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"Mega Man is still as good as ever!"

Mega Man 5 is pretty good,do not play it to expect new stuff though,because it is basically the same thing so far,which is a good thing for people who have liked the Mega Man formula (Which I have,myself).

Graphics-9-The graphics are some of the Nintendo's best!The backgrounds are colorful as well as the enemies and such,I really appreciated the excellent amount of detail that Capcom had put into this game.

Music-8-The music is also quite well too.Of course it is not the best, since it is on the Nintendo (obviously), but it is well enough to suffice to be well acceptable on the Nintendo.

Sound Effects-7-I know that I am being quite generous here,most Nintendo game sound effects comprise of many different bleeps,and fuzzy sounds,so it should not be very surprising here either.Most sounds have been recycled from previous Mega Man games anyways.

Control-10-The control is perfection!It can't be any better,you should have no complaints what so ever,it has remained unchanged since Mega Man 1,very basic controls,very simple.

Story-7-The story is pretty good for a Nintendo game,one of the first good stories for a Mega Man game too,since it has a plot twist in it (Which was very uncommon in the NES days),but I will not say anything about it.The opening of the story explains in 20XX A.D,eight more robots are out to destroy the world again, and the man behind this is......Proto Man!?Proto Man kidnaps Dr.Light,and Mega Man is out to defeat the eight robot masters once again.

Game Play-9-This Mega Man game is also quite fun to play too,as long as you are not expecting something new.Capcom has also added a new character to the Mega Man games-Beat,in each of the eight robot master stages,there are eight items to collect,they spell out MEGA MAN V,once you get them all,Beat is activated.Capcom has also created Mega Tanks,which not only refill your energy,but all your weapon energy as well.The game still uses a password system to keep track of your progress too.

Good Parts:

-The game series are still fun to play,as long as you are not expecting something new.

-Better story than most of the Mega Man games so far.

-Password system to keep track of progress makes it easier to get back to what you were doing.

Bad Parts:

-If you are expecting something new,you will be disappointed.

-Some of the later bosses can be pretty dumb (Capcom probably got lazy on the AI part here,no offense to them.).

Buy or rent?Well,it is a Nintendo game.....the chances of finding it for rent are.....well,VERY slim.The only choice would be to buy it,try your local Funcoland,used game store,or ebay.

Overall score:8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/04/01, Updated 08/04/01

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