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"It's Ninja versus robot in a game that isn't very good"

Ninja Crusaders doesn't really have an intro, nor does it even attempt to tell any sort of story. Since I don't happen to have a copy of the manual that came with the game, I'm just going to make up a back story, and assume it's accurate.

As you can clearly see from the name of the first level, all of civilization now lays in ruin. Evil robots have taken over the world, which has left it in pretty bad shape. That's where our hero, we'll call him Steve the Ninja, comes in. He's a ninja on a quest. It's going to be ninja versus robot in this epic battle for justice, or at least that's what's going on as far as I can tell.

In Ninja Crusaders, you must fight through four 3-part levels and a final 2-part level in order to save the world and smash those filthy robots, whom we all hate so much. You start out with a weak throwing star, but quickly get to the chain-whip pickup. New weapon pickups are scattered through out the levels. As far as weapons go, the further reach they have, the weaker they are. The sword being the strongest, kills all enemies in a single hit.

The bosses are actually very weak. The sword kills everyone with only two hits, except for the final boss who takes four hits for each of his two incarnations to defeat. Even with the weaker weapons, none of the bosses are very strong. They all take just a few hits to kills, depending on which weapon you use against them.

Despite all of the super weak enemies, this game is actually quite difficult. All it takes to kill Steve the Ninja is a single hit. From anything. It could be a robot, a bird, maybe a rock, or even a gust of wind that's a little too strong, either way Steve's gonna die. The only way I was able to get very far at all in this game was through constant saving and reloading. I was using an emulator. Unfortunately, the actual cartridge of the game does not have a save feature, hence I do not recommend it.

In the end this game is little more than a Ninja Gaiden rip-off but without the cool cut scenes in between levels, and evil robots instead of evil demons or whatever it was that Ninja Gaiden had for enemies.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/05/03

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