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"Good, but it is pretty much rehash"

One of the main complaints about the later games of the Mega Man series is the fact that it is pretty much rehash. I figured that there would be a lot of rehashed ideas in the game, but it wouldn't be as bad as a lot of people were saying. I mean, sure, I noticed that a lot of the games in the series have mostly been thes ame, but some of them have introduced new idea. Mega Man 5 did, to a certain extent, by introducing variations of the power buster charger, as well as adding a new friend to Mega Man's lineup, Beat, who is basically a bird that comes by and helps Mega Man out by killing enemies. If that is not innovation, then I don't know what is ^_^. Unfortunately, most of the game is a lot like the earlier games in the series, so it gets zero points for innovation. It gets eight points for being fun, however.

Graphics (9/10)
This is the best looking game in the Mega Man series yet, and was only outdone by the amazing graphics in the upcoming game, Mega Man 6. Everything in this game looks great, from the backgrounds to the enemy designs. The backgrounds are well designed, varied, and fit the stage perfectly. For instance, Crystal Man's stage has a nicely designed and beautiful crystal background that looks outstanding. All of the stages have great and colorful backgrounds that fit the stages perfectly. The enemy designs in the game are fantastic and well varied, as are the character designs. Mega Man seems to have improved in look himself. Overall, the graphics in the game are fantastic.

Music and Sound Effects (9/10)
I plain old hated the music in the fourth Mega Man game, so I was hoping (praying) that the music in Mega Man 5 would return to the same classic sounds that the first three games in the series provided. And fortunately, the music in the game got the job done, as it sounded outstanding. Every piece of music in the game was great, from the music featured in the stages (I especially liked Charge Man's theme) to the boss selection screen music to the boss theme itself. Sound effects in the game are a mixed bag, I like how most of the weapons sound, and some cool sound effects are featured in the game, but I expected a bit more. Regardless, they are still great. Overall, the music and sound effects in the game are really well done.

Gameplay and Control (8/10)
This is one of the most interesting categories to rate in this game. A lot of peple said this game was mostly rehash, and they are somewhat accurate in their statements. I mean, a lot of this game is focused on primarily the same basic concepts of the first four games. You still have a choice of eight stages to go through at the beginning, each boss still has a weakness against another boss's weapon, etc. But the main addition to this game is Beat, who is basically a bird friend of Mega Man. You have to collect letters in each of the stages, and once you collect MEGAMANV in that order you can get Beat. So, now you have two special partners instead of one, because Rush has returned in this game, in his same old glory (yeah, they didn't mess him up until part six). Control in the game is great, as usual. Overall, the game is fun and featured great control, there is a lot of rehash however.

Replay Value: Above Average
I liked playing this game a lot, and still play it ocassionally, even today. It really is a fun game that doesn't really feel like the ''same old, same old'' even if it is for the most part. There are not as musch secrets featured in this game as there are in part six of the series, but the game still has decent replay value nevertheless. Overall, the replay value in the game is above average.

Challenge: Slighty Above Average
This is quite possibly the easiest game of the six in the NES series. I have noticed that the challenge has decreased with each passing game, and this game is pretty easy compared to the first four in the series. Still, it's a Mega Man game, so you know it's tough. Overall, this is an easy game compared to the first four, but it is still pretty challenging.

Overall (8/10)
An interesting game, this is. On one hand, it is very fun to play, and features great graphics and music. Plus, it added Mega Man's new friend, Beat. Unfortunately, it is mostly rehash, so I can't give it any higher than an 8, but I still reccomend purchasing it, if not for a collection than just to have and play, because it is a good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/00, Updated 07/10/00

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