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    FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

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                             For Nintendo NES
                              Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                       E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
    		       Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 07/31/04
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    During the 8-bit era, action games were quite prevalent when it came to
    blasting away robots and different cybnertic creatures. Nearly every
    programmer out there believed that an evil genius would create a mass army of
    robots that only you (the hero) could destroy. Games such as Mega Man and
    Journey to Silius enforced this theme to the highest degree. Metal Storm is
    another great successful action title that pits battles between mechs, robots,
    and strange alien creatures. Combining good graphics, great sound, and a
    plethora of gameplay options, Metal Storm is the type of game you could pick
    up anywhere and enjoy. This guide will cover the basics, provide a
    walkthrough, along with some cheats. Can you take the heat, and blast away the
    cybernetic freak?
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =12/31/05= v Final
    A great action platformer that's fun to play. Metal Storm certainly had some
    neat features on it. This is the final update for this guide.
    =07/31/04= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. The game was fairly difficult, so it did take some time
    during the day, but I managed to get through it. Thank god for action classics
    like this.
    =07/31/04= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. Had a day off from work, so I'm going to make the most of it,
    and complete this FAQ in one sitting.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
                 > Items
              3) Walkthrough
                 > 7 Stages
              4) Codes
                 > Passwords
              5) Common Questions
              6) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              7) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    Metal Storm is pretty much your typical sideview platform shooter morphed into
    a higher quality base. By providing enhanced graphics, a decent soundtrack,
    and some unique gameplay features, it feels more than just another shooter.
    Metal Storm features gameplay similar to Mega Man, where you will costantly be
    jumping on platforms, shooting creatures with your blaster, and advancing
    through a level. At the end of each level is a troubling boss who tries to
    give you a hard time, but thanks to some useful features, you can defeat them
    quite easily. While the game is fairly short, it's much better than most of
    the other generic shooters out there.
    Here's a brief excerpt from the manual regarding the storyline (thanks to
    The year is 2501, and the dawning of a new century has brought mankind to the
    brink of disaster. The powerful LaserGun on the planet Pluto's battle
    station "Cyberg" is wreaking havoc. It was originally designed to protect
    Earth from hostile aliens, but, due to a computer malfunction, is
    systematically destroying all the planets in the Solar System! Most recently
    the Earth Nation watched helplessly as Neptune exploded.
    The system's self-destruct device could stop the LaserGun, but it has
    mysteriously jammed and is aimed at Earth. Even if the device can be manually
    activated, there is still only a slim chance that Earth can be saved. Your
    mission is to enter Cyberg using the most sophisticated weaponry available,
    the M-308 Gunner, and unlock that self-destruct device!
    M-308 Gunner Height: 9 feet
    Weight: 2100 lbs.
    Material: Geopolyum Alloy
    Generator Power: 1300 KW
    Special Function: Gravity Flip
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Players: 1
    Developer: Irem
    Released: 1992
    Rarity: uncommon
    Special Features: password saving
    Cover Art on box:
    - Shows M-308 on cover posing in the middle of space
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    The NES controller is one of the simplest pads out there that nearly any kid
    could learn in a jiffy. Metal Storm fits the game perfectly, by only providing
    a few combo touches here and there.
           A - jumps, hold to jump higher
           B - fires weapon
       START - pauses game
      SELECT - navigates menu at title screen
         Pad - moves M-308, also faces in direction when firing
      Up + A - switches gravity, tosses you to ceiling
    Down + A - returns to normal gravity, tosses you to floor
    - There are also two special techniques mentioned in the manual. If you need
    to reach a ledge under the platform you're currently on. Jump off the ledge
    into thin air, then switch gravity while mid-air. You should flip, and if you
    cut in where the inlet is, you can walk on the ceiling to reach it. The same
    can be said about reaching extremely high platforms. Simply switch gravity
    while in a mid-air jump to reach maximum height. The switching gravity feature
    also switches all enemies on the screen to the opposite direction, so make use
    of this feature if you have some pesky nuisances in the way.
    During the game, you will come across three default items which can be
    equipped to help upgrade your M-308 Combat Robot. Some are them are more
    helpful depending on the level you're facing, along with obstacles in your
    path. This section will briefly describe each of them.
