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"The most fun you'll ever have playing the NES"

MegaMan 5 is definitely my favorite MegaMan game of all time! It has A storyline, something the other games lacked, great music and great everything!

Story 8/10
In the year 20XX, a vicious army or robots is bent on destroying the world! And behind this destruction is…Protoman?! That’s right, MegaMan’s engineered brother has kidnapped Dr. Light, and sent his army to destroy Rock. This was about the only good storyline in the series, with an actual plot twist. As MegaMan, you must defeat your Brother and save Light, and finish off his evil army. Charge Man, the walking barricade. Crystal Man, with the power to launch bouncing crystal bombs. Gravity Man, with the ability to walk on walls and ceilings. Gyro Man, who’ll rip you apart with his large spinning blades. Napalm Man, with an arsenal of explosive weapons at his side. Star Man, with the ability to create a cosmic shield around him. Stone Man, with his strong body and barraging stones. Wave Man, with the control of the seas, and the powerful hook on his hand. The bosses don’t sound too original, which is why this section is brought down.

GamePlay 8/10
The gameplay was as it is in every other MegaMan game. You can run, you can shoot, you can jump,and you can slide. The password system had a little change, they took out Rush Marine (and replaced it with the Super Arrow, which is like the Rush Jet) and they have added secrets in this game! N each level, there is a letter hidden, or sometimes out in the open. If you collect all of them, spelling M E G A M A N V, you get access to a secret weapon/character. Beat is unlocked, MegaMan’s new pet bird! He simply flies around, and attacks everything on the screen. It may not sound flashy, but it comes in handy, especially for the final boss.

Graphics 9/10
The sprites are about as detailed as MegaMan 4’s, the background is a little more detailed (and nauseating in Charge Man’s level), and the Mega Buster is larger than before. That’s about it.

Sound 10/10
Yes, giving it a 10 makes me look insane. But for its time, the sound was really good. It was more clear and crisp than any of the earlier games, and louder too! The music is what really brought this up. The music not only fits in with each level, but it is impossible to not find a catchy tune. I still hear Napalm Man’s theme in my head once in a while.

Replay Value: High
Capcom really tried to make this game fun! Almost each level has something “fun” about it. In Wave Man’s, you get to ride a jet ski. In Gravity Man’s you get to continually walk upside down. In Star Man’s, you get to jump high, and I like to make a game of dodging the meteors in the beginning of the stage. Of course, there is much more than just that. I found the Blue’s stages fun, same to the bosses. The ending was great, and I usually played the game just to hear the music.

To buy or to rent
Buy. This game is extremely fun, has great music, and is definitely worth paying a couple of bucks for.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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