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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

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    //version 2.0//						 //updated 12-20-2012//
    		      ============ MEGA MAN 5 ============
    		      === (ROCKMAN 5: BLUES NO WANA?!) ===  
    		      ========= STRATEGY GUIDE ===========
     		      ======= written by NeoChozo ========
                          ====== www.themmnetwork.com/ =======
        Welcome to the Mega Man Network walkthrough and strategy guide for MEGA
        MAN 5, the fifth title in CAPCOM's original MEGA MAN series. This text 
        document covers all of the stage guides and other pertinent information 
        for completing this title. Use the index below as a reference guide,
        and visit Mega Man Network's MEGA MAN games section for more informat-
        ion on this game as well as information and walkthroughs for the other
        games in the series.
       == CONTENTS ==
       1. Introduction
       2. About This Game
       3. The Story So Far
       4. Recommended Order
       5. Weapons and Items
       6. Walkthrough
          A. Wave Man's Stage
          B. Star Man's Stage
          C. Gravity Man's Stage
          D. Gyro Man's Stage
          E. Crystal Man's Stage
          F. Napalm Man's Stage
          G. Stone Man's Stage
          H. Charge Man's Stage
          I. Proto Man Fortress, Stage 1
          J. Proto Man Fortress, Stage 2
          K. Proto Man Fortress, Stage 3
          L. Proto Man Fortress, Stage 4
          M. Skull Castle-5, Stage 1
          N. Skull Castle-5, Stage 2
          O. Skull Castle-5, Stage 3
          P. Skull Castle-5, Stage 4
       7. Item Locations
       8. Secrets and Tips
       9. Legal
    MEGA MAN 5 was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), though the
    title has been ported to numerous other platforms over the years, including the
    PlayStation (PSX), PlayStation 2 (PS2), the Xbox (MXB), the GameCube (GCN), and
    more recently, the Wii Virtual Console (WVC). Refer to the setup manual for 
    more detailed information on your individual platform.
    MEGA MAN 5 is pretty much the same thing you've come to expect from Mega Man 
    titles for the last four iterations. This one continues the trend started in 
    MEGA MAN 4 of a coherent plot for the entire game, but aside from that, it's 
    your classic "defeat eight new robots, fight a mysterious new enemy, then oh 
    holy crap, it was Dr. Wily all along" formula.
    The new addition to this particular game comes in the form of additional help 
    items aside from just the Rush Adapters. MEGA MAN 4 featured Balloon and Wire 
    Adapters, but this game provides the Super Arrow and a new helper named Beat 
    (continuing that ever-present trend of musically-themed names) that is acquired
    by finding circuit plates that spell "M E G A M A N V" (or "R O C K M A N 5", 
    depending on what game you're playing). Rush Coil has been altered a bit, as 
    well - now he will bounce up with you, giving you a slightly higher jump.
    Other than these new additions, this is pretty much classic 2D sidescrolling 
    Mega Man action.
    == 3. THE STORY SO FAR:
    In the year 20XX... Mega Man has ended Dr. Wily's plans for world domination 
    for the fourth time, and cleared Dr. Cossack of any wrongdoing. However, once 
    again, the evil doctor was able to escape justice.
    Months later, Mega Man exits Dr. Light's laboratory just in time to see a red 
    and white figure leap down and abduct Dr. Light! His only clue is a yellow 
    scarf that is left at the scene of the crime. But... it can't be... his own 
    brother, Proto Man, has turned rogue? No sooner than Proto Man confirms his 
    involvement, eight powerful Robot Masters start wreaking havoc across the city.
    Mega Man springs into action to stop his brother and save his creator from 
    Like all of its predecessors, you'll face eight Robot Masters in any order of 
    your choice before advancing to the second half of the game. Each Robot Master 
    is weak to another's weapon, so the order proceeds in a "loop" pattern. You'll 
    use a weapon on another Robot Master and then use that weapon on another, and 
    so on until the loop is complete. Of course you can tackle the Robot Masters in
    any order you wish, but this one is the easiest to follow.
        ====		========			===============
        Wave Man		Mega Buster/Charge Kick 	Water Wave
        Star Man		Water Wave			Star Crash
        Gravity Man		Star Crash			Gravity Hold
        Gyro Man		Gravity Hold		 	Gyro Attack
        Crystal Man	 	Gyro Attack			Crystal Eye
        Napalm Man		Crystal Eye			Napalm Bomb
        Stone Man		Napalm Bomb			Power Stone
        Charge Man		Power Stone			Charge Kick
    NOTE: Like previous MEGA MAN games, some of the names differ in translation 
    (though the weapon names remain the same). If you are using this walkthrough 
    for the Japanese version, ROCKMAN 5, the name differences are as follows:
    		   	Proto Man    -     Blues
    			Dr. Light    -     Dr. Right
    The Robot Master names remain the same, except for the "-man" convention; i.e. 
    Wave Man is Waveman, Star Man is Starman, and so on. Additionally, the Japanese
    version has a subtitle, "Blues' Trap?!", that is not found in the North Ameri-
    can version. 
    Each defeated Robot Master yields another weapon to your arsenal. These weapons
    are useful for more than just defeating more bosses, so experiment with the 
    weapons a bit and you might have an easier time.
      1. MEGA BUSTER
         Mega Man's standard weapon can be charged up for a more powerful blast, 
         and it is a bit larger in this game. The longer you hold down the button, 
         the larger the blast will be. You can only have three standard plasma 
         blasts on the screen at one time, 
         - CHARGE LEVEL 1 (flashing blue): Small yellow blast with regular bullet.
         - CHARGE LEVEL 2 (flashing blue/white/black): Larger white blast.
      2. WATER WAVE
         Gained from Wave Man, this weapon allows you to fire a small burst of 
         water that will travel along the ground.
      3. STAR CRASH
         Gained from Star Man, this shield-like weapon surrounds you with rotating 
         stars. You can fire this weapon off as a projectile attack in any of four 
         Gained from Gravity Man, this Flash Stopper copy will freeze the action on
         the screen and send small enemies flying.
