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    FAQ by TKBomber7285

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    		-----North and South-----
    Name of system: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Type of guide: FAQ/Walkthrough
    Number of version: 1.00
    Last Revision: December 14, 2007
    Name of Writer: TKBomber7285
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Story
    4. Walkthrough
    	4.1 - Levels, Years, and Outside Forces
    	4.2 - Game Map
    	4.3 - Battle Screen
    	4.4 - Types of Troops
    	4.5 - Raiding the Fort
    	4.6 - Robbing the Train
    5. Hints and Tips
    6. Credits
    7. Contact Information
    8. Copyright Information
    1. Introduction
    Welcome everyone, and thank you for reading my first ever FAQ. While this game 
    is seemingly simplistic on first glance, it is a nice game with enough depth to
    make you want to return to play it again and again. This FAQ will explain all
    the game mechanics and ways to get the best experience while playing this
    great game
    This FAQ is currently allowed on the following sites
    2. Version History
    Version 1.00 December 14, 2007
    Submitted the FAQ
    Version 1.01 December 26, 2007
    Did a little minor editing. Edited a few facts about the map and the battle 
    screens and added a tip
    3. Story
    The Civil War has started after the South attacks Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
    You assume the role of a general and rewrite history for the North, by ending 
    the war earlier or later then it actually occured, or as the South by winning
    the war period.
    You take control of horsemen, cannons, infantry, Rambo wannabes, and guards to
    gain new territories, take over and defend forts, steal money and protect gold
    shipments from enemy robbers. May the best General win.
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1 Levels, Years, and Outside Forces
    After the introduction reverie and the Star Spangled Banner, you get to an
    options screen with various parameters that you can change to make the game
    -Players and Levels
    By pressing A when the arrow is over the picture of the Union or Confederate
    general or where it says Player or Com, you can change the opponent to a 
    computer player or back to a human player. By clicking on where the level is
    in the box under the pictures, you can change the player's level. Human
    players get nothing out of a better level, but computer players get more 
    aggressive in battles when they are of a higher level.
    - Years
    Right above the guy in the old fashion camera there is a paper that says 1861.
    By pressing A over that paper you can change the year to 1862, 1863, or 1864.
    Here are the differences in years
    Union:       batallion in Eastern Michigan
                 batallion in Pennsylvania
    	     fort in Pennsylvania
    Confederacy: battlaion in Mississippi
    	     batallion in Georgia
    	     fort in Georgia
    Advantage: Pretty even. The South has easier access to North Carolina and the
    reinforcement it gives, but North has enough time to battle over it.
    Union:       batallion in Maryland/D.C.
    	     batallion in Illinois
    	     batallion in Kentucky
    	     fort in Pennslyvania
    Confederacy: batallion in Arkansas
                 batallion in Nebraska
                 batallion in Tennessee
     	     3 forts: Nebraska, Texas, and Georgia
    Advantage: South. South has three forts compared to the North's one and has a
    batallion ready to claim/seize a fourth fort in one turn if the battle and 
    fort game go well, or the North player completely forgets to claim it the
    first turn.
    Union:	     batallion in South Dakota
    	     batallion in Illinois
                 batallion in Ohio
    	     batallion in Virginia
    	     2 forts: South Dakota and Pennslyvania
    Confederacy: batallion in Texas
    	     batallion in Arkansas
    	     batallion in North Carolina
    	     batallion in Tennessee
    	     2 forts: Texas and Georgia
    Advantage: North. North should get the one remaining fort on its first turn 
    and get three gold a turn compared to the South's two. The South with some 
    good battling and fort and train game play can turn it around, but an
    experienced North player has a nice advantage
    Union:	     batallion in South Dakota
    	     batallion in Illinois
    	     batallion in Ohio
    	     batallion in Virginia
    	     3 forts: Nebraska, South Dakota, and Pennslyvania 
    Confederacy: batallion in Texas
    	     batallion in Georgia
    	     batallion in Mississippi
    	     2 forts: Texas and Georgia
    Advantage: North. With one extra batallion, the third fort already in control,
    and an ability to force a South player to weaken one side early, the North
    holds a major advantage. This is the ultimate test for a player of this game,
    beat 1864 with the South against a human opponent. It is hard against the 
    computer as well, though with proper exploitation of computer A.I. it can be 
    done and done quickly.
