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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For play on Nintendo Entertainment System
    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
    Version 1.1
    Last Updated: 12/19/10
    Phase: Technically complete
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    -12:57 AM Update
    Lo and behold, a new FAQ has been born.  I shall be working on this one while
    also working on my ActRaiser FAQ.   Round 1 complete.
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    Very Small update
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    Trying to get as much in as I can before I have to get ready for work.  Section
    1 complete.
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    Walkthrough goes through Round 5 now.  Also put together 1D.
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    About to tackle a walkthrough for the dreaded Round 6 maze!  Wait, never mind,
    FAQ complete!  Just need to proofread  it.
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    Reference credit goes to instruction manual for boss names
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Introduction
    1A: A Boy and His Monster
    1B: I Controlled an 8-bit Monster (controls)
    1C: Monster at Play (gameplay)
    1D: Tips
    Section 2: Walkthrough
    2A: Round 1
    2B: Round 2
    2C: Round 3
    2D: Round 4
    2E: Round 5
    2F: Round 6
    2G: Round 7
    2H: Round 8
    2I: The Not-So-Grand Finale
    Section 3: FAQ
    Section 4: Legal Bit
    Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye
    Mark was walking home one night when a strange, winged creature fell from the
    sky in front of him.  You'd think Mark  would scream, wet his pants, and run
    the opposite direction.  Instead, he said, "Who are you?"  That's  exactly what
    I would do if a winged monster  appeared in front of me.  The creature told
    Mark his name was Bert, and  that he desperately needed Mark to
    come to his planet and help take care of the evil monsters living there.
    "I'm afraid to fight evil monsters," Mark says.  More horrible dialogue ensues,
    and eventually Bert grabs Mark by  the hand and before Mark can say "Stranger
    danger!" they're off.
    Got to love Nintendo logic!  You don't see setups like this anymore.  Why
    didn't Bert to go some ex-marine or a  professional baseball player?  If a bat
    will do, why not grab someone more capapble?  Are creatures on his planet  that
    weak?  Makes me wonder what this game would have been like if he landed in
    front of a porn studio instead.  That  wouldn't be a bat the protagonist would
    be swinging, and this game would have more likely been on Commodore 64 than
    D-Pad Left/Right- Move left/right
    D-Pad Down- Crouch
    D-Pad Down + Left/Right- Crawl left/right
    D-Pad Up- Enter door
    A- Jump, flap wings (Bert only)
    B- Attack
    Start- Pause
    Select- Not used
    Monster Party is a side scroller from the 8-bit era.  You should know what to
    expect the instant you see the first level.  You always move from right to
    left, never left to right, and in very few levels do you do anything but.  The
    object of each level is to hunt down all of the evil monsters behind the doors
    (bosses, if you will), horribly  bludgeon them with your bat, and exit the
    level.  Most levels have three bosses, and defeating the three will grant you
    a key.  Near the end of every level is a special door that requires the key,
    and going through it will take you  to the next level.
    Scattered all about the level are regular monsters like monster dogs, bat
    people, ghosts, alligators, etc.  You will  either find them completely
    stationary or moving a certain route.  In any case, they're all very easy to
    deal with.   Either bat them to death, laser them to death, or smack
    back at them.  That's right.  If a monster throws projectile of any kind at
    you, you can send the projectile back with Mark's bat.  Should the projectile
    hit, it will  one-shot the enemy.  That tends to be the easiest way to deal
    with many of them.  This also goes for bosses, though the one-shot rule
    doesn't hold there.
    Killing enemies can give some great benefits.  Some will drop hearts, which
    restore life.  Others drop pills which  can change you into Bert temporarily.
    Bert, unlike Mark, can fly and shoot lasers.  He cannot reflect projectile
    back, though.  Bert's stength mainly  comes from being able to attack more
    rapidly and from a greater distance than Mark.  By mashing the B button, he can
    attack in a continuous string.  This makes Bert highly recommended for some
    boss battles.
    The key to playing this game is learning how its physics work.  The controls
    feel awkward at first, but don't take  long to get the hang of.  Also, learning
    how to time your attacks with the bat is a huge help.  Hitting projectile  will
    not always send it straight back.  It all depends on the angle of the
    projectile coming at you, your position,  and how soon or late you hit the B
    button.  You really have to experiment, get a feel for when to hit the button
    to  send the attack back.
    Another useful tip: learn how enemies move.  Those that do move usually go
    about a set route and seldom deviate from  it.  Find out where their movement's
    borders are, wait at the edge, and pulverize them when they get close.  If
    you're using Bert, this becomes much easier to do.  This is especially useful
    in the lake level where you have to fight giant serpents that take loads of
    hits to kill.
    There really isn't much in the way of surprises in this game.  Maybe a few.  If
    you're a fan of this game, you're  one of the few and maybe not-so-proud.