      5. GYRO ATTACK
         Gained from Gyro Man, this weapon allows you to fire a spinning helicopter
         blade. You can change its direction mid-flight with the D-Pad.
      6. CRYSTAL EYE
         Gained from Crystal Man, this weapon allows you to fire a crystal in a 
         forward direction. When it strikes a wall, it will splinter and ricochet 
         around the room.
      7. NAPALM BOMB
         Gained from Napalm Man, this weapon allows you to fire a bouncing napalm 
         grenade in front of you. It will bounce for a few seconds and then deton-
      8. POWER STONE
         Gained from Stone Man, this weapon allows you to create an orbit of rocks
         that expand outward across the entire screen. This is extremely difficult 
         to hit anything with.
      9. CHARGE KICK
         Gained from Charge Man, this weapon enables you to slide with an energy 
         wave at your feet.
         These are portable LE storage units that will refill your LE meter in a 
         pinch. You can carry up to nine of these items, and you will find them 
         scattered throughout stages.
      2. MEGA TANKS
         These are very rare and you can only carry one at a time, but they will 
         refill all of your LE and all of your WE.
      3. SUPER ARROW
         This item is earned by defeating STAR MAN. With it, you can fire off small
         arrows that you can ride across a screen, or you can stack them to use as 
      1. RUSH COIL
         You will begin the game with this. Summon Rush and he becomes a small 
         springboard, but this time, Rush has been modified to jump with you. Wait 
         until he is at the apex of his jump, then you can jump higher.
      2. RUSH JET
         This is earned by defeating GYRO MAN. Summon Rush and he becomes a small 
         jetboard that you can ride across the screen. Control his ascent and desc-
         ent with the D-Pad.
      3. BEAT PLATES
         Beat becomes available for use once you locate the eight Beat Plates that 
         spell out M E G A M A N V. Once completed, Beat can be summoned to attack 
         enemies, bosses, or stage obstacles. The plates are found in the following
         [M] - Gravity Man, 
         [E] - Wave Man
         [G] - Stone Man
         [A] - Gyro Man
         [M] - Star Man
         [A] - Charge Man
         [N] - Napalm Man
         [V] - Crystal Man.
         NOTE: The Japanese version replaces the [M], [E], [G], [A], and [V] plates
         with alternates that spell R O C K M A N 5. The locations are the same, 
    == 6. WALKTHROUGH:
    The game walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the "stages" 
    of the game. Each stage walkthrough will take you through that stage, past the
    Robot Master, and go over any backtracking that needs to be done through prev-
    ious levels as a result of acquiring a new item before moving onto the next 
    stage. The walkthrough will begin at the first recommended stage.
      This stage is interesting if nothing else. The first threat you'll face in 
      the stage is small jets of water that come rushing out. After that you'll 
      encounter swinging balls on chains that try to impede your progress. Study 
      their patterns and move past them to the giant tube section. Try to make it 
      to the top one to grab the 1-Up, but if you can't it's no big deal. Fall on
      through the tubes to the bottom level and maneuver through more water jets. 
      Keep heading to the right to reach a large room where bubbles are rising out
      of the floor. Now as you might've guessed, you will be using these bubbles to
      make your way up this vertical section. The small ones last about three sec-
      onds before they pop, and the big ones last indefinitely until they hit 
      something sharp. Jump on the first large bubble and ride it to onto the next 
      screen, then jump to the right onto two small bubbles, then jump onto another
      large one. Ride this one up, and hop to the right onto a small bubble, and 
      then again to solid ground before you hit the spike trap. Make it up top and 
      head right to reach the waverider section of the stage. This section has you 
      riding a waverider on the water while defeating enemies that range from fly-
      ing fish to Joes on their own waveriders to small robots in floating tubes. 
      Stay a little to the left so you can jump any enemy that comes at you from 
      behind, and shoot anything that gets in your way from the front. Keep riding 
      until you reach the mini-boss of the stage.
        This giant machine is only vulnerable in the green spot on its forehead, 
        and it bobs up and down in the water while firing projectiles at you. Jump 
        over the weapons fire and fire shots at the green spot to defeat this mini-
        boss and move on.
      After defeating the mini-boss, continue on your way and destroy anything in 
      your path the instant you see it. Eventually you'll come across the Beat 
      Plate high in the air.
        BEAT [E] PLATE
        This is a bit hard to explain. After the mini-boss you'll contend with more
        flying fish enemies. After a while, you won't see any, and then suddenly 
        two of them will jump out at you. Stay to the left and then go to the midd-
        le when you see the two jump. This will usually keep you from being hit, 
        thus enabling you to jump and grab this plate. If you get hit, the recoil
        usually prevents you from being able to jump in time.
      Just continue through the rest of the waverider section, defeating any more 
      enemies in your path and eventually, you'll jump off back at solid ground. Go
      to the right and take out one more cannon enemy to reach the boss gate.
        Wave Man follows a pretty strict pattern. It seems difficult to avoid at
        first, but is very easy after studying it a bit. Learn his moves to make 
        this fight easier.
        1. WATER WAVE: This attack will crop up randomly in the area, making it 
           pretty difficult to avoid. Slide away if you do see it coming.
        2. HARPOON: He'll fire his harpoon at you in a straight line.
        3. JUMPING: Right after trying to harpoon you, he'll make a short hop over 
           to where you are. Attacks 2 and 3 are right after each other, so you 
           have to dodge both together.
        Run back and forth as you hope to avoid his Water Wave, then do a short hop
        over the harpoon attack. If you jump too high, you'll hit him in mid-air. A
        small jump will more than suffice, and you'll dodge him when he jumps, too.
        After this, fire the charged Mega Buster at him, or if you have it, slide 
        into him with the Charge Kick, and repeat until you've beaten him.
      Wave Man's destruction gives you the WATER WAVE. Go back to the Stage Select 
      and select Star Man's stage.