       --{ SHIELD FORCE }-- #S# symbol
      > This helps protect you by deflecting away bullets and harming any opponents
        in melee range. Laser fire can penetrate it, so be weary.
       --{ POWER BEAM }-- #P# symbol
      > Increases the width of your attack laser. Basically gives you a better
        chance of wounding enemies.
       --{ GRAVITY FIREBALL }-- #G# symbol
      > Morphs you into an indestructible fireball when gravity is flipped. Note
        that it will not take effect when gravity is in its normal setting.
       --{ ARMOR }-- #A# symbol
      > Allows you to take one hit from an enemy, rather than losing one life
       --{ BONUS }-- #B# symbol
      > Gives you a 5,000 point bonus to your score.
       --{ CRUSHER }-- #C# symbol
      > Instantly kills all opponents on screen.
       --{ EXTRA TIME }-- #T# symbol
      > Adds 100 seconds to your time limit in the lower left corner.
       --{ 1-UP }-- #1Up# symbol
      > Gives you an extra life to fight away with.
    - 3) Walkthrough           -
    As with many top-notch action games during the NES genre, they were fairly
    difficult. This section will guide you through each level, naming off some key
    points to watch out for, along with tips of gaining extra powerups. This will
    cover all of the levels, including the bosses.
    /Stage One/
    Start off by moving right and taking out the basic nodes. When you get to the
    area with the split platforms, reverse gravity, and avoid most of the
    monsters. Watch out for the silver rollers up ahead, but keep your path
    steady. You'd be best to flip gravity in this area, since staying on the
    ground is risky with the speedy devils. Watch out for the pink turret mounted
    on the block. Simply walk above it, then drop down, and fire normal shots till
    it's destroyed. In the next area, flip gravity, walk above the turret, aim
    down, and destroy it. Then revert to normal gravity, jump up twice to get both
    powerups, and continue forward. Up ahead will get very tricky thanks to 4-5
    pink turrets. I used primarily reverse gravity, leaping to avoid the
    fireballs, then taking the ceiling over to the ledge. When you reach the
    double decker down-arrow platforms, reverse grav, and leap down. In the narrow
    hall up ahead is a giant blue winged robot. Keep firing, retreating back, and
    repeat. It should die off after several shots. Grab the powerup icon in the
    corner of the screen to upgrade your gun, and proceed on to the next area.
       *** You will now face the Stage One Boss. This giant mounted turret has a
       *** energy shield that pops out on 1 of the 3 sides of the boss. Simply
       *** look for what side the shield pops out and fire at it. You must reverse
       *** gravity to hit either one of the side shields, but you can stand in the
       *** middle for the primary one. The boss will launch purple rings at you,
       *** but they're fairly slow and avoidable.
    /Stage Two/
    This fairly complex level starts off as layered as it can be. Jump over to the
    right ledge, then take out both robots, and jump up. Continue to your right.
    Watch out for the green slammers against the wall. Whenever you enter their
    proxy hall, they will try to slam and crush you. Jump past the first set,
    grabbing the powerup on your way. Go right (ignore the powerup above you, too
    hard to get without losing a life). Jump up the next set of purple layers to
    reach above. Make sure you get CENTER alignment on all of your jumps,
    otherwise you'll get crushed by some of the quicker crushers. If the hall is
    truly narrow, try luring the crushers to slam against each other by doing a
    partial jump (a lure jump), then leap up as they retract. When you reach down
    to the next major hall, watch out for the flying ship to launch two curling
    projectiles. It can be taken out quickly with 1-2 shots. You will know when
    you're near the end. A series of four parallel long crushers will attempt to
    kill you. Jump up, do a quick run to the right, and jump again. These crushers
    are quick, but you can still manage to get in position.
    The next area has some spikes to be weary of. Jump to the right (as if you
    were leaping onto the spikes), but then reverse gravity in mid-air. You should
    land in a new area up ahead, and receive a one-up. Continue ahead up to the
    switching walls. Reverse gravity to open the area. Stand in the corner, and
    reverse gravity again to switch it back, leaving an opportunity to move ahead.
    Take out the two turrets up above, and keep jumping up the set of stairs.
