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"Capcom doesn't even try anymore..."

Welcome to one of the worst megaman games in the series, even I, a megaman fanatic cannot like this trash. They say Megaman 6 is a bad game which it really isn't as this trash piece offers rehashed Grade C bosses, no new features and a Terrible storyline offering up Protoman as our villain. If protoman is trying to replace Wily he sure isn't doing a good job.

Story 2/10
Wilys not around anymore it seems so everyone is at peace. Well I guess Protoman needed more paychecks as he Swipes up Dr. Light and his new technology. Protoman has built 8 crappy robots to stall you while he, well sits in his castle. Shoot! It doesn't even seem hes aiming at world domination either, then why Proto???

Gameplay 4/10
Your standard megaman game complete with Arm-Pit Shooting, Slides, and Strange jumps. I don't know how they messed that up at Capcom but they did. Megaman now takes twice as much damage as he did in 4, his speed is so slow avoiding enemies that you'll be crushed by nearly everything.

Sound 10/10
This might hold this game up from getting a real low score. The music is the best you'd expect from a megaman game. I figure Capcom did the music first and then started rushing to ship this horrid game out. Everything is a catchy tune thats pleasant to listen to as you go through the game. The music fits the stage and its not ear-splitting, sounds good.

Graphics 6.8/10
I lied. This also is a feature that keeps this game afloat. All though its the same graphics they've used for 4 and would use very soon after for 6. There really isn't much credit to give. Megaman has always had great graphics, with large sprites. Some being detailed or not so detailed Robot masters, or large Enemies that take up half the screen.

Controls 1/10
Worst controls in a Megaman game since before the slide was evented. Unbelievable! The controls stick, letting you screw up jumps over pits alot. But all the controls stick, from climbing up ladders to Trying to unleash a charged blast. It like playing Nintendo with a Rock.

Sound Effects 2.4/10
I've never been fond of these games sound effects really. Even in the latest games Capcom just has little pops of explosions or beeps. Not interesting at all.

Originality 1.5/10
Nothing new here at all. Plus bosses are rehashed versions from previous games with a new graphic. A few bosses like Napalm man offer alot of fight but some just don't bother like Star man. I give it a two just because i can't remember if the Super Arrow which is very very useless was in 4.

Replay Value 1/10
None here, once you reach the fortress stages you'll probably give up of either boredom or frustration with the controls.

Buy? Rent? Run?
Run...Run as fast as you can, don't let this garbage catch you...according to other reviewers here... IT can

Megaman 5 is one of those games that bore you out of your mind or make you break a few nes controllers. With horrid control, bad boss ideas, lack of orginality, this game sucks. Its hard to say that too as i'm a megaman fanatic

Sound Effects:2.5/10
Replay Value:1/10
OVERALL:3.6 (due to gamefaqs system lets call it a 3)

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/02/03, Updated 02/02/03

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