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"Mmmmm... Tastes like chicken, and yes that is a good thing."

Wait. What’s this? Do my eyes deceive me or am I actually thinking that there is some originality, variety and, innovation present in this game. You’re darn right. After the release of the prior Mega Man game (Mega Man 4) Capcom makes sure that this game won’t suffer the dismal ratings that MM4 suffered and will provide fans a fun and new experience. When I put Mega Man 5 into my NES my expectations were low (thanks to Mega Man 4). I was expecting another Mega Man game that was a clone of the one before it. How wrong I was.

Gameplay - 10/10
Gone are the same dull unoriginal levels that seem to be reoccurring in each installment to the series. These levels are marvelous. They look good and are fun to play. Let’s take Wave Man’s level for example. You fight through interesting enemies, fall through a maze of pipes and then you get to hop from bubble to bubble up to the 2nd floor and, awaiting you is your own Jet Ski. Whoohoo. Jump on the Jet Ski and off you go across the lake fighting bad guys and dodging obstacles. And on another note, I would like to mention Gravity Man. He is one of the coolest bosses I’ve seen in a Mega Man games since Gemini Man (Mega Man 3). At first he looks like every other normal boss but wait, there is more to him than meets the eye. One of his attacks causes gravity in the room to be switched. Meaning you will be running around on the ceiling while he is running around on the floor and vice versa. Levels are good and difficult (Crystal Man’s level *shivers*), bosses are even better. Plus your charged Mega Buster looks better now and no longer looks like a wrinkled up worm jumping out of a can. Plus Mega Man meets a new friend. Introducing BEAT the bird. Think of him as your personal body guard with no fear, and no consideration for his own life. Once summoned he’ll follow Mega Man around and when an enemies shows his sorry face on the screen, BAM! BEAT enters attack mode and there you have it, no more enemy. Unfortunately you don’t start the game with the ability to call BEAT to your side. In order to get him you must collect the letters of the phrase Mega Man V. Each level has one letter hidden in it and it’s up to you to find them... Game has two boss stages and you’ll be playing this game for awhile considering how long and hard it is. The only negative thing about the gameplay is its difficulty. I think it is the hardest Mega Man game on the NES. Bosses are tough and may be impossible to kill them if you don’t have the right weapon. Don’t expect any help from Capcom as to where to go after beating a certain boss. Your guess is as good as anyone’s. May take a lot of trial and error. Another new quality is the ability to revisit stages you have already completed. This makes getting the BEAT letters easier. Gameplay is perfect and can’t get any better.

Funfactor – 10/10
This game is a lot of fun. Each level is original and fun to play as are the bosses. Beating the levels and murdering the bosses no longer seems like a chore and it is actually something you will enjoy doing. Very fun. This is no doubt the funnest Mega Man game on the NES.

Controls - 10/10
Ahhh, the day has arrived when Mega Man delivers the perfect controls. You are now able to interrupt your slide with greater precision, which helps against fighting bosses and making your way through the levels. Mega Man responds flawlessly to your button input and is worthy of recognition. This is helpful since progressing through the game will now involve precision button combinations.

Graphics - 10/10
This game may have the best graphics on the NES. Graphics are awesome, and at first glance it will appear you are playing an early SNES game. Wow, it’s really impressive. Backgrounds are spectacular and bosses look good. Watch what happens to Stone Man when you attack him. Graphics are nothing short of amazing.

Replayability - 3/10
Nooooo. The perfect score ruined by the same category that haunts every Mega Man game on the NES. This game has as much replay value as a gallon of milk sitting outside for a few days. In case you need me to spell it out for you, this game has none. You’ll beat it once, then frame it on your wall and never play it again. Really, Capcom should do something about this.

Music/Sound – 10/10
The best on any Mega Man game. Period.

Story – 4/10
Sigh... another futile attempt at a story which further prevents this game from being a completely perfect score but, O well. Story goes like this: 8 robots appear out of the blue and attack the world. Mega Man having no other reason to his existence goes after these robots. He finds out however that behind the chaos is his brother Proto Man *gasp*. So Mega Man must stop his brother from destroying the world. Well, you get three guesses and two of them don’t count, to figure out who is really behind this disasterous scheme. Low and behold it’s the same loser who has been getting his rear end kicked in by Mega Man for the last 5 years, poor old Dr.Wily. Dr. Wily has put together a tremendous losing streak of 4 games in a row. Will he finally break that streak here? Don’t bet your life savings on it. One of the “better” stories for a Mega Man game.


- A whole barrel of monkeys. In other words it is fun.
- Original level designs and bosses make the game interesting again.
- Ability to summon BEAT.

- No replay value = (

Well there you have it. In my book this is the best Mega Man game on NES and one of the best of all times. Let’s say that when Capcom made Mega Man 4 they struck out. Well this time up to bat, Mega Man 5 is released and Capcom hits a home run. Game is awesome one of the best games of all time on NES. Now for the bad news. Apparently I am not the only one who really appreciates this game. The game is very rare, expensive and, you will have a hard time finding it. Yep I'm sorry. But all in all Mega Man 5 is an awesome game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/04

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