    Reverse gravity to reach the next part. Grab the powerup on the roof, but
    watch for the swinging doorway. Position yourself on the left aclove, put
    normal gravity back on, then leap across to where the up arrows point. Jump
    up. In the long vertical tunnel, do a reverse gravity jump and you'll start to
    fly. Crawl into one of the caves, and continue in the new area. Again, you'll
    have a series of switching doors and platforms to deal with. Watch out for the
    flying ships in the narrow sets of tunnels. Simply run past them, and keep a
    one hall difference between you and a ship, otherwise debris will pelt you.
       *** This boss is a tad tougher than the last boss. You'll basically have to
       *** kill off five snake heads that launch out large blue lasers in
       *** horizontal directions. You can keep leaping up the tunnels in case a
       *** laser is about to come your way. I found it best to get as close as you
       *** can to the mouth, and simply hold down your blaster. The rate of fire
       *** will be so fast that the boss will be destroyed quicker than firing
       *** from far away. Time your jumps though because the heads launch out at
       *** random spurts. The fewer heads, the quicker they will launch, so be
       *** weary of that too.
    /Stage Three/
    Hah, this next level is sort of...funny. The background will scroll as you
    move, which sort of causes a parallax effect. The enemies on this level are
    constant, involving train carts that follow a track in the background of the
    screen. Simply hold down your fire button while jumping. Make sure you pick up
    the Shield icon, since your Power fire is useless if you get pelted by these
    fast moving carts. Proceed to the right with ease. The next area up ahead is a
    tad more tricky. Certain fire walls will launch whenever you reverse gravity,
    so you'll be forced to switch to normal gravity just to get past them. Keep
    getting Armor and Shield upgrades since you'll take a few hits along the way.
    Watch out for the gray rotating turrets. Keep moving ahead. I used reverse
    gravity for most of this level, but at the end, make sure to switch back to
    avoid the dual-floor spikes. Do it right on top of the ledge so you can reach
    the edge of the screen too.
       *** For starters, you'll be in a small room with lasers coming from 4
       *** directions and cross-hairing in the middle at periodic intervals.
       *** There will also be a small boss dude who starts at the upper left hole
       *** and will scroll to the nearest hole based on your position. You must
       *** shoot the boss while his helmet is off (purple head), and then run to
       *** another location to resume shooting on him. Here's the tricky part:
       *** He will go to the location where you are, and attempt to hit you with
       *** his two rotating goons. Use reverse gravity to reach the upper two
       *** holes, and try to line him up so that you can get vertical straight
       *** on shots without jumping. This battle takes practice, but be careful
       *** not to get trapped between a laser and the oncoming boss. Note of the
       *** laser intervals on the side so you can quickly sweep in before he does
       *** for the kill. He should die after about 50 shots.
    /Stage Four/
    You'll start off in a small square elevator that is scrolling to the right. It
    will continue to the right. Pick up the Fireball upgrade right at the
    beginning. Jump and avoid the green balls as they are indestructible. However,
    shoot the gray ones with the rotating figure to help conserve some room. You
    may have to switch gravity a few times just to crouch past some narrow
    crevices. The elevator will then proceed up after a certain point. Use the
    switch gravity abilities to reach the powerups between the green balls. The
    fireball powerup should let you pass through them without taking damage. When
    you reach the three consecutive slammers, use reverse gravity right when the
    first one comes near you. You should speed past all of them, with them all
    missing you (whew, close one). Take out the three gray turrets at the top,
    then we shall move horizontally. To the right are a few "re-appearing" blue
    turrets that can be annoying. Always position yourself in a perpendicular spot
    to them. You can destroy their boomerang projectiles, and just keep shooting
    them to make them disappear. Don't let them shoot you at any angle where you
    can't hit the boomerang.
    The next area warps you to an elevator with four red aliens surrounding it.
    Start off by hopping over each of them, until they slow down. When they do,
    concentrate your fire on two of them, hopefully destroying both. Now you can
    take shots at the remaining two while jumping to avoid them. Simply fire at
    them when they stop each rotation, to make it easier on yourself.
    You will then be brought to the next elevator scene. This next part is very
    tricky. Grab the Shield powerup, and continue to fend off the pink aliens by
    letting them run into your shield. Block off the cannon fire with it as well.
