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Reviewed: 02/02/03 | Updated: 02/02/03

Many people say that the series got stale here, but I think it still provides some good fun

Mega man is easily one of my all time favorite series, and although all games in the series have a lot of similarity, they don’t get boring very quickly. Mega man 5 sits somewhere in the middle of my favorite NES mega man games, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Anyway on to the review.

Story: Mega man games where never based on a good storyline, and it certainly shows here. This is a pretty lame story, with the same reoccurring theme of wily escaping, 8 robot masters, go to his fortress, kill him, and let him escape. There is a little uniqueness to this storyline, but I won’t give it away (And even with that it’s still not that good.) However since mega man has never had a great storyline (and when they finally tried to incorporate one-mega man X5- it was horrible) I’ll still give it a 7. (7/10)

Graphics: The graphics in this, one of the later games in the NES lifespan, are very good. However mega man still, after all this time, looks exactly the same. I think somewhere along the line they could have changed his appearance just a little bit, but that’s a minor complaint anyway. As for the levels and the backgrounds, they are wonderful. I thought the boss design was a little off in this game, as none of the robot masters were really that cool. However I thought the enemy design was improved over the earlier titles in the series. A great game to look at considering it’s on the NES, a good job overall. (9/10)

Sound/Music: This is a very important part of any mega man game, because without good music the game just doesn’t feel right. The music in this game is much improved over the disappointment brought with mega man 4. A lot of it is pretty catchy, although there has been better in the series. The sound effects are kept just about exactly the same with the same sounds for shooting, getting hit, etc… Good in a category that all mega man games should be good in. (8/10)

Control: As with just about all mega man games the control is very good. Charging, jumping, using special weapons are all very easy to do. If have been playing any SNES or above mega man games you will be often annoyed with the fact that you need to go into the menu to switch between weapons, but that’s the NES for you. Oh well nothing you can do about that. Overall very good in a category that no mega man game to date has been poor in. All that you expect from Capcom. (10/10)

Gameplay: The most important category regarding a mega man game. It is the same basic gameplay that we have seen before, 8 robot masters, find the weaknesses. However one new aspect of this game is that now there is a letter hidden in each level that ends up spelling MEGAMAN V. It was a good idea by Capcom to add something new in the game to collect, however with the exception of one, all the letters are very easy to get, most of which are in plain sight. A good attempt though. Gameplay not too different than the rest in the series, but that’s probably a good thing. (8/10)

Fun: Am I going to have fun playing this game? If this is your first mega man game, or you’re a mega man veteran you should have fun playing this game. It is good by itself, however when compared to other mega man games I think it is not quite as good. A fun game nonetheless, one I would definitely recommend. (8/10)

Other Stuff
1 Player

Replay Value: Medium-Other than the fact that it is a good game there isn’t really anything to come back for.

Difficulty-A little below average: This isn’t a very tough game to beat, even if you want to get everything. Certainly not the toughest in the series, but it can put up a good challenge especially if you are new to the series.

Buy or Download-For older games I guess I’ll change it from “Buy or Rent” to “Buy or Download” Anyway I would definitely say buy, as its definitely worth the money you pay for it, as all NES mega man games are.

Fun Factor-8/10


Final: 8.33 = 8

Bottom Line: There are better in the series, but as far as games in general go, this is certainly one you shouldn’t miss.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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