      This stage resembles an underwater stage as your mobility is affected by the 
      total zero gravity environment. Your jumps will nearly touch the top of the 
      screen, and you'll also run a bit slower than before. You'll start off out-
      side. Head right while avoiding the meteors and drop down the tunnel at the 
      end. Head through here destroying the enemies in your path and take out the 
      cannons as they pop up, before they can hit you with their attacks. Move on 
      through this section while destroying the enemies until you reach the large 
      obstruction in your path. Be careful in this area since the ceiling is spik-
      ed, and you don't want to jump too high. At the end, drop down the pit and 
      take out the next set of floating robots. Float down through the remainder of
      this section and head to the right until you find a AstroMet. 
        BEAT [M] PLATE
        Destroy the nearby AstroMet, then carefully jump up to the plate where it 
        sits right underneath a spike-lined part of the ceiling. Remember that Mega
        Man's weightless here, (it actually doesn't matter if you die or not, you
        will still get the plate, but you probably don't want to lose a life). 
        Carefully hop up to it until you grab it.
      Just to your right are more AstroMets and a pretty wide spike pit. You can 
      either time a jump to land on the other side, or let one of the AstroMets hit
      you so you can use your temporary invincibility to cross. After you get 
      through this hazardous section, you'll reach a ladder. Charge up your Mega 
      Buster and climb it. Once up top, let loose your shot at the bottom missile
      headed your way and then immediately slide to the other side of the room to 
      avoid the shrapnel from the other two missiles. Climb up this next ladder and
      destroy the cannons here while making your way past the obstructions. Keep
      heading right and destroy a beam walker. Practice beating them here because 
      you'll face some more of them later on. They take two charged shots precisely
      in their eye to defeat them. After beating him, head right to find another 
      group of the AstroMets. Destroy them and head across the rising and lowering 
      platforms while taking out the enemies in your path. At the end, time another
      jump to land on the small ledge (rather than the spikes) and destroy the 
      second beam walker robot. After this, you'll reach the boss gate.
        Star Man has a great weakness here in the lack of gravity. This slows both 
        him and you down considerably, but gives you a slight advantage. Take note
        of his attack pattern and how to defend against it, and you'll be able to 
        beat him easily.
        1. JUMPING: This is more or less his primary move, as he spends most of the
           fight in the air.
        2. STAR CRASH: He'll protect himself with the Star Crash while jumping, but
           he will stop in the air to fire this off. This is actually his fatal 
           weakness, because you have so long to prepare. The Water Wave will also 
           penetrate his shield.
        3. ARM CANNON: He can supplement his Star Crash with normal Buster fire.
        Wait until he finishes bouncing around the room, and he'll pause somewhere 
        on the screen. Like I said, the lack of gravity gives you an advantage, as 
        you'll have nearly a full two seconds to set up dodging his Star Crash. 
        He'll use it in any of eight directions, but it travels extremely slow. 
        Avoid the Star Crash and have either a charged Mega Buster shot ready for 
        him or set off a Water Wave once he touches back down. It won't take long 
        for him to fall.
      With Star Man crushed, you'll earn his STAR CRASH and the SUPER ARROW. Return
      to the Stage Select and head for Gravity Man's stage.
      As you might expect, gravity is the main focus here. It'll switch every time
      you pass one of the little up or down arrows. Start off in the stage destroy-
      ing the few minor enemies and ball-droppers, then fall down the tunnel. As
      you fall down, you'll notice some of the arrows. Remember that as you cross 
      these, gravitational forces will flip, and you'll be on the ceiling. During 
      this time, most of your actions are reversed. You jump downwards, and you 
      slide by holding Up and the Jump button, rather than Down+Jump. Keep heading 
      along the path and destroy the ball dropper over the pit. Use the gravity
      device and jump across the pit, and grab the 1-Up by climbing down the ladder
      at the bottom right corner. It takes some finesse in reversing your jumps, 
      but after that, "fall up" the shaft. Continue through this section, sliding 
      when necessary to avoid the ball and chain devices that pound the ceiling (or
      simply walk through them when they're in a harmless position). Fall up the 
      next pit and destroy the corkscrew robots and the other miscellaneous enemies
      in the area. At the end, jump down onto the ledge below you so you switch 
      gravity again. Now fall all the way down the long passage, but curve your 
      fall to the right so you don't land on the spikes. As you enter the next 
      section, a giant Clomper Stomper will attack. If you're quick enough, you can
      slide under him and thus bypass this fight, otherwise just stick it out with 
      charged Mega Buster shots. After you beat him, you'll cross a pit, then make 
      sure to stop at the next one.
        BEAT [M] PLATE
        This one can be a bit tricky to get. You have to time your jump so you hit 
        the gravity reverser so it flips you up and into the plate. It takes a bit 
        of practice, but if you study how the reverser is situated, it won't be too
      After grabbing the plate, continue heading to the right, destroying the ball-
      droppers in your path. At the end, climb the ladder into the next room and 
      hang off the top (bottom?) rung and shoot each of the flying Suzies as they 
      come at you. When both are gone, you can fall up to the ceiling, hop over the
      spike pit, and fall off the left side, but curve your fall to the right so 
      you don't hit the spike trap above you. Once up top, cross to the next rever-
      ser, drop down and kill the Sidewalker, then head through the boss gate.
        Gravity Man takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you have his 
        pattern down, he is pretty easy. Study his attack patterns and what you 
        have to do to avoid them, and you'll come out on top.
        1. GRAVITY REVERSE: Gravity Man spends the battle opposite of you (if you 
           are on the bottom, he is on the top). When he uses this, the two of you 
        2. COLLISION: He attempts to use Gravity Reverse when you are opposite him,
           so he can try to hit you during the switch. Hold Left or Right to curve
           your fall to avoid getting struck.
        3. ARM CANNON: He'll supplement with regular Buster fire, though his shots 
           will travel diagonally.
        The best weapon is the charged Mega Buster, since the Star Crash travels 
        somewhat slowly. That being said, the Star Crash will inflict more damage, 
        so if you get the timing down, use it. The trick is to time your shot so it
        hits him as the two of you meet in the air. Other than that, just keep 
        running along the floor or ceiling to avoid his Arm Cannon fire and make 
        sure you don't collide with him, and you'll win.