    Avoid the Fireball or Power upgrades, otherwise, you will lose your shield.
    Fend off more cannon shots, then take out the center wall control platform
    when the elevator moves horizontally. The second battle will surround you by
    two of the wall platforms. Concentrate your fire on the LEFT one, then run to
    the left wall, and take out the RIGHT one. This can be very tricky because the
    elevator will shift right, forcing you to run into the left one if you don't
    destroy it in time. It will then start to drop. Watch out for the dropships
    that launch their projectiles. Avoid the green balls in the center by
    reversing gravity and doing a plethora of jumps. The elevator will try to kill
    you by zig-zagging. It will then move horizontally.
       *** This is going to be one hell of a battle if you do not have a shield
       *** equipped. If you don't, then forget about it. You'll start off in a
       *** shaft with two scrollers above and below you. They fire off long blue
       *** lasers that kill you instantly. You must avoid them, while shooting the
       *** red heart bouncing around the middle. Here's a tip of advice. Do reverse
       *** gravity, and press up while walking on the ceiling. Your shield will
       *** damage the scroller, killing it in a few seconds. Now you only have one
       *** scroller to worry about. Do the same for the other one by pressing down
       *** when on the floor. Take out the heart once everything's clear. Note
       *** that the organ takes a lot of hits to be taken down (100+).
    /Stage Five/
    Now that we're in the Cyberg core, it's time to kick some butt. You'll have to
    go right and make it past some flashing blue lasers. They'll shoot out for
    timed intervals. Use switch gravity to make your way past the bunched ones.
    You can also shoot to destroy them, but it can be fairly difficult if you
    don't have the right shot. A neat little trick is to stand next to the laser
    shooter, and stretch your shield out so it destroys it through the small gap
    of space. Up ahead, grab the armor, then blast through the horizontal shooter.
    Grab the Annihilation icon in the upper right corner to rid of the pesky
    defenses, then make sure to grab the other ugprades.
    In the next area, be careful as a left vertical wall of electricity will try
    to trample you down. You must rush ahead while using time to make it past the
    laser shooters. Watch out for the flying mini-bats. They launch large sonic
    blue waves at your direction, and will aim at you if you shoot them. Near the
    end of the stage, go against the wall with reverse gravity, and shield out the
    middle shooter. Drop down, crouch to avoid the laser, then take out the left
    one. Finally, grab the Power upgrade, and go right to the end.
       *** This strange boss will start out as a blue monster that launches angled
       *** purple lasers. Stand in the middle, and strafe back and forth to avoid
       *** them. Meanwhile, jump up and keep firing at him. He will then morph into
       *** a red form. From here, he will shoot lasers that split at 90 degree
       *** angles which can be tough to avoid. Stick to the same gameplan from
       *** before. He will then morph to a bright green form which launches
       *** vertical purple bars. You can avoid some of them with normal jumps,
       *** however, use switch gravity to make it past the tougher ones. His final
       *** form involves a tricky multi-color combo where he will launch out
       *** various types of attacks at a dual rate. This is extremely tough,
       *** but most can be avoided by jumping through the middle while continually
       *** firing.
    /Stage Six/
    This next stage will start scrolling vertically along with being spattered
    with short platforms, and vertical barriers that launch up based on your
    gravity setting. Continue to your right, switching to get past the barriers.
    Grab the shield powerup, and avoid the cannons. Destroy them if possible,
    otherwise they will be a hassle. You're going to be forced to use evasion
    techniques (switch gravitating) to avoid the pink cannons, and the turrets
    burrowed inside some layered platforms. When you reach the blue section, be
    weary of the flying green robots. They launch projectiles out.
    In the next area, use the same strategies from before. The one part up ahead
    will get tricky. Stand next to the red barrier shooter. Leap up and out, then
    invert when you're out of its range. You should move further ahead, avoid the
    barrier, and turn off the next one. Use a three-dimensional thinking process
    to get past these parts.
