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"More of the same re-hashed gaming from the Mega Man series....which is a good thing in my book."

It's in the future as always and Dr. Wily's new robots are on the loose again, this time it appears that your friend (sorta I guess) Proto Man is leading them to destroy stuff. It's up to Mega Man to find out what's wrong with Proto Man, and why he is doing this, and to once again stop all of the killer robots on the loose.

Graphics: 9/10

Classic Mega Man graphics. Vibrant and detailed backgrounds, and usually a completely different background and theme for each robot's level. The character designs are nice as well. Usually different enemies to fit the theme of the level, and they look detailed. Same with the bosses, you're gonna tell what boss is what. The only problem with the graphics that I have, is that at times I find it can get choppy. Granted it's the NES, but choppiness is annoying no matter what system it is you are playing.

Sound Effects/Music: 10/10

The sounds effects are what you expect in this game. The impact sound when an enemy touches Mega Man, the sound that Mega Man's Mega Buster makes when he fires, and when it hits. The blips and such whenever he picks up an item. They are all good. The Music is very nice in this game. Like in most Mega Man games, there is appropriate music for the levels, and it's good music as well. I can't complain with the sounds that are in this game.

Control: 9/10

Easy to learn controls as always. You should be able to pick up the controller and learn how to control Mega Man with little or no trouble at all. The only problem I have with the controls, is some of the Boss weapons are annoying to control, such as the Charge Kick. Half the time you'll hurt yourself trying to attack an enemy. Everything other action works like a charm though.

Gameplay: 9/10

It's a tried, tested and true formula that has made many good games, granted it's rehashed to high heaven, but with Mega Man, you don't really want to change anything around, otherwise it isn't Mega Man anymore. Mega Man Legends is a prime example of this.

For those unfamiliar with the Mega Man series, there are 8 boss levels you can choose from. You may go through them in any order you wish, but you may want to play the levels in a certain order. Why is that you might ask?

Well seeing as Dr. Wily isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer at times, he allows all the robots he releases into the world to be weak against one of the other robot's attack.

So when Mega Man absorbs a bosses ability, he can use it on other enemies. If he uses it on the right bosses, it will do major damage.

So if you play the levels in the correct order, you will have no trouble with the boss battles. Just be sure not to use the special abilities too much, otherwise they run out.

The game's challenge isn't very hard, but it isn't too easy either. It's hard enough to be challenging, but not too hard to be frustrating. Which is a very good difficulty mixture that unfortunately isn't all the common in a lot of games.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound Effects/ Music: 10/10
Control: 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Overall: 9.25 (rounded down to 9)

Rent or Buy?

I'd say buy it. It shouldn't be worth more than five bucks nowadays, so I'd say to just buy it. If you don't like it, then you can just resell it for what you paid for it, so there is no reason to not buy it now. I assure you though, you shouldn't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/19/03, Updated 05/19/03

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