      Gravity Man's destruction rewards you with the GRAVITY HOLD. Now return to 
      the Stage Select and take on Gyro Man's stage.
      As you might imagine, this is quite an aerial stage. As you start, head to 
      the right and you'll start going up an elevator. Dodge the enemies until you 
      reach the top, then head to the right across some platforms while dealing 
      with some shielded robots that lift their shields to fire at you. Miscellan-
      eous floating enemies also interfere with you here as well. Climb up the 
      ladder at the end and maneuver your way to the next two ladders and head on 
      up to the next upper level. Up here, deal with some giant chickens that spout
      out minature chickens you can shoot for powerups. Defeat them and cross a 
      section with rotating platforms that move about. Climb the ladders at the top
      until you reach solid ground again. When you reach the split, take the top 
      path and eliminate the cannons, then climb the ladder to reach another Clomp-
      er Stomper. Destroy it and head up the next ladder. Move a little to the 
      right to trigger three bomb-dropping robots to come after you, then shoot 
      them with the Mega Buster. Now comes the fun part. Jump out onto the fragile 
      bridge and quickly start moving across.
        BEAT [A] PLATE
        To get this, you need to be quick so that you (a) don't fall in the pit and
        (b) the enemies above don't get you. The plate is situated under some 
        collapsing blocks; slide under the robots and as you drop down, immediately
        jump back up after grabbing the plate to land back on solid ground. Then 
        race for the real solid ground before more blocks start dropping. This 
        takes a lot of practice, and you'll probably end up losing a life in order 
        to get this.
      After you get the plate, quickly get to the other, safer side to the right. 
      Head one room over to reach the final challenge of this level. This section 
      has spike-lined floors and ceilings that you must dodge while the tower coll-
      apses. The best advice is to jump just as you see the ledge you need to get 
      to come in range, then quickly get to the next ledge and repeat until you get
      to the very top. Safely make it out and head to the right some more. Destroy 
      a floating cannon enemy, then nimbly hop across the narrow ledges until you
      can drop down to the boss gate.
        As you might expect, Gyro Man spends his time in the air (or rather, in the
        clouds obscuring his lair). For this reason, it is important to know his 
        attack pattern and how to defend against them so you can beat him.
        1. FLYING: He'll fly into the air and hide behind the clouds, then come 
           down on top of you.
        2. GYRO ATTACK: He will fire Gyro Attacks from the sky and change their 
           trajectory to hit you.
        You can bring him down to earth using the Gravity Hold, but be careful, be-
        cause your WE is directly proportional to his LE - in other words, you only
        have enough to kill him, so don't waste any shots. As soon as the battle 
        starts, use the Gravity Hold to bring him down, then wait until he begins 
        to fly again - this usually occurs in three second intervals. If he manages
        to get off some of his Gyro Attack blades, simply jump over them, or other-
        wise dodge them as they can change direction. If you do happen to run out 
        of WE, you'll just have to avoid his attacks and wait for a clear opportun-
        ity to present itself before attacking.
      Gyro Man's destruction rewards you with his GYRO ATTACK, as well as the RUSH
      JET ADAPTER. Return to the Stage Select and head next to Crystal Man's stage.
      Crystal Man's stage is a little bit on the short side, but it's pretty haz-
      ardous. As you start off, head right while tackling the red bouncer robots, 
      then drop down the few tunnels to the bottom where you find more of the red 
      robots. Defeat them and move on to a more difficult section with chutes that
      drop out crystals. The trick to master here is jumping immediately after each
      chute drops a crystal - or else you might get hit mid-jump and get knocked 
      into a pit. Cross this beast of a section and climb the ladder to find Eddie 
      again. Have him toss you a gift, and move on up to the next level. Here, leap
      from platform to platform dealing with more crystal chutes and Crystal Joes 
      as you progress. Get to the next ladder, climb it, and shoot the large enemy 
      on the spike pit, then ride the rotating platform diagonally to the ladder at
      the left. Climb up and cross another enemy-filled section before dropping 
      down another short pit. Hold right while falling off the next ledge to grab 
      an ENERGY TANK, then go down some more to find a MEGA TANK on the upper level
      - use Rush Coil to get yourself up there. Defeat the rat enemies on the other
      side, then work downwards, but stop before the large gap.
        BEAT [V] PLATE
        As you fall down the long shaft, hold Left after you pass the first part of
        the spiked towers. As long as you continue holding Left down, you'll coll-
        ide with the Plate as you continue falling.
      After grabbing the plate, drop down another level and deal with another giant
      Clomper Stomper (fire charged shots at it from your high vantage point) and 
      you'll then be able to reach the boss gate.
        Crystal Man is probably the most difficult of the first eight Robot Masters 
        because of his ricochet attacks and erratic jumping. It is entirely poss-
        ible to dodge these, but very difficult. Study his attacks, how to defend 
        against them, and you'll be able to win.
        1. JUMPING: He stays in the air most of the time, and if he does land, it's
           only to fire a different attack. Stay on the move and slide under him.
        2. CRYSTAL EYE: When his body glows, he's aiming a Crystal Eye at you. He 
           will generate four small crystals and they will rebound around the room.
        3. ARM CANNON: He will supplement his regular attacks with Buster shots.
        You need to stay on the offensive here. Use the Gyro Attack liberally and 
        switch its direction mid-air to hit him instead of just trying to aim. This
        takes too long and leaves you open to attack. Slide under the Crystal Eyes,
        jump his Buster fire, and slide away if he gets too close for comfort.
      After Crystal Man has crumbled, you'll gain the CRYSTAL EYE. Now return to 
      the Stage Select and head next for Napalm Man's stage.
      Napalm Man's jungle stage can seem quite long, but it's mostly due in part to
      the multiple annoying enemies you find. As you start off, you'll deal with 
      some rather mean tiger robots. Shoot them with charged shots and move on. 