    - Outside Forces
    There are three outside forces above the year that can influence the gameplay
    and possibly who wins in the end. You can turn these off and on at your own
    discretion by pressing A over the pictures inside. They are off on the default
    a. Indians
    These guys are the most destructive of the three options you can choose from,
    but are by far the least likely to effect the game. At the end of a month, the
    picture on the left of the screen with the Indian might shoot smoke signals
    into the sky. If this happens then the indian will fire his tomahawk which will
    randomly kill a batallion onscreen. This can make or break the game depending
    on who he helps and how many men were in that batallion. If he gets your max
    size batallion, you might want to send him smoke signals of your own. If he
    does that to your opponent, you'll want to give him a reward, hopefully without
    These guys are random and might not happen at all in a game. I have had 20 
    month games where there has been no attack so it is pretty rare.
    b. Weather
    With this option on, there will always be a storm over one of the states. If
    there are troops on that state while it is their turn, they can not move. It is
    little more then a hindrance most of the time, but can reek havoc if it stops
    you from launching an attack to save a fort or take North Carolina before the
    reinforcement arrives.
    c. Reinforcement
    Starting with the 5th turn of the game, a reinforcement will be given to the 
    country that has control of North Carolina. Every four turns after that, a new
    reinforcement is given to its controller (aka the 5th, 9th and 1st month of 
    every year but the first.) If there is a troop on the state, the 
    reinforcement will be combined with the troops there. If the result of a 
    combination would give the batallion more then 3 cannons, 9 horsemen, or 18
    infantry, no troops will be given. This reinforcement can help a lot and will
    win the game for a player if they can have North Carolina for most of the game.
    Once you have selected the options, then press A when the arrow is above the 
    "GO" button and go to the map.
    4.2 Game Map
    The game map is a very crude rendition of the United States, minus New England,
    during the Civil War. There is a railroad that bridges the 5 forts together. 
    Controlling more forts and states that touch them will result in more gold
    collected at the end of your turn. When you get 5 bags of gold in your vault,
    you can add a batallion any state that is flashing white.
    A batallion can move into any state that is touching its borders once per turn.
    Once all batallions have move during a turn, the gold shipment moves in between
    forts the player controls. If the players does not control two connected forts,
    then no gold is recieved. 
    If a batallion moves into a space occupied by a batallion of his own color then
    they will combined to form a stronger batallion if they combine to have less 
    then 3 cannons, 9 horsemen, and 18 infantry. The move will not be allowed if
    this is the case. If a batallion moves into a state where an opponent's 
    batallion is, then you will go to the battle screen to fight the opponent
    4.3 Battle Screen
    There are 3 battle screens
    1. A plain with a house in the middle and a few trees where there is no river 
    in between.
    2. A grassy area with a bridge in the middle and a shallow water area where a
    river seperates the sides most of the time. 
    3. A rocky area with a bridge in the middle and a small rocky bridge near the
    bottom of the screen in the western borders of the map.
    Each battle screen effects the strategy used in battle and where to position 
    your troops for optimal results.
    4.4 Types of Troops
    There are three differnt types of troops in this game, the Infantry, the
    Horsemen, and the Cannons. The three different soldiers attack in different 
    - Infantry attack by shooting small unlimited bullets about a sixth of the way
    across the screen
    - Horsemen attack by swinging their swords and slashing the enemy when they are
    close to them
    - Cannons use big cannonballs to attack across the screen according to how long
    you hold the A button when you attack. After 9 shots, the cannons leave the 
    In each battle your troops will battle the opponent's troops until one player
    has no more troops. If you have more then 3 horsemen or 6 infantry in your 
    batallion, they will arrive all of that type of soldier have been killed by the
    enemy in 3 and 6 men increments respectively. To switch control between your
    different soldier types press the B button and attack using the A button.
    4.5 Raiding the Fort
    If a player attempts to take over an enemy territory that has a fort on it,
    instead of just being given the territory, the player goes to a mini game where
    the Great Great Grand relatives of Rambo attempt to single-handedly take th
    fort before time runs out. At the bottom there are two icons, a boot with a
    mouth, don't bother asking as I have no clue why it has a mouth, and a
    pocketwatch will go across the screen. It the pocketwatch gets to the end of
    the screen before you get to the flag, your tough guy will throw a temper
    tantrum worthy of any three year old who didn't get their way.
    There are is a top level and a bottom level to the fort. The top level has
    holes where doors, cracks, and what look like log roofs that will drop you
    to the bottom level. There are ladders which allow you climb up or down 
    depending on which floor you want to be on.