       *** This next boss battle will take part on three fast moving robots that
       *** rotate in a square direction. After so many seconds, an eye on the
       *** moving squares will pop open. You must either shoot this or hit it
       *** with your shield. The best strategy I came up with to stay on the
       *** mobile squares is as follows:
        |          XXX         | <--- Whenever you reach the * spot, walk off the
        |    <---  XXX  *Jump  |      edge of the block, and you should fall onto
        |                down  |      the one below you. This strategy is great
        |                      |      for staying on. Keep damaging the blocks
        | XXX                  |      until they turn red. This means they're
        | XXX  --->     XXX    |      about to die. Try to shoot the ones
        |               XXX    |      farthest away from you, but use gravity
        ========================      switch when you're about to touch the floor
                                      or ceiling. After all 3 are destroyed, the
                                      boss fight is over.
    /Stage Seven/
    You'll start off in a small silverish room. Go to the right, grab all 3
    powerups, then proceed ahead. You'll face the boss from the first stage. Use
    the same patterns to eliminate him. It will then forward to the second boss.
    Proceed ahead with the same techniques. As usual, you will face the third
    boss. Continue on to engage the remaining bosses for each stage. You'll note
    that each of them have minor tweaks. The third stage boss will actually speed
    up right before he dies; something which does not happen the first time
    through. After all bosses have been defeated, and you do the rotating square
    part, you'll be brought to a room with a 30 second timer. Start short jumping
    and shooting the ball to your right. You must destroy the 5 balls so that the
    trigger fuse is cut short and reaches the other wall. When this occurs, and
    you've done it under the limit, then you will have completed the game.
       *A mightiful explosion destroys the Cyberg, which could have been the doom
        of the Earth had it not been for your valiant efforts. Earth rejoices and
        praises you for saving the planet from ultimate destruction. You are
        hailed as a hero, M-308 style, baby.*
    - The game will then say to press START to play a game for experts. Basically,
    all the enemies are now twice as strong (including bosses), and you will
    continue with your score from the first game. Thus, you can achieve an
    ultimate score, and be rewarded with a password in case you ever want to test
    Expert Mode again.
    - 4) Codes                 -
    With many games nowadays, players are just looking for ways to get an
    advantage over the depressing ledge. Many classic titles are so overwhelmingly
    difficult that players will curse at themselves for not being able to
    accomplish the task. Do not fear though, this is why codes are here. I'd like
    to thank GameFAQs for providing these codes submitted by multiple users:
       !*>> PASSWORDS <<*!              - Aside from that, there are no in-game
       |=================|_________       codes.
       |7SL-5RR!-WVV| Expert Mode  |
       |H0N-NTQ3-FZR| Second Quest |
       |94J-LZH3-93G| Stage 7      |
    - The second quest has stronger enemies, but practically reversed levels as
    - 5) Common Questions     -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << Are there any other games similar to this? >>
    - Yes, there are plenty of games similar to Metal Storm on the NES. Titles
    such as Journey to Silius, all 6 Mega Man games, and Contra are just a few.
    Metal Storm is like any other platform shooter, except it has exceptional
    gameplay, and truly innovative boss fights. I would rate it an 8/10.
    << Where can I obtain this title? >>
    - Only eBay would be suffice for actually finding this game. It's fairly
    uncommon, which makes it more difficult than your typical Nintendo
    masterpiece, or generic arcade repeat. Not only that, but it was produced by
    Irem, which was a very unknown company back then. The production counts are
    smaller too thanks to a late 1992 release. Flea markets might also turn this
    game up once or twice along your travels.
    << Any hidden secrets missing from the game? >>
    - Well, first of all, there are no codes. Irem wanted to make this game as
    challenging as the title could be. Expert mode is almost impossible without
    using save states and an emulator. The second quest is just a repeat of the
    first game, but with harder AI and tougher opponents. The password system is
    determined based on your current score, stage level, and what part of the game
    you're at.
    << Are there any other versions of this game? >>
    - No. Just the simple NES version was released.
    - 6) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 7) Proper Credit        -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Steve Begin (( for typing up an online instruction manual which I used
    since I did not own an instruction manual. Very helpful in getting my point
    across, thanks.
    )) GameFAQs (( for proving some generic passwords that players can use to
    continue at key points during the game.
    )) Irem (( for producing a fairly unknown, but truly great classic that should
    be at least noted in everyone's collection. The reverse gravity system was
    purely awesomeness on their part.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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