      Drop down at the end and engage some more tigers, then fall down and head 
      down the long hallway, shooting fully-charged shots at the spiked wheels that
      come roaring down this tunnel. Right before the screen stops scrolling, stop 
      and let another one roll onto the screen before trying to proceed, otherwise 
      you'll get mysteriously killed as you switch rooms. Climb up the ladder at 
      the top and head left through a hidden passage to an ENERGY TANK, then go 
      back right and across the waterfall segments, battling the Copter Joes as
      they appear. Get to the ladder at the end for Eddie to appear, then head back
      topside. Up here, head right until you reach the big red machine. Stay on the
      pedestal and fire charged shots to defeat it, then carefully leap to safe 
      ground. Keep heading right, but stop before dropping down.
        BEAT [N] PLATE
        It's more or less in plain sight as you finish crossing the spike pits. 
        Drop down off the ledge and hold Left to drop into the small alcove where 
        the plate sits.
      After you have the Plate, finish dropping down to reach the core of Napalm 
      Man's base. Maneuver through here, and stop once you get to the bottom floor.
      This next part is full of missiles from Star Man's stage; try to avoid the 
      shrapnel from them like the plague. Once past them, drop down some more, 
      avoid a couple more missiles, and head into the last room where you have to 
      contend with giant missiles flying vertically out of the pits. Avoid them and
      you'll reach the boss gate.
        Napalm Man has a pretty standard pattern, but his attacks come fast and can
        be a bit difficult to defend against. For best results, memorize his attack
        pattern and be ready to counterattack.
        1. BALLISTIC MISSILES: He will fire these in groups, high and low. Jump or 
           slide around them to avoid being hit.
        2. NAPALM BOMB: He will toss two Napalm Bombs at you, both of which bounce 
           and then explode. Jump to avoid the explosion, if possible.
        3. JUMPING: After he fires his Napalm Bombs, he'll start making large leaps
           to the other side of the room trying to cut you off.
        For the most part, Napalm Man sticks to the right-hand side of the screen, 
        firing his missiles and Napalm Bombs at you. You can alternately slide or 
        jump the missile attack, and jump over the Napalm attack since it rolls and
        has a rather large blast radius. Use the Crystal Eye and try to score dir-
        ect hits whenever possible, but if he gets hit by the miniature ones rico-
        cheting off the walls, that's good too. This may take practice, but you 
        will beat him.
      Napalm Man's destruction gives you the NAPALM BOMB. Return to the Stage Se-
      lect and head to Stone Man's stage.
      As you start off to the right, you'll encounter a peculiar new breed of Met-
      tool, one that creates three offspring when it gets shot. Destroy the mini-
      Mets and continue on through the stone caves until you reach a section with 
      two ladders.
        BEAT [G] PLATE
        This one is actually hidden from view. Shoot the lower right part of the 
        rock wall to reveal a hidden passage into a room containing the plate.
      Climb the two ladders and proceed to the right while eliminating the various 
      enemies in your path. The floor rats and ceiling floaters are your biggest 
      worry. Continue heading to the right and up the ladder until you get back 
      outside. As you head to the right this time, some floating enemies similar to
      ones in Gyro Man's stage will attack you. Destroy them with charged shots, 
      and eliminate the shield robots as well. At the end of this section, climb up
      the ladder and use Rush Coil to bounce you to a hidden passage in the wall to
      grab a 1-Up. Drop down and proceed to the right; ride the hovering platform 
      down to the ledge, then head right and jump on the next one. Ride this one 
      and hop to the next as it gets in range, then time your jump off this one as 
      it heads to the left so you grab the ENERGY TANK, then move on back to the 
      right. Climb the ladder and let Eddie give you his present. If you need LE or
      WE, shoot part of the right wall out to find large refill capsules, then 
      climb the ladder and head across one final platforming segment with some more
      floating robots, cannons, and Mettools to reach the boss gate.
        Stone Man is sort of a pain. He'll spend a great deal of the battle in his
        "crumbled" state, which renders him invincible. The rest of the time he's 
        jumping over and over again. Study his attacks, though, and you'll be able 
        to handle him.
        1. JUMPING: He does this for most of the fight. He jumps a total of three
           times; on the third, he'll slam into the ground and crumble.
        2. POWER STONE: His only other move is to create a whirling array of rocks 
           that fill the screen. You probably won't get hit by this, but try to 
           dodge either way. 
        He'll start off the battle by jumping across the screen - slide or run to 
        get out of his way, then jump as he impacts so he doesn't stun you. Turn 
        around and lay a few Napalm Bombs at his feet so they blow up just as he 
        reforms. Should you run out of WE, you can still finish off the battle with
        your Mega Buster. Take your time and strike only when you have an opening.
      Stone Man's demise gives rewards you with the POWER STONE. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head to the final Robot Master, Charge Man.
      This short stage takes place in a trainyard, and part of it on the train it-
      self. Your first enemy to deal with is a red flying one that drops bombs. 
      Just slide under it to avoid it, and get to the ladder at the end to reach 
      the train part of the stage. The next few parts are simple, just head to the 
      right while taking out the MetTrains that come charging at you. As you reach 
      the end, drop down the pitfall to reach the inside of the train. You'll face 
      more ground rats and some huge chickens that you fought back in Gyro Man's 
      stage, but they're nothing you can't handle by this point. Right after you 
      get past the second low bridge area, look above you.
        BEAT [A] PLATE
        This is in plain view after the aforementioned low drop. Use Rush Coil to 
        bounce yourself up to grab it. If you've grabbed all of the other plates, 
        you will now have BEAT available when you go to the subscreen.
      After you get the Circuit Plate, climb the ladder and head back outside. Deal
      with some more annoying MetTrains in this segment and just head to the end to
      drop down in front of the boss gate.
        Charge Man is very irritating, and the weapon the does the most damage to 
        him is almost impossible to hit with. Study his attack patterns, plan on 
        using the Mega Buster, and you'll be able to come out on top.