    Controls for raiding the fort
    Left/Right: Move left/right
    Up:	    Climb ladders
    Down:       Duck
    A:          Shoot dagger/punch
    B:          Jump
    Controls for defending the fort
    Left/Right: Move left/right
    Up: 	    Summon soldier on the top level
    Down:       Summon soldier on the bottom level
    A:          Throw dagger/punch
    B:          Jump
    The player who is trying to take over the fort is given four daggers to throw at
    the enemies. Each of the ten soldiers that are defending the fort are given four
    daggers to throw at the enemy. Obviously this game is set against the player who
    is trying to take over the fort. The computer A.I. can be exploited, but it 
    comes down to luck when they summon soldiers to try and stop you. It is much 
    easier to defend against the Rambo family member since you can easily set up a 
    trap that can put them far enough behind that they will never catch up.
    4.6 Robbing the Train
    This game has exactly the same controls as the fort game so refer to them on how
    to play this game. Against the computer this is not a challenge since the A.I. 
    is so stupid that after knocking you down with one dagger they will go offscreen
    resulting in them losing a man. As long as you stay on the train you should be 
    robbing the train well before the clock makes it.
    Against a human player the challenge level goes up as a human player will not 
    make the same mistake. It can be done since you have such a head start on the
    clock, but you must be more patience and hope for a few quick kills.
    5. Hints and Tips
    - If the fort game is too hard for you to beat, there is another way to get a 
    fort under your control. When your country controls all of the states bordering
    a state, that state automatically goes to your side unless an enemy batallion is
    on the space. This is useful for taking forts without the fort game frustrating
    you time and again. This is especially useful for the Nebraska fort which only 
    has three states bordering it, the Pennsylvania and Texas forts also have 
    three borders but is hard for the opposing to get them being so far out of the 
    way usually; meaning if the opponent or you can get them in this fashion that
    victory will happen real soon barring a fluke.
    - Combine your troops when you have enough to conquer the territories and forts
    you want. When a troop is combined with another the troop cannot move even if 
    the original troops on that square did not move that turn. A big army is great
    but means nothing if it can't move to where it needs to be. Get around this 
    problem by moving the second troop to do the combining of batallions.
    - On the plains battlefield against the computer, always move the Infantry up 
    first. The computer will charge Horsemen first into your gunfire. Make sure to 
    move your horsemen as their cannon(s) will take aim at them after they miss the 
    first shot.
    -On the river and rocky battle screens, move the Infantry as close to the bridge
    as you can. Once again the computer loves to charge Horsemen at you. Your own
    Horsemen are pretty much useless on these field so let the cannon(s) waste ammo
    on taking them down. You will take heavy casualties using this strategy but it
    - When taking over the fort, do not waste a dagger when you are near a log roof
    and an enemy spawns, they will go through and run offscreen. If you fall, odds
    are that they will go over you and the scroll will get them.
    -The two best spots for a defender spawn when you are protecting the fort are 
    near a jump and on the shorter roofs, depicted by a log cabin underneath the
    top. The player can't duck when they are jumping so you can easily knock them
    back. Also if the player is not careful you can knock them to the bottom floor
    as soon as they land. The shots from the log roofs can also not be ducked and if
    done near a hole of some kind are the best traps in the game.
    - In both the fort and train games, when you are the army of one, keep one eye 
    on the enemy count bar. If you can see it go down by one, you can easily prepare
    yourself for the coming attack and lose less time being hit.
    - With how easy the train game is against the computer, always try to get into 
    position to rob the train if there is nothing else of importance that batallion
    can be doing
    - If you have not been knocked off the train in the train game, just allow the 
    enemies to knock you down. As long as you stay on the train you should have 
    plenty of time to rob the train.
    - If you are defending in the train game against the computer, wait until they 
    pass by the second ladder to summon your guard. When done correctly you can 
    knock them to the ground losing them a lot of time. This also works against a
    human player who has no daggers left.
    6. Credits
    - You, for reading this FAQ
    -GameFAQS for hosting this FAQ
    - Kemco and Infogrames for making this game
    - Dentolux from Youtube for making the review that showed me this addicitve game
    7. Contact Information
    If you have any questions about this FAQ, just post them in the North and South
    Nintendo board. There are no topics so it should be easy to see. If enough 
    questions are asked I will add a Questions section to the FAQ. Also leave a 
    topic there if you want permission to put up my FAQ somewhere else.
    8.) Copyright Information
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display without permission is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    Copyright 2007 Thomas Kelly  

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