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    FAQ by odino

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      .d88b.  d8888b. d88888b d8888b.  .d8b.  d888888b d888888b  .d88b.  d8b   db
     .8P  Y8. 88  `8D 88'     88  `8D d8' `8b `~~88~~'   `88'   .8P  Y8. 888o  88
     88    88 88oodD' 88ooooo 88oobY' 88ooo88    88       88    88    88 88V8o 88
     88    88 88~~~   88~~~~~ 88`8b   88~~~88    88       88    88    88 88 V8o88
     `8b  d8' 88      88.     88 `88. 88   88    88      .88.   `8b  d8' 88  V888
      `Y88P'  88      Y88888P 88   YD YP   YP    YP    Y888888P  `Y88P'  VP   V8P
                       db   d8b   db  .d88b.  db      d88888b
                       88   I8I   88 .8P  Y8. 88      88'
                       88   I8I   88 88    88 88      88ooo
                       Y8   I8I   88 88    88 88      88~~~
                       `8b d8'8b d8' `8b  d8' 88booo. 88
                        `8b8' `8d8'   `Y88P'  Y88888P YP
    NES 1989
    Version:        1.0      released on the 25th of October 2006
    Author:         odino <ebayer20(at)lycos(dot)com>
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    01.) Introduction                                       |  G0100  | 
    02.) Overview & Controls                                |  G0200  |
    03.) Missions                                           |  G0300  |
    04.) Cheats                                             |  G0400  |
    YY.) Review                                             |  GYY00  |
    ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                   |  GZZ00  |
    01.)                         INTRODUCTION                  G0100
    Welcome to 'Operation Wolf' for the NES, a light gun shooter released in 1989
    by Taito.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                         OVERVIEW & CONTROLS           G0200
    Your main controller is the zapper gun. You can play without it, but it would
    be a futile attempt.
    Controller Pad: (in Port 1)
     A Button:    Fire Gun
     B Button:    Grenade
     D-Pad:       Move gun sight
     START:       Starts the game / Continue
     SELECT:      Set gun sight speed
    Light Gun: (in Port 2)
     Trigger:     Fire Gun
      + B Button: Grenade
    Pull the trigger to START the game.
    During the game, use START to pause the game and resume later.
    How to play:
    Each level has six missions. The object of the game is to defeat every enemy
    in a mission and advance to the next one. Each level has prisoners that need
    to be rescued. If you finish the Prison Camp without any rescued prisoners,
    the game ends.
    The levels are the same over and over again, but differ in difficulty such as
    enemy speed and accuracy.
    Getting hit by an enemy unit reduces your health bar. Collect health boosts to
    stay alive, and kill enemies quickly before they get the chance to shoot you.
    You get one continue per mission, but not in the Prison Camp or Airport area.
    You only have limited amounts of ammo. There are also boosts you can shoot to
    fill your supply. If you run out of machine gun ammo it will slowly count up
    to 1 to give you the chance to shoot another ammo supply icon. The ammo count
    is held over from mission to mission but you do get a full supply after the
    ammo dump mission. You start the game with 7 Magazines and 5 Grenades.
    Do NOT shoot the children, nurses or prisoners that come across the screen.
    You lose parts of your health bar if you do so.
    You rescue prisoners in the Prison Camp and Airport missions. They are
    automatically rescued when they safely walk across the screen from right to
    left but they can still die when they say "Thank You!". Knife Soliders will
    hunt them down so take them out first.
    |                                   |
    .                                   .
    .                                   .
    |  Score: 0000000                   |
    |   _   _   _   _    _   _   _   _  |
    |0 |1| |2| |3| |4|  |5| |6| |7| | | |
    |   ¯   ¯   ¯   ¯    ¯   ¯   ¯  | | |
    |        _______________________| | |
    | Damage|                         | |
    |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
    0: FREE bullet countdown
    1: Magazines
    2: Ammo
    3: Grenades
    4: Prisoners Rescued
    5: Enemies Units
    6: Enemy Helicopters / Gunboats
    7: Enemy Armored Cars 
    You start the game with several magazines and grenades. You can hold a maximum
    of nine magazines and nine grenades.
    Chicken:     Shoot it for a grenade icon.
    Dynamite:    Blows up when shot.
    FREE bullet: 10 second rapid fire
    Grenade:     Extra grenade
    Magazine:    Extra 20 bullets
    Pig:         Shoot it for a magazine icon.