        1. FALLING ROCKS: He will toot his horn, blow some steam (...cute), and 
           then three red fiery rocks will fall from the ceiling. Stand in between 
           them to avoid being hit.
        2. CHARGE: After the rocks, he will charge across the screen at you. Jump-
           ing over him is a bit difficult because he's larger than other Robot
           Masters. He's invincible during this move.
        3. HYPER CHARGE: After 50% of his LE has been depleted, he'll sometimes 
           turn red and charge at you faster.
        Charge Man forces you to stay on the defensive, since he's pretty much 
        always either charging at you or following you. Keep running away from him,
        and jump over him when he's getting too close. Your weapon of choice is the
        Power Stone, but good luck trying to hit with it. Use the Mega Buster in-
        stead, and fire only when he's walking after you; the rest of the time he's
        likely to be invincible, about to charge at you.
      Conquering Charge Man gives you his CHARGE KICK, and completes the eight Ro-
      bot Masters. Make sure you have Beat, enough extra lives, and nine Energy 
      Tanks. Once you select to go to the Proto Man Fortress, you have to finish 
      the game without taking a break.
      The opening of Proto Man's stage is a hazardous one, filled with pits and 
      those oh-so-annoying tigers from Napalm Man's stage. Take care of them the 
      same way you did there and make your way to the ladder at the far right. 
      Climb up the ladder and slide under those robots that drop as you go under 
      them. Head through the next section involving some platforms (the Super Arrow
      is good to use as a stepping stone here, but I usually use the Rush Jet so I 
      can save energy). At the end, use Rush Coil to bounce yourself up to the
      ladder and head upwards. Use your Mega Buster to take out the enemies here, 
      and head through this area as well, continuing to destroy the enemies that 
      come flying at you. Keep heading through this area until you reach a large 
      spike pit. Use the Rush Jet to cross this section, then take the upper path 
      when it branches. Take this path to the end and drop down the pit there and 
      proceed right to face one of those beam walkers from Star Man's stage. Take 
      it out and move on; after climbing the ladder, you'll have to deal with a set
      of those vanishing blocks. If you're good, you can simply use Rush Jet to
      maneuver through the middle once you've identified the pattern - and then use
      the Super Arrow to boost yourself up to the ladders. Complete this for the
      next two sections, and you'll find yourself in the final section of this 
      harrowing level. Deal with the robots that race at you and the ones that 
      annoyingly enough orbit you and make your way to the boss gate at the end.
        As the first of three Dark Sentinels, this one is by far the easiest to 
        take out. It will start at the right-hand side of the room and roll on its 
        tank treads towards you. As you inflict damage on it, it will get faster. 
        This means towards the end, you will definitely be jumping more than you 
        have opportunities to hit. The best weapon to use is the Water Wave, so 
        keep them going at the Sentinel while avoiding its roving pattern and Bust-
        er fire, and you'll eventually prevail. If you have to use an Energy Tank 
        here, go ahead - you can get more later.
      Defeating the Tank Sentinel advances you to the second area of Proto Man 
      Fortress. Try to save Energy Tanks for boss fights only, as there aren't a 
      lot found in the stages.
      Start off in this stage by climbing either of the ladders while avoiding the 
      track robots. Defeat/avoid the two Sniper Joes on your way up. Once at the 
      top, use the Rush Coil or the Super Arrow to give you the necessary height to
      clear the obstacle in your path. Here, you'll have to deal with the MetTrains
      from Charge Man's stage, so put your frustration aside and take them out. 
      After you make it through here, jump down the pit at the end to reach what I 
      consider the hardest part of this level. Here you have to jump from conveyor 
      belt to conveyor (which are constantly moving) while avoiding the track ro-
      bots and any other enemies that might come flying at you. It's a good idea to
      use Beat here so you can concentrate on jumping and dodging, but use whatever
      works. Make it through here and congratulate yourself, for it gets slightly 
      easier from here. Deal with the three Crystal Joes here and climb the ladder 
      at the top, then head to the right until you see three layers of platforming.
      Slide under the bottom one to gain an ENERGY TANK, but get back out before 
      you hit the spikes. Now take the top route, drop down between the spikes and 
      follow the very straightforward remainder of the path to the boss gate.
        The Crystal Eye is your best option here, aside from the charged Mega Bust-
        er. Your inability to hold a charge when struck, however, can limit the 
        effectiveness of the Buster. This Dark Sentinel doesn't seem to jump much 
        either, but he does have a rotating shield around him that tends to block 
        most attacks. Like the Tank version, he will drastically increase in speed 
        in relation to the damage he takes, but the Crystal Eye takes so much away 
        that all you need to do is really jump over him and time your shots so that
        they don't reflect. Although, I can't really say I recall a time when my 
        Crystal Eye shots *didn't* connect. Keep up the pace and this Sentinel will
        also fall.
      Defeating the Shield Sentinel advances you to the second area of Proto Man 
      Fortress. Remember, try to save Energy Tanks for boss fights only. You'll 
      probably need them for the next two battles.
      This stage takes place mostly outdoors. From the start, head to the right to 
      engage some Copter Joes. Take them out and cross the platforms through this 
      area to the other side. Climb the ladder and just proceed on through the next
      couple of vertical and horizontal sections. Once you get back outside, walk 
      to the edge and you'll have to contend with a SUPER MARIO BROS. 3-style mov-
      ing block puzzle. Before triggering it, stand at the ladder and use Rush Jet 
      to fly to the upper right to grab an ENERGY TANK, then drop onto the moving 
      puzzle as it makes its way to the right. You can use Rush Jet to fly all the
      way to the other side if you wish, though. At the end, go down the ladder and
      prepare for another Clomper Stomper fight (you can avoid this one by sliding 
      past him), then hop over the pit and climb the next ladder to find another 
      Clomper Stomper - stay on the ladder and use Beat to attack it, then head 
      over and claim another ENERGY TANK. Climb up the ladder, stay on the upper-
      most ledge and use Rush Jet to fly across the last large pit (or take on the 
      second moving block puzzle; it's up to you) to reach the boss gate.