    You're probably like me and don't really enjoy this game for its gameplay,  but
    rather for its ridiculousness and camp.  It feels like the movies I rented as a
    kid, or stayed up late to watch;  the cheesy epics like The Stuff, The Beast
    Within, Eyes of Fire, The Being, Phantasm, Freakies, It's Alive, Popcorn,
    Humongous... I could go on.  Yeah, there were even ones I couldn't enjoy, like
    The Abomination, Spawn of the  Slithis, or Newlydeads.  You call them B-movies,
    or Z-movies; I call them A-movies.
    1D: TIPS
    -Learn your enemies' motions.  Most of them follow a designated route and are
    quite predictable.  Just wait on the  border of their route and bash/shoot them
    to death.  They never stray from that border.  Seriously.  You can stand there
    all day and never take damage unless they throw projectiles.
    -Bat projectiles back at enemies whenever you can.  You can easily one-shot
    enemies with projectiles.
    -Learn to time your batting on projectiles.  How early or late you hit the
    projectile combined with its angle will determine what angle at which you send
    it back.  This will take some experimentation.
    -"Life grind" whenever necessary, but be conservative.  Enemies that drop
    hearts will drop them after respawning,  but only a certain number per level.
    -Experiment with either Mark or Bert on bosses.  Most of them are easier with
    Bert, but there are some, like Mad Javelin Man, that are much easier with
    -Think outside the box.  There are a few levels that will try to trick you.
    -If brain force fails, brute force might just prevail.  The boss battles in
    game are not exactly top-notch development.  Most of them can be beaten by
    simply powering through them.  Use that to your advantage.
    I am not going to give you a detailed breakdown of every level.  They're all
    very straight forward, and consist of  you advancing to the right.  That's
    really it.  Maybe certain ones...  I will tell you how to get to bosses and
    defeat them, as well as give you some advanced enemy and level tips.  Are you
    ready to have your mind blown?  Then let's get this party started!
    2A: ROUND 1
    What?  Isn't this game called "Monster Party"?  Wasn't there just buckets of
    blood and mean, nasty b-movie beasties running across the title screen?  Then
    what's all this happy, friendly crap? Those are the most screwed up mountains
    I have ever seen.  And just look at those blocks...  They look like they
    stepped onto the wrong game.  Sorry, fellas, Adventures of Lolo is that way.
    Level tips:
    -To deal with the... I don't know what the hell they are, the guys with the
    electric auras, watch them move.  They usually run a certain route.  Wait on
    the border of that route and either bash them with your bat or send their
    bolts back at them.
    -Do you really need a tip on beating the legs?  They're probably the easiest
    enemy in gaming history.
    -There should be a part with some platforms and two pairs of legs sticking out,
    one above the other.  The lower one  should give you a heart, and the higher
    one should give you a pill.  I recommend taking both out.
    -When you walk past the giant tree, then we see what's really hiding beneath
    those happy blocks.  Oh, yes yes yes, hell yes!  Horror!  Horror!
    -The first monster dog is best avoided.  Killing them is too much of a hassle.
    Just jump over it.
    -The second monster dog is a different story.  Kill him to turn into Bert.
    -Are these trees' leaves made out of frothing monster heads?  That's freakin'
    -After you fight the Pumpkin Ghost will be some purple water.  This stuff does
    damage to you.  Do not fall in.
    -The bony arm things damage you as well.
    -You'll see a doorway framed in bone.  This is the exit to the level.  You can
    only come here when you've defeated  all the bosses in the level: the Man-
    Eating Plant, the Dead Spider, and the Pumpkin Ghost.
    Getting to the bosses:
    -Enter the first door you see.  Door?  What door?  I mean that giant, pink
    smiley face.  The first boss is inside.
    This guy ain't so bad.  You have three choices:
    1. Power through this guy.  Just run up to his pot, heedless of any damage you
    might take, jump up in the air, and  bash the crap out of him.  Continue to
    bash until he's dead.  If you're not close enough, you may miss even though  it
    looks like you are close enough.  Just be sure to adjust yourself.  Mashing the
    B-button is a must when doing this.
    2. Go to the left and find a good position to sit and try to reflect his
    bubbles back at him.  Bear in mind that you need to be at just the right angle
    hitting his bubbles at just the right time.  It might take a little bit to
    figure  out where to stand and when to hit, but this method can--but doesn't
    necessarily--guard you from damage.  It's also a very slow, very long drawn
    3. Before entering the room, go right until you see two pairs of legs sticking
    out of the ground, one above another.   Kill the higher up pair and grab the
    pill to turn into Bert.  Walk/Fly back and enter the door, then fly up to the
    creature's face and start shooting him.  Dodge bubbles as necessary.
    When he's dead, grab the ? and exit the room.
    -The second "boss" is in a door just after the spikes.  It's pretty high up,
    but getting to it isn't hard at all.   There isn't an actual boss here, just a
    dead spider.  Grab the ? and exit.
    -After the world becomes all screwed up, there should be a giant tree with a
    door in it.  This is not to be mistaken  with the giant tree you walked past
    when the world went to hell.  This is a different tree, one with tentacled
    eyeballs in front of it.  Enter it and battle it out with the Pumpkin Ghost!
    As Mark:
    Beef up as much as you can.  Life grind until you've got a lot of health, then
    run in and start stomping ass like  your name's Steve Austin.  Technique?  Who
    needs it?  Just bat the guy around until he's dead.
