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Reviewed: 02/27/12

The runt of the Megaman litter.

Unlike most people, my favorite Mega Man game was number 4. Megaman 4 was a pioneer in many of the things that Megaman now has. One of those things being the chargeable Mega-buster, and another one of those things being hidden secrets. Megaman 4 also had a great roster of villains and a kick-butt sound-track. Megaman 4 was, in my opinion, the peak of the Megaman series. ...And then it started going down-hill with Megaman 5. What is it about Megaman 5 that makes it worse than the others? Let me tell you why.

Graphics: First we will talk about stage design. To be honest, I can't complain too badly here. We have a nice water-themed stage that has a new, fresh feel to it. We have a space themed stage and a train stage that are also new and fresh. ...But the other stages are mediocre. The cave stage, the sky stage, the power-plant stage (Gravity Man's stage), while none of the remaining six stages are bad, they're stages that have pretty much been done before. I mean, just cause you share a theme doesn't mean you can't be different. Again, look at Wave Man's stage. The robot masters aren't terrible either, but they're not amazing at that. Stone man looks pretty dumb, Star man is uninspired, and Crystal Man is pretty boring. The rest aren't too bad though. Wave man and Napalm man are pretty cool.

Sound: This is one of the things I hate about Megaman 5 the most is its sound-track. Compared to Megaman 3 and 4, Megaman 5's sound-track is a JOKE! The stage theme's poorly represent their respective stages. Gravity Man's theme is so generic, Wave Man's theme is depressingly dull, Napalm Man's theme tries too hard, and the rest are just forgettable. Worst soundtrack in the series? Well, to be honest, Megaman 1 wasn't that amazing in the department either, but... Oh yeah, worst in the series. The sound effects are pretty much the same as any Megaman game.

Gameplay: Megaman 5 falls flat here, too. While it's not bad, per say. It is the same Megaman gameplay you know and love. But the lack-luster sound track makes it a lot less fun. But that's not all: Rush has ALSO been fiddled with. The Rush Coil from 3 and 4 has been beaten with a hammer. Instead of having the spring on his back, he now hops on a spring. With 3 and 4, if you walk up to it without jumping on, you'll still be sent upward. But this time around, the rush coil has a high malfunction rate. You have to be on top of it for it to work, or else it will jump without you. The Rush Jet also seems harder to use as well. ...No Rush Marine this time.

The boss fights are also among the worst, as there's less challenge to them than there were in past. Star Man for example, oh it has to do with space so it must be one of the harder ones. NOPE! Star Man is an example of how easy the Robot masters are. The others are mostly mediocre in challenge, with Gravity Man being the only challenging one, which doesn't say much.

Summary: Megaman 5 may be lack-luster, but it's still okay if you're a die-hard Megaman fan. Me, I personally would skip this one and go straight to Megaman 6. Megaman 6 has better bosses, better music, better most things, actually. ...But that's just my opinion. Everyone's opinion differs.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Mega Man 5 (US, 12/31/92)

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