Review by theFFVIguy

"Don't let the word "Mario" in the title fool ya!"

One day, I saw this at my local gamestop, the label art was cool, and it was a Mario game, so I bought it.... :(

Graphics 10/10

The graphics look almost like super mario worlds! They are like the NES's best. The only good thing about the game.

Sound ?/10

I do not remember anything about the sound, I'm leaving this blank.

Story 6/10

No, Bowser didn't Kidnap the princess in this. Instead he built the world's greatest museum ever!... But, to do this, he stole artifacts throughout history from a kitana sword to Lincoln's top hat. As Mario, you have to use a time michine to take those items back to thier rightful time and owner, and maybe learn something on the way. (I didn't)

Gameplay 1/10

Regular Mario gameplay, but just no action whatsoever >_<, you just walk around basicly, and at the end you face Bowser, only you fight him like on of the mini bosses in SMB3. NO FUN

Challenge 0/10

No matter what you do, you don't die, you are invincable, even if one of the few enemies in the game touch you, it won't do anything (sounds sweet, but it sucks). In the Bowser fight, you have to answer 3 questions before you battle, they are easy, and in Bowser fight itself, he can't even touch you. Ick

Overall 3/10

Quoting the guy that reviewed Shanta or whatever in GameInformer magazine, (I forget who he was) "This is said to be a kids' game, but I don't know any kids I despise enough to give this game to." This game is not Mario, it's a guy in blue overalls, red shirt, and moustache going through time.

Rent or buy?

No review is complete without this Q/A, Eventhough nowhere rents NES games any more, should you buy it? Of course not!
I bought this game, and it sucked so bad that I quit before 30 minutes, then my brother beat it in under an hour, we returned it in 3 days, so that was kinda like a rental.

Helpful note: Don't get Mario is Missing either, it's basicly the same only with Luigi.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/30/05

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