    As Bert:
    Fly up in the air and shoot him in the head.  Try your hardest to fly over him,
    then push Down on the D-pad to drop out of the air.  Continue doing this until
    he's dead.  Try not to go toe to toe with this guy.
    2B: ROUND 2
    This is supposed to be a dungeon, but it looks like a sewer.  And alas, no
    CHUDs.  The game becomes far less spooky  from here out.  Most of the levels
    are what you would expect from a platformer.
    This level will require a more detailed walkthrough.  It won't be "bulleted"
    like the one above.
    Walk to the right and don't run past the trickle of blood.  Wait to the left of
    it and bash it when the fishman gets within range.  The blood should kill him
    in one shot.  Continue right.  You come to a........ red thing.  We'll call  it
    a blob since I can't tell what the hell it is.  Bludgeon it to death and climb
    up the ladder to the middle pipe.   Walk right and wait for the alligator to
    throw projectile at you.  Bat the projectile back at it to one-shot it,  then
    kill the blob after that to receive a pill and turn into Bert.  Run back to the
    ladder, climb up and kill the fishman, then enter the door to fight a boss.
    Ol' Snake-Bitch has been busy.  Seems ever since Ray Harryhausen made her a
    star, everyone wants a piece of her:  Konami, SNK, Bandai...  Unlike
    Castlevania, she's not just a floating head.  Instead, she's a giant snake with
    wild  hair that looks like she's been spending the last five hours snorting
    cocaine off Gaibon's ass.
    I recommend fighting this one as Bert.  Fly up in the air a little bit and mash
    the B button to continually fire at her.  Doding the snakes she throws
    practically isn't an option.  You could try batting them back with Mark, but
    you  have to stand so close to her that you couldn't possibly bat all of them
    back without taking damage.  Continue to  fire at the bitch until she's dead.
    If you don't have enough health, the go life grind somewhere until you do have
    enough.  Remember, there is no time limit in this game.
    Return to the blob that gave you the pill.  Go up the ladder, kill the blob,
    head right, climb down, kill the  fishman, head left, climb down, head right.
    Use the alligator to life grind a little, continue right and bat the bubble
    back at the pod creature here.  Continue right past the ladder and the
    alligator after
    it to the very end.  Climb up  and kill the spore, then up the next ladder and
    kill the fishman after it on the right for a pill.  Keep heading  right and go
    past the ladder until you come to one that takes you to the middle pipe.  Go
    down it, head left and kill everything in your path.  Enter the door for
    another boss fight.
    Ebirah!  No!!!
    You'll see a couple teleporters and a giant piece of breaded shrimp talking to
    A GIANT, TALKING PIECE OF BREADED SHRIMP?  Don't run to the bathroom to check
    your pills.  They're working just fine.  You just have to fight a Sampler
    Platter from Denny's.  The Shrimp will come at you.  If you're Bert, attack it
    until it
    comes close and then duck.  Miraculously, the thing will pass over you if you
    duck.  If you happen to turn back into Mark while fighting these guys (and
    believe me, you will), then don't attack it as it's coming at you.   Instead,
    duck and wait for it to pass over you, then quickly face it, jump up, and mash
    the B button.  This might take some practice and timing.  Most of the time,
    I'm off by a split second.  Just don't go off too early or it'll damage you.
    Keep doing this until an Onion Ring appears.
    Before you die, you see THE RING!  You now have seven days to make someone eat
    this onion ring, or a morbidly obese ghost woman will come out of your
    set and sit on you.  The good news: she probably won't fit through the screen
    Same story as above, but your timing might be a little different on this one
    since the Onion Ring's top part sticks out a little farther.  You're not out
    of the woods when the Ring dies.
    Now it's time to take on the Kebab.  The strategy for this one is......EXACTLY
    THE SAME AS THE LAST TWO!  Duck, wait for it to pass over, quickly leap up and
    bat away.  Wash, rinse, repeat, eat.  Move on.
    Head right back to the ladder, climb up, head right, dodge the blood trickle,
    and climb down.  Kill the spore, climb down to the bottom pipe, and head
    right.  Pass the ladder, a the door above leads to an empty room.  Kill the
    fishman after the ladder for a pill.  Head right and avoid the next two
    ladders, but go up the third one to the very  top and head back left to the
    door.  This one's for all the marbles: the third and final boss of the stage.
    No Timmy O'Toole in there, and I've already spent my one Ringu joke.  The thing
    throws plates at you, very slowly.   Many of them will pass harmlessly over
    your head, though some will come at you.  I
    recommend getting here as Bert, standing very still, and mashing the hell out
    of the B button.  Exorcise the demon!  Poison the well!  Before you can sing,
    "In every corner..." it'll disappear.
    Go back to the ladder, climb all the way down, head right, and kill the
    monsters along the way.  It's all straightforward from here.  Make your way
    through the snaking pipeworks until you get to a giant pipe sticking out of
    the ground.  This is the exit.  If you have beaten Medusa, Shrimp Attack, and
    Haunted Well, then you can advance to the third round.  If not, then you're
    screwed and you need to go back and fight them.
