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"The Mega Man series starts to get stale"

Mega Man 5 is consider by some to be the first bad game of the series. Unlike the past games, MM5 adds barely anything new to the gameplay, and it still has the basic Mega Man game formula. While previous games like MM3 added the Slide move, MM5 really doesn't offer any new technique. Mega Man 5 feels just like the last four games, and maybe a bit too much like the last four. It's also possibly the easiest game in the series, so far.

Graphics - 9/10
One thing that keeps improving is the graphics in the Mega Man games. The backgrounds and landscapes look better than before, and they are also more detailed than in previous games. The levels are full of platforms and other things. The enemies look pretty good, too. The bosses don't look much better than in the earlier Mega Man games, but they still look sharp. Mega Man's sprite looks cool, and it has changed a very little bit. The change is hardly noticeable, and the only difference is the way he climbs ladders.

Sound and Music - 7/10
The music in this game is mediocre compared to the music in Mega Man 3 and 4. The tunes are forgettable, but they sound decent and catchy. The music is fitting in most areas. The level that takes place in outer space, has quiet, slow music, that fits the level well.

The sounds in MM5 are about the same as they have always been. You'll hear Mega Man shoot, charge, jump, and slide. Proto Man's whistle sounds cool. Nothing really new in the sound department.

Story - 5/10
The story in MM5 is decent, and a nice change. Proto Man has apparently done an evil thing and sent eight robots to take over a city. Dr. Light has also been taken hostage, and Mega Man must save him.

Controls - 9/10
The controls are solid for the most part. Mega Man moves smoothly and he shoots well, too. Jumping is comfortable, and it's easy as usual. Sliding works well, too. Charging your Mega Buster seems to take longer than in MM4, and that's not good. Everything else works well, and all of your attacks are effective.

Gameplay - 8/10
Well, the Mega Man formula returns in MM5. As the Blue Bomber, you must defeat eight Robot Masters, and then get through the castle levels. You start out with just your main weapon, and you must get new ones by defeating the Robot Masters. Each of the Robot Masters has a weakness to a certain weapon, and you must find that weakness. Repeat that seven more times, and you're at the castle stages. Mega Man 5 is an easy MM game, which is shame. I'm used to MM games being difficult, but this is rather easy.

All of the abilities from the past games are back. Charging in Mega Man 5 seems to make the bosses a bit too easy, which may disappoint some. There are a few new weapons, also. Rush is back, and so are his functions.

There are a few new things in Mega Man 5. One is the wave bike in Wave Man's level. At a later point in the stage, you get on a wave bike, and you must get across the water. You can jump and shoot, while on the bike. Enemies will try to attack you, and you will even fight a mini-boss, while on the wave bike. It's a fun part of the game, and it keeps the game fresh.

Another new thing is collecting a letter in each level. There are eight letters, and they spell out "Mega Man 5." After you're done searching out the letters, you receive a special gift, that will aid you in the game.

Replay Value - 5/10
After you beat the game, you probably won't feel like playing it any more for a while. Like most Mega Man games, MM5 is fun to come back to several weeks or months after you finish it. It's a short game, and that's a bit of a shame. There are a few things to do, such as the letter side quest, that will keep you busy.

Overall - 7/10
It's still a worthy Mega Man title, but the previous four are better. The easy difficulty and repetitive formula may disappoint some gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/13/04, Updated 11/15/05

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