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"This is easily the best one in the NES collection, and probably the best one in the whole damn series."

Mega Man 5 is the perfect example of a perfect NES game. This one pushed the Nintendo to its technical limits in terms of graphics, sound, and gameplay. This game is truly a joy to look at, hear, and play. If you pick any of the Mega Mans in the world up, make it be this one!

Graphics: 10/10

The enemies are extremely diverse, detailed, and well-animated for the NES. The backgrounds are done wonderfully, with vibrant, varied colors. The custom energy shots (ESPECIALLY the Level 3 Shot, it's huge!!!) look great. The Bosses (especially the Dr. Wily ones) look GREAT. And Mega Man still looks the same. But that's what we like, isn't it? ^_~ Mega Man 5 is easily the best out of the series graphically.

Music/Sound: 10/10

THIS is the way NES music should be done, if done at all. Every tune is great, and perfectly fits each stage. Sure, it's still synthesized, but it's GOOD synthesized (I love the Dr. Wily stage music). Even the Boss Theme is great. Does anyone besides me wish they could find Mega Man NES soundtracks? ^_~

Story: N/A

The Mega Man story takes a new twist this time around. This time, it seems that Proto Man, Mega Man's red-clad brother, and a once trusted ally, has gone berserk, and has created eight powerful robots to take over the world for him - Stone Man, who can create massive stones to crush all; Charge Man, and incredibly fast and fierce robot; Wave Man, who can fire waves at his opponents to damage them; Star Man, who can, uh, use the power of the stars to his advantage; Gravity Man, who defies and controls all laws of gravity; Gyro Man, who can toss searing blades at his enemies, not to mention fly; Crystal Man, who can fire extremely hard and heavy crystals to crush his enemies; and Napalm Man, who can blow anything up with his Napalm Bombs. And just for a little added flavor, he's kidnapped Dr. Light too. Of course, Mega Man answers the call of duty and thus, his fifth adventure begins. But has Proto Man really betrayed everyone? Could he possibly be being framed by a certain someone? We'll see...

Control: 10/10

As usual, the Mega Man controls are perfect. Nothing has changed here.

Fun Factor: 9/10

This is the best classic Mega Man gets, folks. Not only is this a long game, but it isn't monotonous either, except for one part. Thankfully, the hidden-item tradition is carried over from Mega Man 4 into Part 5. This time around, you must find eight hidden circuit plates with the characters "M" "E" "G" "A" "M" "A" "N" "V" on them. One is in each of the eight robot stages. Once you collect all of them, the new character, Beat, is introduced. This little robotic bird is a great helper - he'll fly around the screen and home in on enemies, usually killing them instantly! Collecting the circuit plates is great fun, and the game itself is also. But Proto Man's castle can get extremely frustrating and dragged out for some gamers, which is why a point is lost here. Otherwise, you'll be having fun the whole time through. Enjoy. :)

Overall: 10/10

Mega Man 5 could very well be the best NES game ever made, folks. Super Mario Bros. can step aside - Mega Man 5 outdoes it in every way. It has everything at it's technical best. Enjoy the glory of Mega Man while you still can, people - because everything starts going somewhat downhill from here, starting with Mega Man's decline in Mega Man 6. This is the best.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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