    Walk up to the pipe with the key and push up to end the round.
    2C: ROUND 3
    Before Neil Marshall shoved a bunch of British women into a cave against
    simian-bat creatures... there was THE CAVE LEVEL.  This one is pretty
    straightforward, so it'll be back to the first level's walkthrough format.
    -Most enemies in this level are dealt with the same as the previous ones.  Just
    wait on the borderline of their  route and bat away.  Be sure to watch them to
    find out where their route ends.
    -Beware falling stalactites.  If you've played more than three NES games in
    your life, I'm sure you know how to avoid these.
    -First door is empty.
    -The skeleton after the first door has a pill and one of the skeletons after
    that has a heart.
    -The bat creature before the second door has a heart.
    -The second door is your first destination in this dark, dank level.  Surprise!
    It's a boss.
    Seriously, Bandai.  You could have just called him a "minotaur".  But
    nooooooo... You had to give him a less succinct name.  Mayhaps we should call
    Medusa "Stationary Snake Woman," or  call the zombies later on "Dancing Rotting
    This guy's weekness is his belly.  This can make the battle a little difficult.
    Make sure you get here with plenty of health.  Either bat his cows back at him
    or continually shoot him.  Killing this guy without taking damage is virutally
    impossible.  You may be able to do so as Bert and with a hell of a lot of
    -The bat creature after the boss has a pill.
    -The door right after the first boss contains another boss.
    Really, would it be hard to call this guy just "mummy"?  Seems like Bandai
    likes long, clunky names.  And just what  the hell is this guy anyway?  He
    doesn't look like a mummy, but like a piece of string that happens to have a
    human shape.
    Get some distance between you and the Guardian.  If you reached this guy as
    Bert, just unleash and try to dodge both  him and his ectoplasm projectile.
    Since most of the pills in this level are far away from this boss, chances are
    good you'll transform back into Mark.  Keep your distance when do and bat the
    ectoplasm back at him.  If he approaches you, either run the other way or use
    your temporarily invincibility gained from taking damage to push past him and
    give yourself some more distance.  Send this guy to the Castlevania ripoff
    graveyard and move on.
    -There's a huge drop right after the boss.  If you fall down there, you will
    need Bert to return.  Make sure you've defeated the first two bosses before
    dropping down there.
    -Keep your distance from the bat-umbrellas.  You may not have a lot of space in
    some cases, so remember to be aggressive and time your jumps and shots.
    -You'll come to an area with zigzagging platforms and a ton of umbrealla-bats.
    If they get too close to you, try to run back a little ways and give yourself
    some space.  Don't go back too far, as that might cause some enemies to
    -Right after the umbrealla-bats is a bat creature that gives you a pill.
    -The door after the aforementioned pill and zigzagging platforms contains the
    third and final boss of the level: the  Giant Spider!
    This one's not dead!  And damn, you just don't have a boot big enough to stomp
    this one out.  Make sure you life grind a little bit before fighting this guy.
    I highly recommend getting to this guy as Bert.  Without Bert, dodging the guy
    is tough.  Unload a bunch of shots on him while he's getting close to you.
    Use your flight to dodge the flying x's and to fly over him as he approaches
    you.  Flap over him, drop down and continue to shoot.  His motions are very
    easy to figure
    out, as all he does is run back and forth to either side of the screen,
    shooting projectile at you.  No need to whip out the can of Raid, because this
    guy should be toast in a short while.
    -Immediately after the Giant Spider is an odd-shaped cave.  This is the exit.
    If you don't have the key yet, then  head back and fight the other bosses.
    2D: ROUND 4
    What game about monsters and horror is complete without a tomb?  Wait a sec...
    aren't we on another planet?  So  what's up with the Egyptian references?
    Yeah, we all know about the whole conspiracy with aliens and the pyramids and
    all that. Perhaps it a subtle reference.
    Strangely, none of the bosses in this level match the theme.  Why didn't they
    have the mummy boss in this stage?   Instead, you fight a giant cat, a giant
    punk rocker, and giant samurai.  That's awesome.  Make anything giant and
    presto!  They're a monster.  Look out for the giant stapler, the giant canary,
    and the giant IRS agent in the sequel.
    -The floating blocks are indestructible with your weapon, but can be destroyed
    by other creatures' projectile shots.
    -The scorpion creatures are a pain in the ass to deal with.  They throw
    projectile in an arc and some walk back and forth.  You can wait at the border
    their route, but you still have to avoid projectile.  The first one is
    especially a pain since you'll be sandwiched between it and the first floating
    block.  Best to power through the first one and try to life grind later.
    -On the subject of the scorpions, all you really need to do is figure out where
    their farthest shot will go and wait  there.  When you see the shot come at
    you, bat it and kill the scorp.  It only means you will have to be twice as
    patient when killing these guys.
    -The first snake you bump into drops a heart.
    -Don't bother with the first door.
