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    FAQ/Move List by Cody

    Updated: 08/08/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 05:28:26 -0500
          M        M                     F F F F F     F F F F F
         M M   M M                  F                  F
        M   M M    M                F F F F F     F F F F F
       M     M         M               F                 F
      M                    M              F                F
     M                      M             F                F
    M                        M  ighty   F inal          F ight
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Characters
    4. Special Moves
    5. Strategies
    6. Bosses
    7. WalkThrough
    8. Future Updates
    9. Contact Me
    Hey, my name is Cody (it realy is my name, i didn't name myself after
    the character)
    And this is my FAQ for Mighty Final Fight. Why did i make this, you ask?
    Because this game rocks!
    And it needed an FAQ for it. So anyway, here's the FAQ.
    These are the basic controls for the game. (See 4. Special Moves, to see
    how to do the special moves)
    B : Punch
    A : Jump
    Up : Up
    Down : Down
    Left : Left
    Right : Right
    This is a list of the three characters in the game, plus a short review
    of them.
    Cody - I think he is the best, he's right in the middle of the three,
    not as quick but stronger than Guy, not as strong but quicker than
    Guy - Probably my least favorite of the three, because he is so weak. It
    takes about 100 hits to kill a guy, but he is faster than all of the
    Hagger - Hagger is the strongest of the three by far, he is the slowest
    tho, and he has some cool moves, the funny thing about him is that he's
    the mayor, and a wrestler.
    (Note these aren't the real name of these moves, just what i call them)
    These moves are harder techniques than the normal moves. (See 2.
    Controls, to see what buttons do what.)
    Cody's Moves :
    A+B : Whirl Kick. (Warning : Hurts you if you hit someone with it)
    A,B : Jump Kick
    B+Right : Wave (Note : You have to be on a certain level for this move
    Move into an enemy : LockUp
    LockUp+B : Knee
    LockUp+Left+B : Throw Left
    Lockup+Right+B : Throw Right
    Keep punching an enemy : Rapid Hits, followed by Dragon Uppercut
    Guy's Moves :
    A+B : Whirl Kick (Different variation of Cody's) (Warning : You get hurt
    if you hit someone with this)
    A,B : Jump Kick
    Special Move : Unknown
    Move into an enemy : LockUp
    LockUp+B : Knee
    LockUp+Left+B : Throw Left
    Lockup+Right+B : Throw Right
    Keep punching an enemy : Rapid Hits, folowed by Backwards Cartwheel Kick
    Hagger's Moves :
    A+B : Wrecking Machine (Note : Can move while doing this.) (Warning :
    Hurts you if someone else gets hit by this.)
    A,B : Butt Stomp
    Special Move : Unknown
    Move into an enemy : LockUp
    LockUp+B : HeadButt
    LockUp+Left+B : Dragon Suplex Left
    LockUp+Right+B : Dragon Suplex Right
    LockUp+A,B : Pile Driver
    Keep punching an enemy : Rapid Hits, followed by Drop Kick
    These are a few of the strategies in the game.
    Sometimes you cant get close enough to a enemy to puch them, do the
    alternative. Jump Kick them, or use your Special Move (i.e. Cody's Wave)
    In places with gaps where you can fall down in the ground, if there is a
    spot where there is two gaps and one place in the middle of them still
    in tact, go on that spot, no one trys to go down there.
    When you are trapped between two people, dont be afraid to use your A+B
    move on them
    6. BOSSES
    A list of the bosses i have seen, plus a short  walkthrough on how to
    beat them.
    Berret Guys : They aren't realy bosses, but there kinda hard, just get
    up close and hit them, if they block or kick you, jump kick them
    Andros's : These are the big wresler guys that charge, you can pretty
    much jump kick them when they charge, and get in a few rapid punches.
    Slick : Don't get too close to Slick, to take out about a quarter of his
    health, say  no to both his questions. Then, jump kick him when he
    bounces on his butt, don't try to punch him or he'll play the drums with
    your head.
    Samurai : This guy is tough, jump kicks are ok for this guy, don't get
    close or he will slash you with his swords, and if you have your special
    move (i.e. Cody's Wave) use it, it helps.
    Abigail : This is realy a tough battle, you can't jump kick him, you
    can't get close or he'll kiss you. use your special move, (i.e. Cody's
    Wave) that about all you can do.
    This isn't finished yet, but this is up to the part where i died.
    (Note : This is played by Cody)
    The first level is pretty much for practice, this doesn't need a
    walkthrough, just look at 6. Bosses for strategies on the bosses here.
    The second level is harder, you have to watch your health here. You
    fight the samurai and abigal here i think. just read 6. Bosses for
    strategies on them.
    I realy need help with this FAQ, if anyone wants to help me, e-mail me
    at c_nes@wowmail.com
    I need to know how to do Guys and Haggers special moves.
    And a more indepth walkthrough would be nice.
    My e-mail is c_nes@wowmail.com
    My ICQ number is 15054562
    My homepage is http://members.tripod.com/~nes_1/
    Remember, if you have any questions or comments, or if you wanna help me
    with the next version of this, e-mail or icq me.

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