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"A new (decent) storyline, good graphics, and great challenge- what a game!"

What's that? Did I say great challenge? Why, I guess I did! This game is pretty frickin' hard! Crystal Man's stage makes my buttocks hurt! Plus the only bad guy to make fun of in this game is Charge Man! So, anyway, Mega Man 5 surpasses Mega Man 4 in many ways, plus the story is a bit better (without an evil doctor, of course). Capcom's latest bit sends our hero up against his brother, Proto Man. What's up with that? Isn't he supposed to be good? Find out when you play! ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Same as the others- great. Every enemy, every frame of animation, every frickni' sprite looks great! Weapons are cool, bosses are cool (Napalm Man, Stome Man, Gravity Man, etc.) plus the Weapon Selection menu has retained its good form from Mega Man 4. The only cool thing missing is the Rush Marine. Yes, it has been shunned away in place of the Super Arrow. Boo hoo. Beat, the cybernetic bird, has good animation, plus he plows through those pesky enemies in a second. The part in Wave Man's stage where you attack the roboctopus on the waterbike is too cool! Continuing on... (10/10)

STORY: So, Dr. Cossack is a good guy, and Dr. Wily has been put away again. And he doesn't even attempt to escape! Mega's life is easier... right? Wrong. He finds his city in ruins, along with Dr. Light wrong. Then he finds Proto Man's signature bandanna he wore around his neck. Uh oh... Looks like the Blue Bomber has a bit more trouble ahead!... Yes, I know, the whole health care plan couldn't work in this one, been there is a bit of originality now that the bad guy isn't some manaical moron scientist. (9/10)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: Yes! You've asked for it, now you got it! This game is frickin' hard! The bosses are near impossible without the recommended weapon. The Charge Kick weapon is the only weapon in the series requiring you to slide. All weapons are innovative, plus collecting the letter plates to have Beat on your side packs on the replay value. Yes, you can go to old stages again. Speaking of stages, they can be difficult on their own. You gotta know Gravity Man's Gravobase known like the back of your hand. Rush returns to help out, plus you get the bonus weapon, the Super Arrow. New to the series are Weapon Tanks that refill weapon capacities, and Super Tanks that refill everything. All stages are new and original. The control is top notch, up there with the rest of the series. Sorry, Charge Man has no special lyrics... well, maybe... (10/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Really nice tunes. Memorable. Sounds are great. Some of the best audio available on the system. Of course, Capcom doesn't pass up the chance to make people happy. (10/10)

-Players: 1
-Fun Factor: 10. I thought up some Charge Man lyrics! Yay!
-Replay Value: 9.5. S-Tanks, W-Tanks, Beat Plates...Eeee!!!
-Rent or Buy: Uh, duh, you buy it, stupid.

So, Charge Man walks into a bar, and chugs a few down. The bartender wants to know if he's had enough. The trainhead shakes no, repeating ''I think I can, I think I can...'' He drinks till he passes out. Star Man kicks him out of the way and steps up to the bar.
''What's with him?'' he asks the bartender.
''Some chick named Dinah was making something in the kitchen with someone. Turns out she was working on the railroad with Gravity Man.''

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a cool joke!....Right?

OVERALL: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/06/00, Updated 02/06/00

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