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Reviewed: 06/08/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

The beginning of the GOOD evolution of the Mega Man series


Mega Man 5 is one of the best Mega Man games ever created and is almost as good as part six. Released by Capcom in 1992, I think as Mega Man 5 as the beginning of the evolution of the Mega Man series, from a good series to an outstanding series. A lot of people talk about this game like it is not a good game and how it destroyed the Mega Man series.

And I can kind of see where they are coming from, after all, the series has been going on for a while, with sequel after sequel being released. But in the end I think the later games in the series were better than the earlier games in the series. Oh well, maybe that is just my opinion. Anyways, on with my updated review to Mega Man 5!

Storyline (5.2/10)

The storyline in the Mega man series has never really been top notch, and the storyline in this game is no exception. It is just as unoriginal and boring as the other games in the series when it comes to storyline. The basic storyline is this: Protoman comes and steals some robots from Dr. Light's factory. Mega Man has no clue who is doing it until Protoman's scarf lands in his hands. Then he is confused, because Protoman is his brother! Overall, the storyline is unoriginal and kind of boring.

Graphics (9.3/10)

The graphics are some of the best on the NES. The backgrounds are outstandingly designed and are great to look at. I especially enjoyed the backgrounds to the Crystal Man stage. The character and enemy designs are great, as well, but the one thing I remember most about this game's graphics is that Mega Man 5 looked very small during the game while walking

Character designsin the game are great but nothing special. I will talk about the boss designs here as well since there are really no characters in Mega Man 5 besides Mega Man himself, Proto Man, and Dr Wily (yeah, like he's not in this game.... riiiiiight *rolls eyes*). The boss designs in the game are great, and they have definitely improved since the days of the original Mega Man game (Fire Man, Ice Man, what creativity!) I especially like the design of Chrage Man, he is yellow and orange and shoots rocket out of his battery pack. It's really cool.

Enemy designsin the game are solid as well. A lot of the enemies look like they did in the other games in the series, but with a few new innovations. For instance, think back to the original Mega Man game. Remember the hard hat enemies in the game? Well they are back in this game, but this time they have a much cleaner look to them, and it is definitely much better.

Overall, the graphics in Mega Man 5 are pretty good. Mega Man may seem a bit small when walking around through the stages, but overall the graphics are great, from the backgrounds to the enemy designs to the character designs.

Music/Sound Effects (9.1/10)

When reviewing the Mega Man series, there is one very important factor to discuss: the music. Because everyone knows the Mega Man series has always been known for its outstanding music. In my opinion (and I am sure a lot of you will agree) Mega Man 3 still has the best music in the NES series and quite possibly the best music of any NES game. Still, the music in Mega Man 6 is still quite good.

Musicin the game is top notch, as is to be expected from the Mega Man series. After the disappointing music in Mega Man 4, Capcom really came back with a bang. I like the music in Crystal Man's stage a lot, it really has this cool beat to it that is very effective. The music in each stage really fits the feeling of each stage well, especially the music in the later stages of the game (although it is not quite as good as I would have liked, the music in the final stages is still pretty good nevertheless.) Overall, the music in the game is great and is much better than the music in Mega Man 4.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in Mega Man 5 are great, although there really isn't anything here that hasn't been done before. The sounds of the guns and enemies dying sounds the same, as do the sound that occurs when Mega Man dies, even if the sound does sound a bit different than it used to in some of the older Mega Man games. Overall, the sound effects are decent.

Overall, the music and sound effects in Mega Man 5 are great. Capcom delivered some outstanding music following the disappointment of Mega Man 4, and the sound effects are also above average. No complaints here.

Control (9.2/10)

The control in the game is very good, as well. I like the control in the game, and while i know it is impossible to do with a NES controller, I would have liked an option to switch special weapons without going to the start screen. I found it quite tiring after a while to go to the pause screen to find my weapon, select it, then unpause the screen. Still, I know because of the NES controller (there are no buttons on top of the controller) that it would be unable to do that. Oh well. Overall, the control in the game is still great!

Gameplay (9.7/10)

This is classic Mega Man action all the way. The order in which you beat the bosses is important because after beating a boss you gain a special weapon. Certain bosses are weak against certain weapons, making them easier to kill. The major addition to the gameplay is finding a letter in each stage. They are hard to get, and finding all eight spells out MEGAMANV. Finding all the letters gets you the power to access your special flying partner, Beat.

I think there is some bias against this game (and Mega Man 6, as well) because there have been so many sequels, that people see this and say ''oh, it is just like the other games in the series.'' Well I can tell you, it is not like the other games in the series. Well, it is a lot alike (of course) but there are some innovations, including the ability to get different forms of Rush, your special partner Beat, and more.

Overall, the gameplay in Mega Man 5 may be a lot like the other games in the series, but it is still fun to play nevertheless.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: High

Mega Man 5 is great fun, and it has great replay value also. I remember when I first got this game I did not want to put it down because it was so much fun. Add to the fun factor the fact that there is a lot of secrets to find in the game, and you have a game with high replay value! Overall, the replay value in Mega Man 5 is high.

Challenge: Medium

A major problem with the later games in the Mega Man series is the fact that the games were kind of easy, and Mega Man 5 is no exception. The stages can be defeated with relative ease, and most of the bosses provide little challenge. The game does get kind of tough once you enter the final stages, however, which is a relief.

-The game is just so much fun to play
-Provides some innovation to the series
-The music rebounds from part 4

-The game really isn't all that challenging
-The storyline is kind of basic
-It may be too much like the other games in the series

Overall (9.7/10)

Mega Man 5 (and 6) have been blasted for some strange reason. This game is great, fun to play, and definetly one of the best in the series.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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