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"Why Protoman, why?"

Once again, Megaman is called upon to destroy yet ANOTHER 8 robot bosses that threaten to dominate the world for their creator...Mega man is quite used to this, considering he did this 4 times before,but this time, it isn't Dr. Wily, but..his own brother?!?!


Shocked, Megaman goes out to destroy these next 8 bosses, and find out, why did protoman do this? Why did he unleash these 8 killer robots?

You control megaman through 8 new robotic worlds, each with their own hazards, and end boss. After that, you get to go to protomans fortress to bust up even more robots and find out why protoman did this heinous act.

It isn't any different from the previous 4 mega man games, but graphics are improved, feels more futuristic, and it has 8 new weapons, and new gadget for you to toy around with. For added challenge and fun, you collect 1 letter in each of the levels to spell ''MEGAMANV'' to get a new power up to help you in your quest. And if you want to, you can go back to a level you have already cleared by selecting it and pressing START.

No change here, you are really hurting if you cannot run, jump, and shoot. However, since the 3&4 Mega man games, you can press Down+A to slide and charge you arm cannon, which in turn because of that, is now called the Mega Buster.

The music is very pleasing to the ear, and sound effects well done. Could be better, but I have no complaints on any of the sound issues in this game.

Futuristic type graphics give it a well....futuristic feel to it. The bosses look better than ever before, and richer in vibrant coloring. Well drawn and well done.

Like the other 4 in the series, this one is very kid-friendly, and can be played by just about anyone you can think of.

Replay Value-9
One good play always deserves about 50 more. I personally have played this one at least 15 times. Boring? No way!

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?
Mega man says ''Buy Me!'' I have no regrets!

Once again, Dr Light has not yet constructed a blasted save point!!!! Will he ever build one? I don't know..However, it still uses the password feature unique to the mega man series...Dots on a small grid, when put in the right order, Voila! a password!

Player Info
Mega man never has help..for the 5th time, he goes solo again. One player.

Game Info
An adventure game with a slight futuristic feel, with megaman saving the world, for the fifth time.

Company Info
Nintendo and Capcom

Easy to Moderate

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/08/01, Updated 11/08/01

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