Super Mario Brothers) game.  Koopas come out of
    pipes at the top of the screen and you must jump up and hit the floor under
    them to flip them onto their backs.  Touch them when they are turned over to
    knock them off the screen.  Eliminate 3 of them in this manner and one of the
    stolen items will appear.
    The first item you will get is the TORCH.  Collect the TORCH (by pressing down
    while standing over it) and jump down the green pipe in the middle of the
    screen.  This is the Time Machine.  You will now have to select a time period
    to travel to.  Proceed to 776 BC.  You will travel to the Olympic Coliseum. 
    Head to the right and stand on top of the white torch holder.  Press select
    until the TORCH icon is displayed then press start.  You've lit the Torch and
    the Olympic games can begin!
    Password: RGNC4L
    ITEM #2
    You'll find yourself back in front oaf the first door.  Enter it again, get rid
    of the 3 Koopas again, and get your next item, the LIGHT BULB.  Jump down the
    pipe again and travel to 1879.  You are in Thomas Edison's house.  Move right
    and stand on the bookcase with the phonograph on it.  Highlight your LIGHT BULB
    icon and press start to advance.
    Password: R7NCCL
    DOOR #2
    ITEM #3
    Back in the museum, you'll notice that Door #1 is sealed shut with bricks. 
    You're done your work there, so enter the second door.  Beating the 3 Koopas
    reveals the APPLE.  Grab the APPLE and travel to 1687.  Go to the right, stand
    on the tall tree and use the APPLE so Newton can discover the principle of
    Password: R55CF3
    ITEM #4
    The next item you get behind Door #2 will be the SLEDGEHAMMER.  Bring it to
    1989, head all the way to the right, and use it in front of the door to the
    Guard's building to break down the Berlin Wall.
    Password: R5DCFB
    DOOR #3
    ITEM #5
    Now that Door #2 is bricked, move on to Door #3.  Jump on the Bowser Statue to
    get up to the door.  Enter and collect the EGG.  Bring the EGG to the cave
    entrance in 80m BC to move on.
    Password: S5DDFB
    ITEM #6
    The next item to get is the STOVEPIPE HAT.  Bring it to Honest Abe in 1862. 
    Use it in front of the gate to Gettysburg.
    Password: S1DD?B
    DOOR #4
    ITEM #7
    Moving on to Door #4, get the STEERING WHEEL from the Koopas.  Travel to 1520
    where you find yourself on Magellan's ship.  Go to the right and use the
    STEERING WHEEL above the anchor.
    Password: 91DX?B
    ITEM #8
    The second item behind Door #4 is a FLAG.  Bring it to 1947 and use it in front
    of the temple to make Gandhi proud.
    Password: 91GX?9
    DOOR #5
    ITEM #9
    Moving on to the fifth door, you'll get the QUILL PEN.  Time travel to 1602 and
    return the PEN to Shakespeare by using it in front of the stage curtain.
    Password: 90GXB9
    ITEM #10
    You'll get a FLAG here too, but this one is the American FLAG.  Bring it to
    1969 and use it while standing on top of the lunar landing module.
    Password: 90BXBD
    DOOR #6
    ITEM #11
    You'll get a THRONE here.  Lug it to 31 BC and use it standing on the platform
    in front of the Pyramid.
    Password: D0BSBD
    ITEM #12
    The PROPELLER is the next item you get.  This item belongs in the year 1903. 
    Stand on the bricks in front of the airplane and use it to advance.
    Password: DHBSVD
    DOOR #7
    ITEM #13
    A SWORD is your next artifact to return.  Bring it to 1192 and stand inside the
    red shrine at the end of the level to use it.
    Password: 5HBJVD
    ITEM #14
    The final item to get is the PHYSICS EQUATION.  Bring it to the year 1905. 
    Stand in front of the chalkboard (NOT ON THE DESK!) to use it.
    Password: 5H?JVC
    You've now returned all 14 stolen items to their proper places in history.  You
    now have access to Door #8, Bowser's Door, but first you have to answer a few
    historical questions.  Get them right or you'll have to go back and go through
    the levels to track down the clues again.
    Didn't think I was gonna leave you hanging, did you?  Below are the 3 questions
    (with answers) I was asked.  I'm not sure if they are the same each game or if
    they change each time, but I'm too lazy to go back and find out :)
    Q)When was the Berlin Wall built?
    Q)What Roman ruler restored Cleopatra to the throne?
    A)Julius Caesar
    Q)Where did Magellan perish during his voyage?
    A)The Philippines
    If anyone ever gets asked a different question than the ones above, please
    email me so I can add it to the walkthrough.
    Now you're ready to take on Bowser and rescue Yoshi.  Enter his door and move
    to the right until he appears.  All you gotta do is jump on his head 3 times
    while he is walking around (not when he is spinning around).  The third time
    you hit him he will leave a KEY.  Sit back and watch Mario spring Yoshi and
    witness a tearful Bowser.
    YEAR      ITEM
    ----      ----
    80mBC     EGG
    31BC      THRONE
    776BC     TORCH
    1192      SWORD
    1520      STEERING WHEEL
    1602      QUILL PEN
    1687      APPLE
    1862      STOVEPIPE HAT
    1879      LIGHT BULB
    1903      PROPELLER
    1905      PHYSICS EQUATION
    1947      FLAG (Indian)
    1969      FLAG (American)
    1989      SLEDGEHAMMER
    This walkthrough is not endorsed by The Software Toolworks, Nintendo of
    America, or affiliates.  The information contained within this document is
    provided without guarantee.  All copyrights and trademarks are recognized.
    This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web sites
    as long as the proper credit is given to the author.  The most recent version
    of this walkthrough can be found at:
    ©1998,2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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