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Reviewed: 05/22/01 | Updated: 05/22/01

The series starts to drift, but this is still good

The Mega Man series is a long running line of games under Capcom's belt that has offered gamers great 2D gameplay, catchy, hummable tunes, and a some of the most fun fans could ever have. While Capcom has stayed true to the series trademarks with the 5th release, Mega Man 5, the overall product doesn't meet the standards that was set by the MM 1-4, or even 7 and 8.

In MM 5, Proto Man, Mega Man's brother has gone berserk. He kidnapped Dr. Light, and eight new robots under his command are threatening the city. Once again, Mega Man must put a stop to the madness. This is one area where the game loses it steam; the story. If you've played through MM4, then you can guess how the rest of the story unfolds as you reach the end. You get the feeling Capcom's story board couldn't think of anything new to put on paper.

This time Mega Man takes on the likes of Wave Man, Star Man, Stone Man, Gravity Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, Crystal Man, and Gyro Man. By now anyone knows the drill. Destroy these robots and get their powers to use as your own. However, the robot masters powers are almost totally useless as every one of them can be defeated using Mega Man's default weapon, the Mega Buster. While the robot masters are certainly weak to a particular robot master's weapon, its possible to go through the whole game using only the Mega Buster.

The gameplay in MM5 isn't quite up to the quality that was in earlier titles or even later MM games. While the gameplay here is still good, it doesn't reach the high points that it should have. The series does have some new innovations like walking on the ceiling in Gravity Man's stage and hidden passages in Stone Man and Napalm Man's stage. Then there are the rare ''M'' can's that not only restore Mega Man's energy to full, but all of his weapons as well. Each level also has a letter for you to collect. Find them all and you'll spell ''MEGA MAN V.'' Doing so allows you to contact the crime fighting bird named Beat, who will swoop down on enemies.

As it always has been with the series, MM 5 looks great. It looks only slightly better than MM4. The tunes are as catchy and hummable as ever.

If you're a MM fan, getting MM5 is a no-brainer. If you're a newbie, it helps to know that there are better MM games out there. MM5 is not a bad game by any means. However, it comes up short when compared to other MM titles.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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