    -Unlike the ones in Round 2, the crocs here don't throw projectiles.  They are
    very easy to defeat, just like many of the other enemies in this game.  They
    walk a preset route, so just wait at  the border and bat/laser away.
    -After the first croc will be a scorpion on top of a stone block throwing
    projectiles.  Stand on the block next to the one the scorpion is on and bat
    his projectiles back at him.
    -You will eventually come to a place with two floating blocks side by side.
    The best way to get under them is to have both blocks about level with each
    other.  To do this, bat the left block at just the right time.  That should
    slow it down enough that the other block will catch up with it.
    -Ack!  Another scorpion throwing projectiles, only this one is up above!  You
    have to get very close to its line of fire, almost right up against it without
    getting hit, and then time your batting to knock one of the projectiles back
    up at him at an angle.  This will take some practice, but it is doable.  If you
    smack a projectile and it goes upward without hitting the scorpion, then
    you're in the wrong position.  Try repositioning, most likely getting closer
    to the line of fire.
    -Jump up on the block that the scorpion in the last point I talked about was
    on.  Jump left onto the platform above, head left, kill the snake, and make
    your way all the way to a door.  Enter it to fight the first boss of the level.
    Musashi he ain't.  The ways of bushido are lost on this one.  Never before have
    I seen a samurai throw swords at  people, and never so many of them.
    Apparently, he's either a very dishonorable ronin, or he has suffered brain
    damage from oxygen deprivation in this air-tight crypt.
    This guy is not as hard as he seems.  His motions are downright predictable.
    He slowly ambles his way from one side to the other and throws katanas at you.
    Yawn... Bat the katanas back at him if you can, or just run up and start
    bludgeoning his legs.  When he pushes you against the wall, jump up through the
    over his legs.  The only part of his  body that registers any kind of collision
    is his legs.  You can actually jump through his upper body without taking
    damage.  Keep smacking those legs and eventually Samanosuke will collapse.
    -The road ahead will split.  Either you can go higher or lower.  Take the lower
    route, kill the croc, dodge the  block, enter another door, fight another boss.
    Oh, how cute!  Permit me to puke in my mouth.
    I recommend fighting this one as Mark.  The cat will throw its kittens at you.
    Look up above you.  See those ornamental dealies?  Stand underneath the second
    one from the left and time your batting to smack a kitten back at their mom.
    read that right folks.  I want you to use a baseball bat to smack a kitten
    across a room in the hopes of hitting a giant cat in the face.  I'll bet you
    never thought
    you'd be doing this in a game.
    Once again, time those shots.  If you hit a cat and it goes straight forward
    (horizontally), then you're too early.   If it sails over the cat's head and
    never hits him/her/it, then you're too late.  You'll know when you hit the
    thing.  Trust me.  You'll either want to jam a pencil in your ears or speed the
    battle up so you don't have to hear the thing.
    Bat enough kittens back at the Snowball III to send her screaming back to kitty
    -Go back to the split and take the upper route.
    -The first snake on the upper route drops a ?.
    -If you take that long drop down, only Bert will be able to return.  Make sure
    you've defeated the first two bosses of the level before advancing this far.
    -The first scorpion after the long drop has a pill.
    -Use Bert to fly up to a door high in the air after you get the pill.  Enter
    the door and fight the third and final boss of the level.
    If this guy's a monster, then I'm rich.  Seriously, this is "Monster" Party,
    not "Douche Bag" Party.
    Get to this guy as Bert.  Strategy?  Pah!  Laser the hell out of this guy, just
    make sure you get to him with plenty of life.  Trying to dodge his music notes
    or his body is pretty much a lost cause, and may wind up costing you more life
    than saving.  The way this guy moves and the fact that his notes move at such
    odd angles pretty much spells death for strategy.  He shouldn't take long to
    kill if you power through him.  Sorry, Mr. Punk Dude.  You fought the law, and
    the law won.
    Now you should have a key.  Keep heading right in the level and find the door
    2E: ROUND 5
    As a kid, I was stuck on this level for a very long time.  It wasn't the fact
    that it was challenging, it was the  fact that I couldn't figure out how to
    kill one boss: The Living Dead.  You wouldn't know it at first, but they're
    one of the easiest bosses in boss history.  I'll tell you why if you read on.
    -Falling in the water will cause damage.
    -The lake monsters can be destroyed with your bat.  Just wait at the route
    border like you would with about 90% of the enemies in this game and bat them
    for a very long time.  Eventually, they will die.  The first one drops a
    -You'll see an area with some splashing in the water.  This is where you'll
    fight a fish skeleton.  Killing them is a pain, because you have to take
    damage in order to do so.  The first one drops a pill, too.
    -The lake monster before the fourth door holds a heart.
    -Enter the fourth door to fight:
    The freshly risen dead are here to raise the roof!  Wooooo!  Before you stomp
    the graveyard with them, take a look  at what the say: "Watch My Dance."  That
    is an actual indication on how to defeat these guys.  Here's what you do:
    watch their dance.  Hitting these guys damages them and knocks them over,
    causing their dance to restart.  All you have to do is not touch them for a
    little while.  Just sit still and watch their asinine dance.  They will
    eventually perish, quite possibly out of embarrassment at being part of the
    stupidest boss battle in history.
