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"Nice rebound from part 4"

After the disappointing Mega Man 4, Capcom needed to come back with a bang. So I was definitely expecting a lot out of Mega Man 5. How could I not be? I was severely pissed off with Capcom after the substandard effort that was Mega Man 4, so I expected them to make Mega Man 5 a truly awesome game. I may have even doubted them for a second or two, which would have been a huge mistake, because it turned out that they came back with a monster game! Yep, Mega Man 5 was an awesome game that I still play to this day! It is my second favorite of the NES series, as well.

Storyline – Finally, there are some added plot twists to this game, which advances the boring and stale storyline the series had been offering up to this point. Someone has kidnapped Dr. Wily, and when Mega man goes to investigate, a scarf falls into his hands.. the scarf of his brother, Protoman. And let the fun begin.

Graphics – This is one of the better looking games on the NES in my opinion. I really liked the enemy designs in the game, as Capcom did a great job with both the design and the variety. I especially like how they are trying new things in the enemy design department, for instance, there is now a huge surplus of huge flying enemies. The backgrounds in the game are also well varied and very well designed, as well. I am definitely a fan of the graphics in this game, for sure.

Music and Sound Effects – Hello Ladies! After the disappointing music in Mega Man 4, Capcom definitely needed to regroup, and they did so, because the music in Mega Man 5 returns the series to the good music category, where it should always be. The music in the game sounds great, and all the tunes are solid. I especially liked Charge Man’s theme, it was great. The sound effects are standard Mega Man stuff, which means its also pretty good. Ka-ching!

Gameplay and Control – You still need to switch weapons using the pause screen, but otherwise the control in this game is really solid. And you can’t really totally blame Capcom for the pause screen thing, of course. The gameplay is the same basic Mega Man stuff, besides the fact there is now a new addition to Mega Man’s arsenal, Beat. To get BEAT, you have to collect a letter in each stage.. if you get all 8 (which spell out MEGAMANV, no less), you will get him. He is a bird who helps you out sort of like Rush does. I really enjoyed playing this game.

Replay Value – A truly awesome game that can be replayed over and over again!

Challenge – Sadly, the Mega Man challenge curve went south after the third game or so...

Overall – I love this game, although not as much as part 3. Still, it’s an awesome game. Get it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/13/01, Updated 03/13/01

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