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"Megaman 2? Screw that game, this game owns it!"

Megaman 5 for NES owns. To be honest, I started the NES Megaman series with Megaman 2. I found it a okay game and not so much fun. Which turned me off from the series. One day I was bored though, and decided to get Megaman 5 for some odd reason. All I can say is, I loved it compared to Megaman 2 and think it's a excellent game. So, onto the review!

Graphics:10/10:Easily some of the best Graphics on the NES. Level designs are just awesome. Especially Crystal and Star Man's levels. The enemies are designed well and Megaman himself looks the same. Bosses are designed cool as well and I overall just thought the Graphics were amazing. So, the Graphics get a 10/10/ Now, then onto the most important category Gameplay.

Gameplay:10/10:Megaman 5 is mostly typical Megaman fare. You'll still be jumping, shooting and dashing. Defeating the eight master robots then going through the fortress at the end. The levels however are innovative, fun and challenging. In some levels like Gravity Man's you have to deal with gravity. You must guide Megaman as he flies through the air and onto the top of walls while shooting enemies and dodging obstacles throughout that level. Did I also mention the game was quite difficult?

Megaman 5 doesn't joke around when it comes to difficulty. It's almost guaranteed you'll die a few times when you do a level. You'll need to practice a lot and get used to enemy patterns. While at the same time also getting used to jumping across certain platforms. The bosses in the game are no joke either. Without their weaknesses your in for a major challenge. You can still of course get a boss's weakness and own them with it though. So, now onto the weapons.

Weapons are pretty innovative in Megaman 5. For example Stone Man's weapon requires you to be a certain distance to hit a enemy. While, the Kick Weapon requires Megaman to dash then press the B button. Almost every weapon is used in a different way and still serve the same purpose of being used to easily defeat the robot masters. So, overall Megaman 5 is great. It's a lot of fun, challenging and innovative. Overall the Gameplay gets a 10/10 from me. Last onto the Music.

Music:10/10:The Music in Megaman 5 is fantastic. I especially love Wave Man's Music. Sound effects are typical Megaman fare, but the songs are just awesome. Overall same sound effects, but awesome Music. So, Music gets a 10/10. Well, every category has been graded by me so, what does Megaman 5 come out as overall?

10/10:Megaman 5 was the first of the NES Megamans I beat although I have played almost all of them. I had a lot of fun with the game and it was challenging. The levels were also innovative as well. The Graphics owned mostly because of the awesome level designs which just looked incredibly awesome. Music once again was excellent and most of the Music in the game is very catchy and well done. So, Overall Megaman 5 is a fantastic platformer for the NES and you do not want to miss out on this excellent experience! Megaman 5 gets a well deserved 10/10 from Lord_Kefka.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/29/08

Game Release: Mega Man 5 (US, 12/31/92)

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