    Power Drink: Extra health
    Vulture:     Shoot it for a magazine icon.
    Field Soldier:          50 pts. -> 100 pts.
    Motorcycle Soldier:    150 pts.
    Armored Soldier:       200 pts.
    Guerilla Soldier:      200 pts.
    Knife Soldier:         300 pts.
    Armored Car:          1000 pts.
    Gun Boat:             1000 pts.
    Helicopter:           2000 pts.
    General:              5000 pts.
    HIND Helicopter:      7000 pts.
    Mission Complete     10000 pts.
    After the airport mission, the president will talk to you regarding the number
    of prisoners you have rescued.
    0 Prisoners:         60000 pts.
    1 Prisoner:          70000 pts.
    2 Prisoners:         80000 pts.
    3 Prisoners:         90000 pts.
    4 Prisoners:        100000 pts.
    5 Prisoners:        110000 pts.
    When there are no nurses/children/prisoners around, shot the dynamite lying on
    the ground as they can take out a bunch of enemies at once.
    Do not fire randomly or keep firing all the time. Ammo is scarce. Watch your
    ammo meter, shooting icons regurarly is a must. You never know when there is
    a helicopter around the corner.
    Don't be silly and shoot civilians.
    Prioritize the enemies on screen. Go for the knife soliders first, enemies 
    about to throw a grenade and also take care of helicopters, cars or boats
    There are more foot soldiers than the number indicates, but you only need the
    required amount. This means that not taking out the armored units regularly
    will lengthen the scene with more soldiers coming on-screen.
    Prisoners walk across the screen from left to right. There is always a Knife
    Soldier after them. Sometimes close behind, sometimes very far behind. Kill
    them fast.
    03.)                         MISSIONS                      G0300
    During the missions you are sometimes detected by the enemy and need to battle
    a number of enemies on the road side.
    Enemies:       40
    Helicopters:   03
    Communications Center:
    Cut off the enemy communications. Don't let them call for help.
    Enemies:       55
    Helicopters:   04
    Armored Cars:  05
    Succeeded in demolishing the communication center and cut off the enemy from
    Extract information about the prison camp location from the enemy.
    Enemies:       60
    Gunboats:      08
    Amored Cars:   08
    The location of the prison camp was extracted from the enemy.
    <The general is holding a hostage so precision shooting is required.>
    Defeat all the enemies and then take a rest.
    Enemies:       45
    Helicopters:   06
    Amored Cars:   03
    The village is freed and you recover from injury.
    Ammunition Dump:
    Take ammunition by force.
    Enemies:       50
    Helicopters:   07
    Amored Cars:   05
    The ammunition dump raid was successful. Now you have a new supply.
    Prison Camp:
    There are 5 prisoners. Rescue them!
    <Remember you need to rescue at least one enemy!>
    Enemies:       75
    Helicopters:   12
    Succeeded in freeing the prisoners.
    Rescue the prisoners. Get away in the airplane.
    <The number of prisoners you rescued will walk from left to right to escape.
    Keep plenty of ammo and/or grenades for the HIND at the end.>
    Enemies:       85
    Helicopters:   11
    Amored Cars:   04
    HIND Helicopter
    Succeeded in freeing _ prisoners. A successful getaway.
    04.)                         CHEATS                        G0400
    Some Game Genie codes to help you out:
    AESSLZTL        Survive with 0 health
    AAVSIIPA        Infinite magazines
    AAEIATPA        Infinite grenades
    IEVUNSPA        Infinite continues
    PESZIGAA        Start on mission 2
    ZESZIGAA        Start on mission 3
    LESZIGAA        Start on mission 4
    GESZIGAA        Start on mission 5
    IESZIGAA        Start on mission 6
    YY.)                         REVIEW                        GYY00
    Gameplay:  7/10
    Shooting isn't too accurate and sometimes frustrating to aim correctly. A lot
    of stages to go through but they repeat with a slightly more difficulty
    setting only. There are random setups and you often get found at different
    points in the level.
    Graphics:  6/10
    A little basic and repetitive. Very smooth with lots of action though.
    Sound:  7/10
    Quite fitting. A little cheesy perhaps. Very 80s after all.
    Overall:  7/10
    Pretty good zapper game. Recommded for a quick action rush but playing it
    through more than that first level is not a must. Can be quite hard to finish.
    ZZ.)                         CREDITS & THANKS              GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Taito for this game. Some info was taken from their manual.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                        (o o)

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