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"Ok, NOW we're just not trying any more..."


Graphics: 7/10
Sound Effects: 6/10
Music: 7/10
Originality: 4/10
Play Control:10/10
Group Enjoyment: 4/10
Individual Enjoyment: 7/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

Yet another installment of Mega Man, this time with Dr. Light being kidnapped by Proto Man, Mega Man's brother. After you defeat the usual round of 8 bad robots, you have to take on Proto in his castle, only to find out…yes, that's right, there's even more work to be done! So, does this game follow Mega Man as he saves the world and Dr. Light, or does it finally break Mega Man's will, forcing him to leave the country, change his name to “Charles Dabernow Schmendimen”, and live in solitude for the rest of his mechanical life?

Good Points:
You can get Mega Man's bird in this one, Beat, who saves you if you fall off the screen, by collecting the letters to form the words “Mega Man V”. It's a good thing to have.

Bad Points:
Well, let me put it this way: At least they're doing the plot better. Instead of just fighting 8 different robots, and then taking on Dr. Wily, now there's some depth. Sort of... It's a good game, but some of the robot ideas are getting a little wierd, and their weapons just aren't that useful as before!

General Ratings:

Graphics: Good, as usual. Not amazingly great, but at least the programmers are looking to rip off previous Mega Man bosses for ideas on what the new ones should look and act like. That's always a plus, right?

Sound: Sadly, I had to knock the score down a tad for this game. The previous games had just above the “Above Average” score, netting a “Quality Work” score. This one, however, only achieved a 6, because it seems like they didn't try as hard. I swear, I've heard quite a few of these sounds before. Even if I haven't, they still sound remotely like the other sounds, which means the programmers need to put more time into their work.

Music: The music is still in the “Quality” range. If there's one thing these games don't need, it's work on the music section. It's just fine, if not great. I mean, who doesn't like this stuff?

Originality: You know what the changes were from the previous game to this one? Beat, the number “5” after the title, and the bosses and their respective stages. Oh yeah, and Proto Man kidnapping Dr. Light. That's all fine and good, but it still follows the same format! I guess you have to go with what works, but they could at LEAST try something new somewhere! We still have to deal with those annoying blocks that appear and disappear!

Play Control: Woo hoo, something that also will never need changing. You can move however you like, but I'd still love to see Mega Man learn some new special abilities. Maybe he could learn how to do a wall jump (a la Ninja Gaiden), or charge up his stolen weapon abilities (a la Mega Man X). Oh well…

Enjoyment: Watching just isn't that much fun any more, but at least playing IS. I mean, the most you can do while watching is say “Watch out for that (name of random enemy or obstacle that is about to crush our plucky little hero in any number of ways)!”

Challenge: The challenge is really good. You can play through the game, and then go back and try to find the letters to spell out “Mega Man V” to get Beat. Not that Beat is THAT important, but he certainly does help.

Ending: Average. That's about it. You win, and you can guess what happens from there. Then it's time to roll the credits, while showing shots of the bosses. Geez, programmers, you even do the credits the same over and over again! Keep trying!


Overall, this game suffers from originality-syndrome. Namely, this game REALLY needs some originality. The plot is nice, but we KNOW there's going to be a somewhat-new plot every time. As for Beat, he's just not that good a help to bring the score up. Sorry guys, but you need to start trying something new.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/10/00, Updated 04/10/00

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