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"Shooting insects. One of America's pastimes."

Millipede, the sequel to Centipede. Now let's give one of Doodleheimer's other personalities a chance to type

Game Play-

How can a millipede be bigger than an spaceship? Maybe I drank too much of Jerec's Orange Juice? Or maybe I ate too many Pixy Stix?(There are too many brands of Pixy Stix)

The game is simple. Shoot down the millipede before it gets you. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? It is if you can do two things at once. If you can't, the Metaphorical Millipede has destroyed your Inner Child Spaceship. Either way, psychiatrists will be visited a lot more. (And that's a lot, considering Frasier's ratings have dropped since it moved out of the 9:00 Thursday spot)


Animal Rights Activists, Please Hold. ''What's new pussycat, Whoa whoa whoa''(Old Tom Jones song)

The control is much better than in the arcade version, considering the button layout is more comfortable for my hands. The buttons are easy to do, but the speed of the game makes it a little more difficult.


When I plug my ears, I can still hear the dreaded sounds. NNNNOOOOOO, TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF NOW.

The sound is awful. The same crappy effects really get on my nerves. Mute your TV immediately. It bothered me 'til I went insane and started writing these things.


Insect Facts 101: Millipedes can be cut into pieces and still live.

The graphics look both better and worse than in the arcade version. The screen's not as big, because at the bottom and right sides there is a huge green bar, and the graphics look rougher. On the plus side, the screen changes color after every Millipede is defeated, and the ship has more detail. Some good and some bad.


You heard the game, soldiers. Move out! Destroy every millipede on sight.

The game is a good buy if you're a fan of the arcade classics. If not, don't bother with it.

Score Rundown
Game Play-7/10 - Game is good and fast
Control-8/10 - Control is improved from arcade version
Graphics-8/10 - Some good, and some bad
Enjoyability-7/10 - It's enjoyable



Insect shooting is one of America's pastimes, and it shall never die. It is fun, and this game embarks on the sport of Kings. The one, and only NES version, Millipede. Centipede only does Centipede shooting.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/05/01, Updated 05/20/02

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