    -Avoid the shark after the first boss.  Time your jump when you get to the next
    lake monster so that you leap over his head and land on the next platform
    -There will be floating stone platforms that make a sort of arc.  One will have
    a door on it with a fish skeleton below.  Enter this door and fight the only
    other boss in this level.
    Who or what the hell is Mad Javelin Man?  He kind of looks like one of the old
    school Lego people.  And why javelins?   Was there a reference here that
    Western audiences just don't get?  I mean, we're in a lake.  Why not a giant
    turtle or Nessie?  You know, something you would associate with a lake.
    MJM is a wuss.  On the far left side are some stones you can jump up on.  Jump
    on the one that's about level with  his waist and wait for him to throw
    javelins at you.  Bat them back at him until he's dead.  Very seldom will he
    throw more at you than you shouldn't be able to handle.  Seriously, MJM, get
    -Exit, head right, and just haul ass for the exit.  Careful on some of the
    platforms ahead, as some of them have spacious gaps in between.  When you come
    to the green-rimmed door, that's it for the stage.
    2F: ROUND 6
    Are you ready to pull your own hair out, punch yourself in the nuts, jump out a
    window, and slit your own wrists with the broken glass?  It's not because this
    level is hard, it's because it's very VERY irritating.  Nauseating colors,
    annoying enemies, grating sounds, but worst of all....
    IT'S A MAZE.
    It all boils down to this: you have to enter the right doors in the right order
    to get to the boss and then exit the level.  Be thankful there is only one
    boss in this level.
    Alrighty, the wumpus is out there, and we have to hunt him.  Just try to
    follow along and don't get lost.
    1. You're at the start of the level.  Enter the far left door.
    2. Walk right and be careful of the projectiles raining down from the ceiling.
    Pass the first door you see, continue right, and drop off the edge.  Keep
    walking right and you'll find a hideous, sinster......pair of pants.   Kill
    them, continue on and enter the very far right door.
    3. Only one way to go here.  Head all the way right and enter the door.
    4. Time your attack and bat one of the projectiles at the pair of pants.  Head
    right and pass the first door, then enter the third door you see on the far
    5. Nothing out of the ordinary.  Walk straight to the next door.
    6. Enter the very first door on your right.
    7. Walk ahead, dodge the blue comet thingies, and be prepared.  It's boss
    I have a great idea!  Let's throw some random colors together such that they
    look like someone swallowed Nickelodeon Gak and a razor blade, then puked it
    back up.  Oh, then we'll make some of the random colors move and call it a boss
    And God help you on this one.
    If you were able to get here as Bert, it pretty much means you didn't follow my
    directions.  I praise you for that.  I honestly hate this level and would
    rather be done with it ASAP.
    The first thing you need to do is find out which random moving blob of color is
    the real CM (I've noticed it's always the one on the bottom right corner).
    The fake ones can't damage you, nor can you damage them.  If you're Bert, just
    fire away until you wind up hitting the right one.  If you're Mark, then just
    tread carefully until you can find out which one it is for sure.  Keep your
    distance.  This guy's movements are erratic.  He'll bounce around all over the
    place and usually wind up running into you if you get too close.  Try to bat
    him as he's moving away from you, but try like mad to not run up to him while
    he's stationary.  You
    never know if he's going to run into you or move away.  Hope that you beat
    this guy with plenty of life.
    1.  Exit the boss room and enter the door you came through.
    2.  Enter the door on the right.
    3.  Both of the next two doors take you to the same room, so just enter the
    closer one on the right.
    4.  Head all the way to the right, killing the possessed chair on the way.
    5.  You'll drop down.  Skip the door you drop next to and walk right.  Enter
    the first door you see.
    6.  Walk all the way to the left, skipping the first door, and enter the far
    left door.
    7.  Walk to the right, destroy the chair, enter the blue-framed door on the far
    right.  Mission accomplished!
    2G: ROUND 7
    Childe Mark to the Pun Tower Came!  Seriously, this tower is full of horrid
    Yeah, yeah, so are my FAQs, but  mine (hopefully) don't cause rectal bleeding.
    Here we have umpires.  Get it, instead of vampires?  Oh, hahaha, I want to
    slit my wrists now.  There's also a reference to the elephant man.  He walks
    around with a shroud over his head.  Bat him once and it'll reveal his true
    head to be that of an elephant's.  I'm sure Joseph Merrick would be proud to
    see himself being remembered in such a way.
    This level also throws you one screwball: there are three bosses, but you must
    only beat two of them.  Defeating two will give you the key, defeating the
    third will take the key away.  Such a horrid little trick!  This is also the
    second level that does not advance in the same fashion as the first five.
    Instead of going left to right, you go from the bottom to the top.  Oh, that
    sounds homoerotic.
    -Floor 1-
    1 Umpire, 1 Elephant Man, 1 Neon Ghost
    -Nothing really to report, except that the first two guys should give you
    -Floor 2-
    1 Umpire, 1 Bat Boy, 1 Neon Ghost
    -Bat Boy and the Ump drop hearts, Neon Ghost drops a ?.
