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"Star Man, Gravity Man, Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Napalm Man, Stone Man, Charge Man, and last but not least, Wave Man."

Mega Man is one of the most common characters in video game history. His games that were made for the original NES are some of the best ever created, with Mega Man 2 & 3 leading the pack. Of course we have the Mega Man X series, the Mega Man Zero series, and the Mega Man Battle Network series as well. All of these separate series all star a different Mega Man. There were also three 3D Mega Man games made for the Playstation. I remember when I got my N64, I always missed playing Mega Man 5. Luckily the Mega Man Anniversary Collection solved that problem last year. I always felt an emotional attachment to Mega Man 5. I'm writing this review with excitement, but also sadness because today is the last day that me and my little sweetie Michele will be working together since she got a new job. While there are some people that think that Mega Man 5 should have been made for the SNES, I'm glad that they made it for the NES instead (since I never owned a SNES). I remember my parents telling me that if I made the honor roll in 7th grade, then they would buy me Mega Man 5. Let's just say that I did. It's safe to say that Mega Man 5 taught me how to work hard when you really want something.

The gameplay in Mega Man games is pretty simple. After the title screen, you will come to the stage select screen. It is hear that you can pick any of the 8 robot masters from Mega Man 5 that you wish to start with. After you make your selection, you will have to battle your way threw a stage until you get to the robot master. If you defeat him you clear the stage, and also take that robots weapon as well. This weapon is very affective against another specific robot master. If you use this weapon, it is sometimes easy to defeat another robot master in as little as three or four hits. That is something that Capcom pushed when it came to Mega Man, a sort of rock, paper, scissors type of gameplay. The difficulty level is also pretty balanced; harder than Mega Man 2 & 3, but easier than Mega Man 1, although Protoman's castle is very tough.

The story is pretty basic. Protoman has seemingly turned evil, and has kidnapped Dr. Light. He also has created 8 powerful robot masters to rampage the city. Has Protoman really turned evil? By now people know that Dr. Wily was really behind it, but I won't divulge any information on why he is.

The graphics in the Mega Man games are always very nice. Mega Man 1-6 use the same graphical animations, something to keep in mind. Mega Man 4 had excellent graphics, but it is clear that Capcom set out to improve them for Mega Man 5. Now we have detailed backgrounds that interact with the environments. Mega Man 5 makes the environments come alive with more vibrant colors and textures.

As for the music, well it's excellent. Mega Man is well known for the music in his games. Mega Man 5's music was so great that the songs in the game will always stay in your head. It's very difficult to explain, but there is just something about it that makes you love it. Extra props go out to Napalm Man's music in his stage.

Replay value is of course threw the roof. Of course you can still blow threw Mega Man 5 pretty quickly, sometimes in less than an hour. Well, while the game is short, you get the urge once you finish it to play threw it again. Not much else to say, Mega Man 5 is a game that will never lose its replay value.

In conclusion, I believe that Mega Man 5 is one of the greatest games ever created. A true pinnacle of the NES, and a staple of how a great game should be made. Yes, the game didn't really sell that well, but I still believe that all of the NES Mega Man games are great. Of course nowadays, it would be very difficult to find a copy of Mega Man 5 for the NES. Plus it would cost a pretty penny. My advice would be to simply buy a copy of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. It's available for the Gamecube, PS2, and the Xbox. You can also save your progress in these versions. Either way, Mega Man 5 is the type of game that should be played by every gamer. The game will always feel fresh and brand new to me, and gamers everywhere. Goodbye Michele.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/07/05

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