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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by bruplex

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    Nobunaga's Ambition: Dzzy Strategies # 2
    For the NES by Koei
    This FAQ is © 2000 James Dziezynski (bruplex@aol.com)
    My site: www.afreehome.com/dzzy/dzzyland.htm
    Feel free to use this as long as you give me credit and don't change 
    anything around! 
    Nobunaga's Ambition (Version 1.0)
    By Koei for the NES
    I. Overview
    II. FAQ
    III. What's coming.
    	NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION, the best NES game you probably have never 
    played. In this brilliant strategy/RPG, you assume the role of one of 
    an ancient Feudal Lord of Japan trying to unite the various Kingdoms. 
    This game is a historical Simulation and a very interesting one at 
    that. Japanese history is not something we learn about in the USA and I 
    became intrigued after playing Nobunaga. The game is very detailed but 
    does not go overboard with commands and options. I have always felt it 
    to be superior to the ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS series (also by 
    II. FAQ
    Q. Who is the best Lord/Fief to be?
    A. It depends on if you are playing the 17 fief game or the 50 Fief 
    game. In the 17, Hojo and Usegi are my favorites. In the 50 fief game, 
    Chosokab of 43 is my absolute favorite. His location on an island with 
    very weak Daimyos makes it easy to get strong quickly. Of course, 
    Tokugawa and Oda are both very powerful to start off with, as are Date, 
    Uesegi, and Miyoshi. I sometimes like playing as Kakizaki of FIEF 1 
    because of his key location (only one border to the south, the 
    relatively weak Tsugaru.)
    Q. How do I get strong in the beginning of the game?
    A. Hiring Ninjas to assassinate weaker surrounding daimyos is a great 
    start (plus it has great animation!) Just make sure you have enough 
    money to outbid your neighbors. This is a much better option than going 
    to war early in the game, when you cannot afford to lose men and 
    resources. Giving to the peasants, even a little, increases your charm 
    and increases revenue. When you don't have rice or money to spare, 
    training is a great and free option. Raising taxes to 60% helps your 
    cash cow as well, just make sure you give a lot of the revenue back to 
    the people and BUILD your town up. Waiting until you have stats 
    totaling over 500 pts when you first start is a pretty good idea.
    Q. Help! Daimyos stronger than myself keeps invading me!! How can I 
    survive these onslaughts??
    A. As the game states, "Sometimes the best offense is a good defense." 
    Keep your enemies running around long enough and they will have to give 
    up. Assigning men to your unit 2 (cavalry) and unit 3 (arms) gives your 
    troops added power and makes investing in arms a worthwhile purchase. 
    Putting your strongest unto on the castle is always a good idea; if you 
    can hide your commander behind a number 2 or 3 unit, it will keep your 
    vital unit from being prone to attack. Finally, if your charm is much 
    higher than your opponent's, bribery can woo soliders to join your 
    Q. My town is constantly getting racked by typhoons? What can I do to 
    help this?
    A. Build your dams to very high levels (90 or more) and your town will 
    withstand even the mightiest storms.
    Q. It's too hard to control many fiefs later in the game. Any 
    A. I usually keep a few fiefs under my manual control to supply my 
    troops if fiefs that border enemy daimyos. If I GRANT control to my 
    fiefs, I will make them balanced so that revolts and uprisings are less 
    likely. (Playing as Chosokab, I will keep the island that 43 is on 
    under direct control at all times, which includes fiefs 42,41,44, and 
    Q. How come the enemies always have higher morale and better training?
    A. Because the computer can do that and you can't. Suck it up and use 
    your intelligence to overcome their might!
    Q. Do you have any good war strategies?
    A. Yes! As mentioned earlier, assigning troops to your cavalry (2) unit 
    and arms (3) unit helps ( I often won't have unit 5 at all.) Use the 
    land to your advantage: position your troops on the castle and 
    mountains for the best offensive/defensive and strike first. "He who 
    lives and runs away, lives to fight another day."
    Q. I am REALLY close to beating the game, but I keep having revolts in 
    my fiefs, even where my charm and loyalty are high! What gives with 
    these pissant insurrectionists!?
    A. No matter what you do, unless you have fiefs under direct control, 
    uprisings are normal. When you are REALLY close ( one or two opponents 
    left) take control and feed your border fiefs with men, rice, and gold. 
    Otherwise, set the tax to zero or five and hope for the best.
    III. What's coming?
    	I hope to list all the daimyos and the fiefs they start in. More 
    tips and stuff when I get around to playing the game again (it's at my 
    house in CT and I am in Colorado!)If you have any questions, email me 
    at bruplex@aol.com. I'll add your question and hopefully an answer on 
    this FAQ!-- Bru

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