    -Floor 3-
    3 Neon Ghosts, 1 door
    -The topmost ghost gives you a pill.  The door contains a boss.
    Wait a sec... His name is Royce, and he rolls.  I don't even want to type the
    faux laughter.
    "Oh man, even the laugh track didn't think that was funny."
    Please, get here as Bert.  It's not that hard.  There's a pill right outside
    the room.  Kill the Neon Ghost there and take it.  Killing this guy can be
    tough otherwise.  What I do is stand in the middle of the room and face a
    direction.  I fly up in the air until he rolls under me and is between the wall
    I'm facing and myself.  So if I face right, I wait until he rolls onto my
    right side.  After that, I drop and take one or two shots, depends on how risky
    you're feeling.  It shouldn't take too many shots to dispatch this could-be
    -Floor 4-
    1 Bat Boy, 2 Neon Ghosts
    -Bat Boy carries a heart.
    -Floor 5-
    1 Umpire, 2 Neon Ghost, 1 Elephant Man
    -Umpire has a heart, Neon Ghost as a ?.
    -Floor 6-
    1 Umpire, 2 Neon Ghosts, 1 door
    -Umpire has a pill, one of the Neon Ghosts has a ?.  The door is empty.
    -Floor 7-
    1 Bat Boy, 1 Umpire, 1 Elephant Man
    -Bat Boy and Elephant Man both have hearts.
    -Floor 8-
    2 Umpires, 1 Elephant Man, 1 door
    -Elephant Man has a pill and the topmost Umpire has a ?.  The door contains a
    "Welcome!  Entrance to hell."
    I thought that was Round 1.  *duh-dum-tssss!*
    Seems Death has taken time out of his busy schedule making guest appearances on
    Family Guy and working on the set of  his game Castlevania to drop in on
    Monster Party.  Really, his role here is like Tom Savini in Children of the
    Living Dead.  So short and insignificant, it's sad he even made the appearance.
    Fighthing this guy as Mark is a clustereff.  Fighting him as Bert is passable.
    Just flap like hell and shoot his upper body, heedless of the damage you take
    from the floating skulls.  What, no sickles?  Oh, Death, you disappoint me.  I
    guess you get what you pay for.  Thankfully, he doesn't take much damage to
    kill with Bert.
    If you killed boy Royce and Death, then you should have the key.  Advance
    immediately to the end of the level and  exit.  Do not fight the third boss
    unless you didn't fight one of the first two.  I will still include a
    walkthrough for the rest of the stage for those of you who actually want to
    fight a rehashed boss.
    -Floor 9-  (from outer space?)
    1 Elephant Man, 1 Bat Boy, 1 Umpire
    -You get nothing.  Advance as soon as possible.
    -Floor 10-
    2 Bat Boys
    -One Bat Boy has a ?.
    -Floor 11-
    1 Umpire, 1 Elephant Man, 1 Bat Boy
    -Nothing to report.  Get to the gone.
    -Floor 12-
    1 Neon Ghost, 1 Elephant Man, 1 Umpire, 1 door
    -Elephant Man holds a pill and the door is empty.
    -Floor 13-
    1 Neon Ghost, 1 Bat Boy, 1 Elephant Man, 1 door
    -The door holds the third boss.  DO NOT ENTER THIS DOOR IF YOU DEFEATED THE
    TAKE THE KEY AWAY.  If you haven't beaten either of the first two bosses and
    want to fight a rehashed boss, then by all means enter.
    Hrm... If you fight all three of the bosses, you lose the key.  The third boss
    is on the thirteenth floor.  I'm sure they planned it that way.  It would just
    be your rotten luck to lose the key without realizing you had it or that you
    could lose it.
    Get here as Bert.  I highly recommend it.  Power through the boss.  With Bert's
    new laser, he shouldn't take but a few hits before he keels over like a bug on
    a Raid commercial.
    -Floor No One Gives a Crap-
    Do you really need to know what's on all the floors after the Giant Spider?
    No.  If you have the key, then rush to the exit door.  If you lost the key
    because you fought all three bosses, then promptly reset and enter a level
    2H: ROUND 8
    This is it!  The final stage!  YAAAAAY!  And we're in heaven.  Oh, how
    wonderful.  How the hell is this supposed to  be scary?  I mean, maybe if
    you're anti-Christian it would be scary, but seriously?  I'm sure Round 9 would
    have had green pastures and bunnies screwing all over the place.
    This is another level that tries to trick you.  I got stuck on it for a while
    as a kid because I didn't realize you  can head to the left when you start the
    level.  That's right, this level does not start you on the far left.  You're
    actually just off from the left a ways.  Before going to the left, head
    immediately to the right and kill the anthropomorphic dynamite.  Yeah, you
    read that correctly.  A dynamite man.  I don't effing know what the developers
    were injecting into their asses when they drafted the rogues gallery, just kill
    the damn thing and grab the pill.  I  could venture at a guess as to what the
    developers were thinking with the dynamite people, but I really think saying
    so would be horribly offensive. Head all the way to the left now, and enter the
    church, enter the dragon.