        The third Dark Sentinel variation is by far the toughest one. This one 
        employs high jumping attacks and a special cannon that fires stun rings at 
        you, in addition to regular Buster attacks that fan out across the room. If
        you get hit by the rings, you'll be frozen and the Sentinel will take the 
        opportunity to ram into you. The best method of beating him is to use the 
        Gyro Attack and utilize the same strategy you used for Crystal Man to 
        change the blades' direction in mid-air. Just jump over the rings when you 
        can, slide to avoid the bullet spreads, and keep on the offensive to beat 
        him. Odds are you will need at least one Energy Tank in this fight, so 
        don't be afraid to use one.
      Defeating the Stun Sentinel will advance you to the final area of Proto Man 
      Fortress. You will need at least a few Energy Tanks in reserve, as the next 
      battle can be quite damaging.
      This last section of Proto Man Fortress is rather unique. Your goal is to 
      reach the top by knocking out rows of bricks. Shoot the brown blocks to make 
      the castle layers fall, but be mindful of what you are shooting and make sure
      that you don't trap yourself. Also keep in mind that there are times you'll 
      have to shoot and slide quickly to make it into certain areas. Anyway, once 
      you reach the top, head through the boss gate.
        Mega Man will advance to take on Proto Man, but gets knocked backwards by a
        single shot of death. But... wait.
      The REAL Proto Man shows up, probably a bit ticked that he's been framed. He 
      sticks around long enough only to expose the fake as another Dark Sentinel-
      style robot, and then leaves you with an ENERGY TANK.
        This battle is hard, no two ways about it. Dark Man is a powered-up version
        of the Shield-carrying Sentinel, but this time he can fire those shields 
        out horizontally and inflict quite a bit of damage. You should use the Mega
        Buster as no other weapons can accurately penetrate his shield, along with
        Beat. Beat will fly in and attack, leaving you free to fire your Buster and
        avoid his other attacks. When Beat runs out of WE, switch back to the Mega 
        Buster and finish him off. The only real problem lies in how much damage 
        Dark Man can inflict on you, so having extra Energy Tanks here is a real
        necessity. As long as you can outlast him, you'll be fine.
      Dark Man is defeated, and... wait. No... no way! Dr. Wily is behind the mad-
      ness again? Okay, okay, you got us. There is NO way anyone saw that coming.
      Anyway, the mean old doctor, having framed Proto Man for his betrayal in the
      incident with Dr. Cossack, is a little surprised that you beat his Dark Man
      robot (but not too surprised, because obviously he built a new castle and
      everything). Once Wily's speech is complete, you'll follow him to the final
      Grab the ENERGY TANK given to you at the start, and start heading down. This 
      first part of the level is a straight vertical fall similar to the one in 
      Crystal Man's stage. For the first part, stay to the left, and once you get 
      past the middle platform, move to the right to land on solid ground at the 
      bottom. Head to the right, then climb the ladder at the end. Fight your way 
      through the enemies until you reach the long hallway with spinning wheels. 
      Carefully make it through here, being sure not to jump too high due to the 
      spiked ceiling. Get past here, climb the next two ladders and maneuver across
      a jumping segment filled with more spinning wheels. If you have the room to 
      move, you can try using Rush Jet to get past parts of it easier. Get through 
      it to find a trash compactor area similar to Dust Man's from MEGA MAN 4. 
      Slide past the pistons, shoot the junk out of the way, and move only when it
      is safe to do so, then finish off this level by climbing the ladders at the 
      end and jump over the spike traps to reach the boss gate.
        This boss is pretty straightforward. You only need to worry about bouncing
        spheres or occasional energy bullets as you work on defeating this one. 
        Shoot the lower platform and leap onto it when it flies out, then shoot the
        upper one and do the same so you can be at head level with this boss, and 
        hit it in the face with the Crystal Eye to inflict major damage. Drop down 
        and avoid any attacks it is using, then repeat over and over until you have
        destroyed it.
      Surviving this battle advances you to the second area of Skull Castle. Remem-
      ber, try to keep your Energy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many 
      scattered through these levels.
      As you start heading to the right, you'll ascend a giant staircase and reach 
      a section that looks very difficult to get past. There are two pretty big 
      spike pits that you must pass, so use Rush Jet to get past them, then fall 
      down the tunnel at the end. Drop down into the water below and use the spinn-
      ing wheels to cross to a suspended ledge. Move to the right edge, and acti-
      vate Rush Jet again to sail through the next complicated set of spinning 
      wheels, and let him carry you to the other side safely. Climb up the ladders 
      and exit back to dry ground where you'll face some more standard enemies. 
      Defeat them while being careful of the scattered traps and wind your way to 
      the next ladder. Climb it to find a green version of the Clomper Stomper. 
      Defeat it by holding oto the ladder and firing the Gyro Attack vertically, 
      then carefully position yourself to fire a Super Arrow and ride it across the
      spike pit. Stick to the wall and climb it with more Super Arrows to reach the
      ladder above you. Climb it and you'll find another Clomper Stomper. Slide to
      the right so it can't jump down and hit you, and defeat it with the Gyro 
      Blade. Once it's out of the way, you'll reach the boss gate.
        This flying boss is somewhat complicated, and you may need an Energy Tank 
        to get past it because the ratio of you causing damage to getting hit is 
        pretty low. This robot flies around mostly in a figure-8 pattern of sorts, 
        and occasionally opens the flaps on its sides to fire energy orbs. You need
        to hit the machine in the eyes while the flaps are open with the Gyro Att-
        ack in order to inflict damage. Try to stay on the ground for a bit so that
        you're not being battered constantly, and only leap up to the platforms
        when you have a clear shot. Try firing the Gyro Attack vertically, then 
        changing its direction to horizontal for a slightly easier time.
      Surviving this battle advances you to the third area of Skull Castle. Remem-
      ber, try to keep your Energy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many 
      scattered through these levels.
      This stage is incredibly short, but it IS only the Robot Master rematch area.
