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"M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Oh boy! Huh huh!"

When I was a young child, playing on my NES, I had good taste in games. I only played the best stuff back then and not a single bad game got past my childhood gamer radar.

Or at least that's what I'd like to believe.

I never owned Mickey's Safari in Letterland, but I did rent in many many times. And upon closer inspection of a ROM... well, for a kid as young as I was then, yeah it may be a neat little thing to play.... but now it's sorta like... well, it sort of bites >_>

Clearly this game did not improve my grammar.

Mickey's Safari in Letterland was a learning game starring Mickey Mouse, or at least that's what my general reading ability would lead me to believe. Mickey apparently goes on a Safari in Letterland, yes, I do believe thats what it says. And you have to help him in his Safari... in letterland.

Mmk! So, how do we make Mickey go on his letter safari!? Read further to find out!

Oh wait... this number rating system will never do! Why, for all the children reading this review, they are just learning their letters, I'm not entirely sure that they can count to 10! Well, best make due...
*counts on fingers*

Gameplay - C/J
Okay so, Mickey picks up his net and dons some hunting gear and heads off to letterland! First, you must pick the difficulty. There is Normal, represented by two tiles and the big word "NORMAL", Advanced represented by several tiles in a pile and the word "ADVANCED" and "SUPER ADVANCED" for the largest pile and hardest difficulty.

Picking any difficulty will lead you to the level select screen, and from there Goofy will pick you up in some safari car, and you'll be dropped into the level where you have to collect 3 letter words like "BED" and "CAN" by picking up individual letter crystals to spell it out. Once you've got all the letters, you can run to the exit which appears to be a large block of butter, or a box maybe. I'm not sure but it sure as hell looks like butter to me.

Anyway, then Micky will spell the word for you and you'll see a little picture of the object you spelled. But it doesn't actually say "C-A-N, CAN" it just says "C-A-N, OH BOY! HAH HAH! HAH HAH!" acompanied by the little can picture.

Oh and then he does a little dance, goooo Mickey!

Then Mickey tosses his stick of letter butter into some insane machine being run by Goofy that spits a letter tile over to the next screen, which Mickey will follow after and you'll have to point out on the Alphabet listing which letter he's holding.

And then he does his dance again, wooo! Gooo Mickey!

If you try to return to a previously selected area, he'll go "Ooops" so you can't do it again. So you'll have to go to the next one.

Oh and, seriously, who on earth designed these level names? This is supposed to be a kid's learning game and we have levels called "Pyramid", "Yukon" and "Caribbean"

I'm 19 and I can't freakin' spell Caribbean without seeing it dead in front of me.

Maybe I should have played this more....

Anyway, within the levels, you can't actually die, take damage, or deal damage, you may only search for teh letters. Can't really complain though, it's a kid's game. If you run into one of the turtles, alligators, or whatever, you'll simply flip over them and continue along the path. You can also fling a net out at things, it is used for grabbing teh letters.

Upon further inspection, it appears that only on Normal mode will you be prevented from returning to levels. I guess you have to complete as much as the Alphabet as possible to "win".

The gameplay gets a C out of J, which means uh... Catchy for kids but Crappy for adults?

Graphics - G/J
Okay seriously, for an NES game, it's pretty damn good looking. Simple as that.
It gets a G for Graphics.

Sound/Music - F/J
I like this game's music and sounds. It's pretty well done, to say the least.
It gets a F for Sound meaning uh... Fantastic midi quality music?

Closing Comments
It was fun when I was little, and I had a lot of fun writing this review but... the game itself... pass... unless you've got a younger sibling or a little kid you know, you may want to let them try. Kids always think they are winning, so might as well let them win and let them learn too.

Now remember kiddies, if you don't learn your letters Mickey Mouse will come and C-U-P and do his little victory dance.

C/J for this game, or 3/10 in numbers.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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