    No side scroller is complete without an enemy or a boss that's supposed to be
    serpentine or worm-like that's actually made out of seveal spherical sprites
    put together.  This guy loves you.  He will constrict you more than I would if
    you met me during any period of intoxication.  Get here as Bert, becausing
    fighting him as Mark is a pain in the rump.  That's not to say that fighting
    him as Bert is easy, but at least Bert has the new and improved laser which
    can wear way bosses quickly.  All I can tell you is make like Shaun of the Dead
    and aim for the head.   Constantly aim for the head.  You will take damage in
    this battle.  While that stupid dragon is coiling around you, keep positioning
    yourself such that
    your shots hit him in the  head.  Fight like mad!  Come out, guns blazing,
    hellfire, pandemonium, and just power through the guy as much as you can.  You
    can try doding, but he erratic  motions and the fact that he's guns right for
    you could mean using up more life than necessary.
    Life grind if you're finding you just can't beat him.  Seriously, this is one
    of the worst planned boss battles I've ever faced.
    -Head right, skip the first tower you come to and avoid fighting both the
    witches and the first evil constellation  you see.  These things can be avoided
    by flying over them.  Just don't touch their projectile or the star in the
    very middle that's throwing them.  The other stars outside that one are okay to
    -Enter the first door after the tower I told you to avoid.  Yet another boss.
    I'm guessing this guy is called Hand Creature because his projectile look like
    hands.  No, really.  Look closely enough.  They look kind of like coiled
    Fight this guy as Bert, stand about halfway across the screen, and fire away.
    When his hands come at you, flap to avoid them as much as possible.  Just keep
    firing until he's had his last manicure.
    -Head right, skip the next building.  Right after it should be some Dynamite
    People, and one carries a pill.  Grab it and continue right.
    -Enter the Asian-style building to fight the last boss of the level.
    Put the Needle Cannon away, it's not that Snake Man.
    At all costs, get to this guy as Bert.  He will run back and forth like the
    Giant Caterpillar, except he never stops.  Flap up in the air until he passes
    you.  Make sure you have a lot of space between you and him, then drop down by
    holding Down on the d-pad and fire one shot.  Fly up in the air and wait for
    another opening.  Wash, rise,  repeat.  He's probably the easiest boss in this
    You may have noticed by now that you can only get a certain number of hearts
    per level.  This makes life grinding  difficult.  The final boss's fortress is
    all the way to the right.  You can find hearts and pills near there.   Here's
    what I recommend.
    -To the left of the final boss's castle is a three floor pagoda, and to the
    left of that is an area where two witches and a dynamite man will spawn.  The
    dynamite will drop hearts.  Life grind there until you can collect no more.
    Do this before becoming Bert.
    -Try like mad to not lose too much life and get to an area just to the left of
    the final boss's fortress.  There  will be a dynamite man there who drops a
    pill.  Nab it and head to the exit.
    All the awful boss battles, the camp, the struggle.  You went through eight
    levels of side scrolling, batting, lasering, and bad jokes.  It's time to lay
    it all to rest.
    No surprise the final boss is a giant face.  It's always a giant face or a
    giant head.
    Get here as Bert if you can.  Flap up in the air and try like mad to dodge the
    eyes.  Chances are you won't be able to dodge them very well, but that's
    okay.  This guy doesn't take very many hits with Bert.  Pay close attention to
    that nose.  It will eventually open, exposing his weak point.  When it does,
    unleash.  Pay no heed to the eyes unless you didn't life grind before coming
    here.  Just keep blasting until either the nose shuts or he's dead.  If it
    shuts, wait for it to open again and unleash and try to dodge the eyeballs as
    much as you can.
    Got here as Mark?  Not a problem.  Just make sure you have plenty of life and
    go for the throat.  It seems like you have to stand a ways away before he
    opens his nose, though, so be aware of that.  Try to bat the eyes away as much
    as you can, but don't use them to damage him.  Batting the eyes at his nose is
    really not a good strategy, but if  you happen to nail one into him...
    Instead, bat the hell out of his
    nose when it opens.
    He shouldn't take many hits before you deface this face.
    Congrats.  You've just beaten Monster Party!  Now enjoy the ending.
    Or try to anyway.
    /  SECTION 3: FAQ  \
    Q: Do you actually like this game?
    A: Call it a guilty pleasure.  Yes, I do.
    Q: Is the dead spider a spider or a dinosaur?
    A: A lot of people have asked this question.  The real answer is: whatever you
    want it to be.  Some people see a bunny, others see a duck.  That's the power
    of optical illusions.
    Q: Is there a way to permanently play as Bert?
    A: No.
    Q: Is there a sequel to this game?
    A: No, though some have tried to convince me that Totally Rad was a sequel to
    this game.  But considering that it's  made by Jaleco and not Bandai, and that
    it has nothing at all to do with Monster Party, I really don't see how it is.
    /  SECTION 4: Legal Bit  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    Bandai for Monster Party
    (c) 2010 Joseph Shaffer

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