      Head to the right and use the cannon robot to refill WE by making it respawn.
      Once you're full, enter the portal to reach the room where you'll re-fight 
      the Robot Masters. Below is the approximate layout; the ---- indicates a 
      ledge, the = are platforms, and the H's make up the two ladders.
     		         |	 	               |
    		         |		               |
    	   	         |GRAVITY     WILY       CHARGE|
    	 	         |____	      ____         ____|
    		         |     =H     ----    H=       |
    	 	         |WAVE  H     GYRO    H  NAPALM|
    	 	         |____ =H     ____    H=   ____|
    		         |      H    =    =   H        |
    	 	         |STONE H     STAR    H CRYSTAL|
    	                 |____  H     ____    H    ____|
      After every rematch with a Robot Master, you'll receive a large LE refill. 
      The last forms of Dr. Wily aren't exactly difficult, so if you find yourself
      using Energy Tanks here, don't worry too much. Once you have defeated all 
      eight, a ninth portal will appear at the top middle to take you to the first
      battle with Dr. Wily.
        Usually the first form of Dr. Wily is easy anyway, but this goes beyond 
        normal conventions. He has no attacks whatsoever except for his stomping 
        maneuver, and this is so easy to avoid that it's funny. He hovers from left
        to right, so stand to the edge of the spike pit and wait for him to settle 
        on a location to land. If you have room to slide to the left, do so. If you
        don't, then just jump over the spike trap to the right. When he comes down 
        to your level (or... is the ground coming up? I don't know), fire a charged
        Mega Buster shot to his head. Keep doing this until he's been defeated.
      Finishing this area advances you to the last area of Skull Castle. This final
      area will take you to the last battle against Dr. Wily. Make sure you have a 
      couple of Energy Tanks or a Mega Tank in reserve, just in case things don't 
      go your way.
      The final stage is pretty short as well. Here, you'll want to keep your Mega
      Buster charged throughout, and take out the beam walker when you come to it. 
      At the end of the hall, you'll encounter a pit. Fall down this long descent 
      and head through yet another long corridor. Destroy the second beam walker 
      and head to the boss gate for the final battle against Dr. Wily.
        The Wily Machine-5 is a large rolling tank. As he moves around, he'll 
        launch missiles, energy orbs, and bouncing spheres trying to hit you. Avoid
        these by sliding under his missiles, and jump to avoid the other attacks 
        while firing charged Mega Buster blasts at the eyes of the giant skull. 
        You'll probably take some damage here, but it shouldn't be too much of a 
        concern; if you have at least four Energy Tanks left, then you won't have 
        any problems at all. 
      The destruction of Wily's machine, as always, leads to the final battle. Get 
      ready for more of the same thing you've faced over and over.
        Like most of his ship forms, this is pretty standard fare. In fact, it's 
        very similar to the final battle from MEGA MAN 4, except that there is no 
        flashing light animation this time. Dr. Wily will disappear and reappear at
        random, firing energy orbs at you and others that spiral out around the 
        room. Switch to Beat and have him attack Wily while you focus on dodging 
        his energy orb attacks. Beat can sometimes attack twice per appearance, and
        as a bonus, he will sometimes "track" Wily when he's invisible and fly to
        where he'll show up. Eventually Beat will run out of WE, so hopefully you
        have that Mega Tank still in your inventory. Use it to refill your LE and 
        WE, and begin using Beat again to finish this battle once and for all.   
      Dr. Wily is defeated... again. This time he takes off running, and Mega Man 
      is hot on his heels. At the end, you'll find Dr. Light's cage, and Wily be-
      gins begging, as usual. But the castle begins to explode, throwing Wily into 
      a panic. As the roof collapses, Mega Man holds it up... and Wily uses this 
      moment to escape. Proto Man doesn't show up, but he does help you escape at 
      the last second. As Skull Castle crumbles to the ground, Mega Man and Dr. 
      Light watch Wily escape in his saucer, and Proto Man fades from the back-
      ground. Well, another day, another battle with Wily. Time to head home for 
      some coffee.
    All of the game's items are individually listed within the walkthrough segments
    themselves, but here is an abbreviated listing of the items for quick reference
    purposes, separated by each item's category.
      1. SUPER ARROW
         You'll earn this by defeating STAR MAN.
      1. RUSH JET
         You'll earn this by defeating GYRO MAN.
      2. BEAT
         Beat is unlocked by acquiring the Beat Plates from all eight Robot Master
         stages. See the stage walkthroughs for individual locations.
      1. BEAT PARTS
         There are eight plates: [M], [E], [G], [A], [M], [A], [N], and [V] that 
         need to be collected in order to activate Beat. 
         - [M] PLATE
           Get this in GRAVITY MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info. 
         - [E] PLATE
           Get this in WAVE MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [G] PLATE
           Get this in STONE MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [A] PLATE
           Get this in GYRO MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [M] PLATE
           Get this in STAR MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [A] PLATE
           Get this in CHARGE MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [N] PLATE
           Get this in NAPALM MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
         - [V] PLATE
           Get this in CRYSTAL MAN's stage. See the walkthrough for more info.
    MEGA MAN 5 has a few things here and there that count as extras in the game. 
    There aren't a lot, but they're worth checking out.
         Need spare 1-Ups? Use a Mega Tank when your LE and all WE is full, and any
         enemy on the screen when you return will have been turned into extra life
         Experiment with the Super Arrow, because you can use it as more than just
         a tool to ride on. Stack them as ledges or stairs and you can bypass areas
         that would usually require Rush Coil or Rush Jet. Another interesting 
         feature of this item is that if you fire your last one, it won't stop when
         WE is depleted; rather, it will keep flying until it hits a solid object.
         Like all games since MEGA MAN 4, the best password in the game will take 
         you as far as defeating the eight Robot Masters. This password will give 
         you Beat, but you'll have to collect Energy Tanks on your own, as the game
         does not save them in a password.
         RED:  C1 / D4 / F6
         BLUE: B4 / D6 / F1
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