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"A fun, yet completely overlooked game."

New year, same sort of deal. More reviews to come over the next twelve months that you can attach your eyeballs too like the hypnotic trance that they are. Except, this time around, instead of just reviewing older games from the wonderful golden ages of video gaming, I've decided to delve into the realm of the new age video gaming to not only expand my message of totally unbiased reviewing, but for those sweet, sweet, high as all hell contribute hits that I seem to get from those popular games. Hurray for selling out, and it feels great. Don't even try to stop me….

Like you probably even give a flying fu...

Anyways, Christmas is over, and new games have been added to my list of NES games. One of these games is the fifth installment of the Megaman series, often considered to be the so called “black sheep” of the entire NES Megaman games, you know, before they decided to REALLY absolutely crush Megaman's creditability with 'oh so' wonderful games like Megaman 64, but I digress.

I honestly don't know why people don't really like this one as much as the other games. It looks great, it sounds great, and the levels are quite imaginative and creative. Sure, they might not be pushing the NES limits like with game like Super Mario Bros 3 or Battle toads, but the fact that most of these levels put a smile on my face and left me basking in a glowing sense of euphoria, well, that pretty much just makes it for me.

As with all Megaman games, the challenge has always been high, and Megaman 5 is no exception, but I'll admit, compared to the first and second games, five does feel a little bit easier than you might expect, mostly due to the semi-new charge feature on the Mega buster that can plow through enemies. Granted, if you played the game by following the order of the bosses from the easiest to the hardest, then Megaman 5 actually has a nice structure and is quite fair, for the most part anyway. While many of the stages usually have a nice challenging, varied design that are created to test your platforming skills, as well as winding it up with a threatening boss that compliments with the theme of the level, others aren't as forgiving and offer up nothing but cheap surprises. A few of them are usually just beginner traps that you can over come with trial and error runs, but other have absolutely no rhyme or strategy. All you can do is run and/or jump and pray you don't get hit by projectiles and fall down a conveniently placed hole and loose a life.

Just like any other Mega Man game, each time you destroy a boss in Mega Man 5, you gain a special power that supposedly help you along the way to make specific parts easier, but unfortunately, to be honest, I hardly ever used these powers half the time, considering that non of them were really all that powerful, especially when it came to fighting all the other bosses. Its unfortunate seeing as how the other Mega Man games didn't play like that. This could have been done a lot better.

That being said, the game is pretty generous with its extra lives and energy units, especially, and unfortunately, at the beginning of the game were you won't take as much damage. All that pretty much changes when you process throughout the game, making it rather annoying, yet respectfully challenging. Luckily, there are enemies in this game that release unlimited mini sub-enemies at you that only take one hit to kill and will release items when they die. It's a grinders dream, but again, this usually happens at the beginning, but let me tell you, when you close to the end of the game, you'll feel overjoyed when this common game flaw comes around.

The game is quite a graphical slender, but that's usually to be expected, seeing as how many Capcom games, especially their Megaman games, are graphical galore in comparison to many games at their time period on the console. Seeing as how this game was released in 1992, however, it could have been improved by just putting this game on the SNES beside the Mega Man X games, but even still, the NES still can hold its own in this department, especial since I personally think that Megaman 5 is the best looking game in the NES series. Seriously, no joke, and I think is has to do with robot masters. Out of all the NES games, they probably have to best looking, stylish and varied design on both the robot master select screen and on the battle field.

In all honesty though, this really is the time when Capcom really was running out of names for their bosses. While names like Napalm Man and Wave Man are perfectly fine, and kind of spunky, others like Star Man or Stone Man just sound weak. Sure, they're fun bosses, but just don't seem to be as satisfying by having these ludicrous names. The worst though is one named Gyro man. Seriously, Gyro Man? Doesn't that just sound dirty? Goes well with his name, seeing as the guy is pulls off the dirties tricks when you face him in the boss-battle screen.

Besides that, the levels are vibrant, colorful and mix well with the enemies that they surround, and combine that with Capcoms common forte with their ability to create a awesome soundtrack and you've got one hell of an atmosphere that just keeps delivering every time in a game that really deserves it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/11, Updated 07/09/12

Game Release: Mega Man 5 (US, 12/31/92)

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