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"The series improves once again...."

Megaman 5 does everything that the other Megaman games did and improved upon it. You get a new friend in this game, beat, and hes pretty cool too. He/She's just a bird you attacks just about everything that every comes across to you. Well, onto to the review!

Graphics - 10
Superb. Definantly better than Megaman 4. The parralax scrolling in this game are really very very cool (wave mans stage). Some of the bosses are pretty bland because they seem as if they have no innovation. Take Gravity man for example. While he looks good (hes even on the cover of the game) all he does is move up and down shooting you. But then again you too move up and down so it isnt a total loss (you'll see what I mean soon enough). The backgrounds are pretty cool too, I really like them in Wave Mans stage and Crystal Mans stage.

Sound - 7
Pretty good. Nothing worth to note about, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing....

Gameplay - 9
Just like your typical Megaman game. Except now you can collect the letters M E G A M A N V, and if you do you get beat. Theres one letter in each of the beggining levels. And now istead of getting 4 levels after you beat the first 8 bosses, you get 8 levels! 4 levels to Proto Man and then another 4 levels to Dr. Wily (who would of guessed that?).

Frustration - 7
Theres actually really only a few parts of this game that are frustrating. Crystal Man's stage and some of the stages to Proto Man and Dr. Wily.

Fun Factor - 8
Its pretty fun. It sucks though that the password doesnt save how much Energy Tanks you have. And there are some pretty annoying levels.

Group Fun Factor - 5
Unless the people your playing with are just trying to help you and not hogging the controller, it'll be somewhat of a pleasent experiance.

Replay Value - 8
This Megaman game actually doesnt have that much lasting appeal. You'll probably just beat it once or twice and never touch it again.

Overall - 8
Its fun the first time you play it, but after that it goes all downhill, and I dont like that. Its still worth a buy (I said buy, not emulate). Go check it out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/12/01, Updated 04/12/01

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