Review by Princess Lynaly

Reviewed: 09/16/03

Stuck in a rut.

Not but about a year or so after MegaMan 4, comes MegaMan 5: a game I've played before masquerading as something I've never seen. That may be a little too harsh as this is the winning formula and I can even honestly say that I like this one better than MM4. The only problem is that they didn't really attempt to add anything new that was noteworthy. They don't have to change up the whole game or do something drastic, but some fun additions would have been great. In the end we get what, like MegaMan4, can just be called ''another MegaMan game.'' Don't let that deter you, however, from playing this solid game.


They are actually better than MegaMan 4 but not by any huge margin. The effects are a little better, there's a mosaic effect when you select a boss, and in some stages there is parallax scrolling to simulate depth between the foreground and background.

While the improvement isn't much there is no denying the character of the graphics. Everything has a style. The enemies are anything from cool to silly to wierd, the levels fit the persona of the boss, and effects are done in tasteful regard to the limitations of the system. You can tell the programmers knew what they could dare to pull out of the NES without going overboard and causing a lot of anomalies instead.

Let it be said that very few NES games hang on the same graphical level as MegaMan 5 and 6. MegaMan 4 started the real upward climb and the last two games on the NES took off with it until they reached the wall on the other side.


The effects are just like MegaMan 3 and 4. The music has changed style a bit but is more like MM3 and 4 than 1 and 2. As for the quality, the tunes fit as always and are very worthy of hearing while you play this game. Nothing spectacular, nothing bad, just good and certainly good enough. I'd say that the MegaMan games have stuck with the same sort of musical style that originated in MegaMan 3. The faster paced style of MegaMan 2 has been replaced with slower, more level specific themes that blend into the background rather than stand out and be noticed.


Just like MM3 and 4. (psst, that means perfect)


This game is about the same as MM4. Some robot masters can be killed with the normal gun and a little bit of fancy footwork. It seems the route they took for challenge in this game rests more on the fact that some enemies take a good bit of life from you if they happen to hit you. As with all MM games, it can be hard in the beginning for a first time player, but, as they play on they will learn what weapon kills what and gradually the game becomes easy.


Nothing indepth or major. It plays on the fact that Protoman might be evil. Is he? You'll have to play to the end to find out! (Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time: You don't care.)

This is a good solid game. It's better than 4 but the reason for the lower score is because this is a second offense in the ''nothing new that is major'' category. Again Capcom relies on a proven formula and makes no real effort to chance things by adding a lot of new stuff rather than just a few novelty things that are not important.
In the end this game feels better than 4 but it's not going to blow you away or make you think the series has new life. Nope, that doesn't happen until MegaMan X...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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