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"Better than Mega Man 4 in most respects."

Plugging along in the Mega Man series, you’re bound to run into one game that has some slightly better improvements over the previous games and with that, you come to Mega Man 5. The story line has changed once again, in which you have to deal with the menace known as Proto Man, Mega Man’s brother and defeat the different robots that have been stolen from Dr. Light’s laboratory and re-programmed for evil use! This particular story line is about as used up as anything else, but good action games really don’t need much of a story, let alone a solid plot to get you into them, right? With a couple of more game play additions that have been added in such as the extra Rush forms, and the ability to collect and use a new partner, you’ll find that the challenge of the game rests solely on your ability to explore through the entire game. Visually appealing and with re-sparked audio that has been drastically changed from the previous Mega Man {gah Mega Man 4 sucked in the music department}, you’ll find that there are enough changes to warrant a good score, although the game still is more of the same!

Again, the game play here is strictly your run and gun action with a couple of interesting plot twists thrown in for good measure. If you’re into games that feature plenty of jumping action, then you’ve come to the right place, and in this particular game, you have the ability to use different forms of your partner Rush, as well as collect the letters that will allow you to use the bird, Beat! While this may seem a rather trivial pursuit and a waste of time, you’ll find that the extra added forms of Rush and the ability to use Beat at any given time {once you’ve attained him} improves the game play and can actually create different ways to tackle the game. The boss characters have also been redesigned, but you’ll still find that all of the powers you attain, you’ve seen from other games, and this has been a tooth grating since Mega Man 3. This isn’t to say that Mega Man 5 isn’t any fun to play, because it can be, but the overall replay value of the game is diminished further by the fact that once you’ve been through the game, it’ll sit quietly on the shelf to collect dust, just like the others before it!

Control in Mega Man 5 has changed in one regard from the previous game, and that is with the need to use the pause screen to select your different weapons once you’ve obtained them. Other than that, if you’ve learned how to do the slide, charge up your shots and otherwise, you’ll find that there has been nothing else done to the control that really sets it apart from the other games! Yet again in Mega Man, there are plenty of instances of the ever present NES Ghost Control in which you never have full precision over the Blue Bomber and I’ve said the following before, and I’ll continue to say it until there is something different that tells me otherwise. If you’re heavy into NES gaming, then you should have no problem figuring out how to get around this problem, but if you’ve never played the old Mega Man games, then you’ll find that the game takes on a certain amount of difficulty that takes patience and practice to get through.

Visually, the game is truly appealing, more or less in the way that the bosses and the regular enemy characters are presented throughout the entire game. First of all, the bosses that you go up against are rather detailed, and seem to have a personality all of their own, but you’ll find that the powers they exhibit are just like all of the other ones that you’ve seen in previous games! The backgrounds have also been amped up with the different themes, with some of those themes really immersing you in the overall feel of the game. However, if you’re looking for a larger version of Mega Man, you really won’t find him, because for some odd reason, he looks to have been shrunk against the backgrounds that he’s adventuring through. This is nothing that you can’t overlook mind you, but it is slightly disheartening to see that our favorite Blue Bomber has been miniaturized into something like this!

In the audio department, Mega Man has forgotten all about the crap they produced in the fourth installment of the series and actually come up with some action inspiring themes that you’ll definitely take notice of throughout the entire game! One of the most uplifting sequences of the game comes with the Charge Man stage {I must concur with other reviewers on this} and you’ll find that the upbeat attitude of the overall music throughout is memorable enough that you’ll hum a couple of the tunes even after you’ve changed the stage. The sound effects though, are still of your original Mega Man flare, and have been reproduced from the previous games, with very little changes to them. However, if you’re a Mega Man fan, then you’ll find that this part of the audio aspect isn’t a downfall, but rather a familiar territory that is well worth listening to.

Mega Man 5 is a wonderful action game that truly brings to life a new way of the series. Although it is toted as being more of the same, that statement could be taken as half right in most respects. While the main goal of the game is the same and it hasn’t changed, there are just enough improvements in other areas to show that the game isn’t just riding on the coat tails of the previous games in the series! Although the control is still off {in my own opinion of course} and some of the bosses could have had some unique powers, you’ll still find that this is a worthy addition to the Mega Man series and could be the best of the series thus far. Needless to say, it’s another NES game in the collection, and vital if you want to see the difference between the original release and the change of the game throughout the entire series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/02, Updated 01/02/02

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