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"Oh, how the mighty will fall!"

Mega Man Five is an innovative game that has been republished again in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, much to my relief and great excitement over one of the first games I had ever played on the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The story in this game is pretty much the best out of any of the NES Mega Man games. It goes like this; Dr. Wily kidnaps Dr. Light (Mega Man's Creator) and tries to take over the world. If you let the game play at the beginning, you see an interesting piece of a clip involving a skyscraper. Well, back to the story. Mega Man has to go save the Dr. Light and defeat Dr. Wiley's eight evil robots. Some of these seem to have a big problem with aiming their weapons at you in particular, as most of them just clatter into the wall behind you. Yes, that makes these enemies really easy to defeat.

Story: 5/10


The graphics in this game are good; they are the same style as all of the NES Mega Man games. I really enjoy these graphics much more than the later graphics that were dreamed up to replace the perfect pictures they had made on their first try. After the sixth game was released, Mega Man got his negative makeover that added detail, yet just turned me off (due to me loving and knowing the old graphics, and thinking they were the ultimate and true Mega Man). The style is especially good on Gyroman's stage where the clouds fluff and seem to contract and shrink. This looks very good for a NES game. The bosses and the enemies are done exceptionally well, going to Dr. Wiley's fortress of death, which he has stocked chock full of evil enemies and demented Protomen (... if you're wondering why I said that, just nevermind), where almost everything in the room is bright red and incredibly freaky.

Graphics: 6/10


The sounds on this game are truly awesome to hear. You can hear faint waves sloshing in Wave man's level and things twinkling and tarnishing in Crystal man's level. You can hear the "interesting" music on Gyro man's course, think up your own unique word to describe it. The background music on most of the courses really suits the challenges you have to complete and the style of the level. They are actually quite good for a NES game, excluding a few of the things that seem to have been added in. The sound in this game was an instant success in my mind.

Sounds: 7/10


This is a great part of this game, yet it would be a lot better if it used the Super Nintendo controller because it is designed to fit your hands better than the NES controller, even with the smoothers. On the Gamecube version you use the A button to shoot and the B button to jump. I disagree with this style and think it would have been much better to switch them around and leave it at that for quite a while. Mega Man has absolutely no trouble doing any of his commands, except for slowing down in the pause/weapon selection screen. The gameplay in this game is really good.

Gameplay: 7/10

Replay Value:

This is a fair part of the game. It is not that good, yet it is always fun to go back on the levels and bosses. Especially the ones in Dr. Wily's evil and demented fortress of death and destruction! I have beaten it a number of times and I am trying to do it again on the Gamecube version of this enchanting game. The most times you can really play this game over again is 3, and then all the levels just seem to bore you constantly and you will wish that you could get this over with early. Take your time going on the second play and try to notice all the little things that you may have missed in the first one. You can also try to unlock R. Beat, the blue bird attack that pecks your enemies to death. That is the stupidest part of the game, if you ask me. How does it kill enemies in only a few hits if it is just a little blue bird? Anyway, enough of that bird.

Replay Value: 6/10

Recap: A fun game if you are willing to just take it slower instead of rushing through, as once you start to do that you will never stop and will just breeze through it like it is absolutely no fun and not worth playing at all. The sounds are quite marvellous for the age it was released in, but are not that impressive anymore. This is a great game that is very fun!

Scores: Story: 5/10 Graphics: 6/10 Sounds: 7/10 Gameplay 7/10 Replay Value: 6/10 Overall: 6/10

Rent or Buy:

You could rent this game as part of the anniversary collection and I would advise it as you could easily beat it in 7 days or so. This is not the game to buy if you are not a collector or a big Mega Man fan, or played it for NES or downloaded it off the internet with the F5 and F7 save commands. These however make the game an infinite amount too easy for you to really even think about playing it. Think carefully if you think you would want to play this NES game. Really, this is the best Mega Man game to date, the new ones being mediocre at best!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/22/04, Updated 01/09/06

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