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"Hideo Kojima can make a heck of a game!"

Boy, oh boy! This is the first game in the now infamous Metal Gear series. The sequel to this game, *Metal Gear 2*, never came out in the states. A more action-oriented *Snake's Revenge* was released in the United States to make up for this, but is not a true sequel, since it was developed solely in America and had nothing to do with Hideo Kojima's (Metal Gear creator) vision for the series.

American fans of the series had to wait more than ten years for another ''real'' Metal Gear game to come out stateside. When *Metal Gear Solid* came out for the PlayStation, fans across the world praised it's greatness, even though some said it was slightly short. Basically, *MGS* never would have been without this game (duh).

*Metal Gear* was first released for the NSX computer in Japan during 1987. Due to its overwhelming success, a version was created for the Famicom. The Famicom version was brought to America in 1988. The game was popular and gained praise from various gaming publication.

So, now that you've gotten the 4-1-1 on the franchise's history (which I did a school report on), we can get to what the game's about. You are Solid Snake, a new recruit of Fox-Hound who has been called into action to save fellow team-member Grey Fox (Frank Jaeger). He has been taken hostage by a new rebel nation named ''Outer Heaven.'' I don't want to spoil any of the story, so I won't go any further. Just remember, you're the new guy and don't know what's really going on.

On the *Official Konami Website,* their is a brief history of the game. One of this game's developers was quoted as saying ''stealth is more important'' (than straight-out shooting action). The game is modeled upon this belief. Sneak around gaining access cards, finding ammunition, and other good stuff.

During the game you'll come across all sorts of neat stuff. You start the game owning nothing but your contact radio and cigarettes. Along the way you'll collect land mines, machine guns, and gas masks, just to name a few. The variation of weapons and accessories is pretty nice.

Most of the game's dialogue takes place on your contact radio. You're mission leader is Big Boss, who you'll call for advice when you gain items and when you need help. Sometimes he'll call you reminding you what your mission is. The Japanese-to-English translation could have been done much better. Along the game you'll come across some bad english, but it's easy to understand what the people are saying. For example, when a guard wakes up from a snooze he'll say, ''I feel asleep!'' Umm... I think you meant ''fell asleep.'' Another minor translation problem is when Snake says, ''Uh-oh! The truck have started to move!'' This is what he really says. Couldn't the programmer have picked the problem or is a programmer to blame? We may never know... or care.

Graphics 7/10

Snake doesn't show up on the screen very large, but then again, he doesn't really need. to. When running, you have only two frames of animation to show that you are running. It doesn't make gameplay take a drop, but it's not very fun to watch Snake run. Everything else, like tanks, trucks, and dogs are drawn well and it's easy to tell what everything is. Pretty good job.

Gameplay 8/10

How come I can run in only four directions? I don't know, but it sure is annoying as heck! Try to go in a diagonal and Snake will just stop. You'll get used to this after a while (do you really have a choice?). Beside this, everything else is cool. Smoke your cigarettes, shoot your guns, and lay down your land mines. We're talking stuff that's ALL good. Be forewarned... it's not easy, but you have unlimited continues.

Sound/Music 9/10

Yes! This is a neat title. The music puts you in a ''combat'' mindset. Your contact radio rings when you're being called. When guards are alerted, a quick tune of suprise blares, followed by some pretty frantic music that tells you to ''either get away, NOW, or kill his tush!'' There is no speech in the game, but I don't know of an NES game where this is necessary. You'll definitely want to keep the sound turned up for this one.


This game is worth checking out! Whether you're into this kind of action or not, give it a chance. I definitely suggest this title if you were a fan of *Metal Gear Solid* for PlayStation. The sneaky gameplay and plot twists will keep you hooked for quite a while. Just make sure you write those LONG passwords down! Or if you wanted to cheat, you could always get the passwords off of the internet, but that's cheating!

BEST FEATURE- Sneakin' around
WORST FEATURE- Can only move in four directions, yuck!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/20/00, Updated 04/20/00

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